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Prospect House, Prospect Rd, Halesowen, B62 8DU, United Kingdom

Review №1

Took out a new policy on 7th Oct 2021been asked to phone back to verify the information which was fairwhen I finally spoke to a lady . started fine as I was being cautious being nice(read a lot comments so I didnt have my hope high)everything went ok at the beginning .she got mad when I was trying to explain the accident had from previous insurance and NCD all that . she started raising her voice ordering what needed to be done and hang up on meI didnt even have time respond . I?dont mind paying for the difference but the way she dealt with costumer was so unprofessional and the company should sack her . Im going to name her today .the winner is our lovely PARMif anyone even come across her again please do request another person to help . Josh who helped me after thathe was very nice and patientgood and bad customer service experience in one day .

Review №2

Not useful at all, don’t help in any way after their fault in communication. I wouldn’t recommend them at all awful and disgusted by the service they have provided and also was not understanding at all

Review №3

Been with this company for about a year.Worst mistake I made.Been going back and fourth for months regarding their useless black box not working; countless phone calls, having to go through two other companies to achieve anything, no communication between themselves, their engineers and their black box providers. Paying a lot of money to constantly receive cancellation threats.I made the mistake for getting a second policy with them after they cornered me with either having to pay an additional £2,000 or have my insurance cancelled (because I did too many miles to their standards in the first month.)Wouldnt recommend to anyone, even if its the cheapest company available.Only good thing is that their telematics arent as strict as others - big thresholds.

Review №4

Worst insurance company I have seen ever ... Cancelled my policy 2 times due to stupid reasons ... I had no job for a week as I shifted to new location which I already declared still after taking policy thay called and cancelled my policy, very bad customer service. They call you for varificetion after taking policy and cancel it due to stupid reason

Review №5

I have spoken with my new policy with Angela shes very professional. I could gave 5 star for that

Review №6

Over all I would say they are okay for an insurance company. My first quote was quite cheap and there black box wasnt massively strict. Also they send someone out to fit the black box who did a neat job. For customer service you usually have to wait a few minutes to be put threw but they generally help. Only reason I wont give 5 stars is because there renewal quote was a complete rip off.

Review №7

Advertised to be Close Brothers car insurance, when actually it was My Policy. Therefore, when accepting a contract I didnt have time to research the company. Close Brothers had good reviews, whereas My Policy doesnt.My Policy are a mileage based company which was not advertised by Close Brothers.They charge you more based on the score the give you on your black box. They can increase the costs of buying more miles if they wish, based on your score.

Review №8

I think this company is a joke,They rip of customers and only care about how much money they can get out of them and above all are not willing to help you even if your a valued customer. I would avoid at all cost pay a bit more for a insurance company that are there for you.

Review №9

Do not go with this insurance company. Being a new driver, I passed my test and got a car 2 days later. I looked online and found these as the cheapest and bought this as quickly as I could just so I could get out in my car. I know this was a stupid idea but as a new driver I wanted out of the roads as quickly as possible. They give an allowance of 3000 miles (the average for a year is around 1200) and which I have already had to pay for another 3000 and now they have sent me an email saying I am down to my last 500 miles and have to top up again or they will cancel my insurance. This is £70 just for 1000 miles! The worst to try to get through to and Ive waited at least over an hour before getting through to anyone. I had an accident where someone reversed into the side of my car late last year and they were no help at all! Were not going to give me a courtesy car or even help with the accident! Told me straight away my car would be a right off and that was it! Thankfully, the person who hit me had an insurance company who paid for a courtesy car for me, tried to repair my car and when this couldnt happen, gave me a good amount of money for my car loss! When getting a new car, I had to change my details with My Policy and was charged for this change! Cant wait until May to finally change insurance. Worst company Ive ever come across and will definitely research before buying car insurance again.

Review №10

Very unhappy about this Company all they did is just made my experience very unpleasant and took my money for nothingWanted to change my address as I was planning to move and been told that they no longer available to insure me on the new address so I been put in the situation where I had no other choice as for to cancel my insurance, and been told that I still would need to pay the cancellation fee, which I believe is Not fair at all,where it is not my fault that they can no longer incure me!Been with the company only for 6 weeks and and been charged £434, I’ve had paid annually which was £1089All this experience was terrible to me as I felt that they only ripping me off for something that is not even my fault I found this very unprofessional, the staff I been talking to only could say we understand but you have to pay.Be very careful when considering getting insurance with this company

Review №11

Excellent customer service and very helpful people... They dont rip you off and give good fair prices.

Review №12

Not recommend using this Company. At Begging got a great price for my car, few weeks later I’ve bought a new car, went on their website and gave me a quote, rang them up to change my policy to the new car and they told me they can’t insure it as the car is to expensive and I got to pay cancellation fee as there ain’t any other options. Not happy at all ...

Review №13

AVOID! Bought car insurance with this company, the black box installation company they use never answer their phone and is impossible to get an appointment, when you ring my policy back to inform them of this they tell you there is nothing they can do and just to keep trying the company. It was impossible to make an appointment and therefore the car insurance was cancelled with them stating there was nothing they could do when a policy is cancelled even though it wasn’t my fault?? Not only have I lost my deposit but I have to now pay a cancellation fee. THIS COMPANY IS UNPROFESSIONAL. You would be better off getting your hard earned cash and throwing it down the drain. I will be taking this as far up as I can, this shouldn’t happen to hard working people! Please don’t get tempted by the cheap quotes they may offer, I would honestly pay a little more and go with a reputable company such as RAC then risk going through the utter shambles and money grabbing experience I have had

Review №14

Used them back in November 2016 to insure my first car. Was with them for 5 months as I changed cars and was offered the same monthly price of £235.35 restricted to 6000 miles per year. Had to cancel this abomination of a policy. They have been hassling me for £220 cancellation fee since then. It baffles me that they are still operating. Avoid at all costs!!

Review №15

Been with them for 2 years, had no issues with them at all and no hidden costs, great customer service also. Would recommend 👍🏻

Review №16

1 hour 3 minutes and still on hold with 4 other people in front of me and its only day 2 of the policy. They have asked for my daughter to call to verify the details she gave and talk about the box. if this is the level of service then there will be no repeat business and lots of tales about how bad and not recommending them. Great business model.unfortunately there is no minus stars and forced to give one to get the post up

Review №17

Not a bad place for insurance if you are happy with getting the box fitted. No curfews, only problem I had was the capped mileage, the miles to buy are quite expensive

Review №18

DO NOT INSURE YOUR CAR WITH THIS POLICY.I have paid an excess of £400 pounds for 2000 miles at £200 each.Also i had to pay £2100 up front because i was not 18.They threaten to cancel your policy if you do not pay basically.To be honest i feel ripped off they are not helping young drivers get on the road in fact they are ripping people off like myself.It costs £50 to take the black box out of you car also.

Review №19

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, They rip you off when you’re miles are done, I’ve had to pay £137 for 500 more miles and I’ve got to keep paying for more miles untill June, they will cancel your insurance if you do not buy more and you will loose your benefits of being a good driver for all that time. STAY WELL AWAY

Review №20

Being one of the cheapest and not well known, I was nervous about going with MyPolicy. I really didnt need to be. They allow you drive at night without being fined; even with a bad usage score it doesnt make your overall score bad (as long as you are sticking to the speed limits). It does take about 24 hours your scores to be put onto your account but its not an issue. They do track your mileage so make sure you put enough down to begin with to avoid fines. Would recommend 100%.

Review №21

Mixed feelings, after first year insurance dropped so much couldnt believe it, that was great. I changed my first and middle names around and made them aware that licence had to be sent off I provided them with all the details they requested beforehand (through their upload portal) and then they tell me they didnt receive them (happened once before and havent fixed their site) They give me a time limit to give them my licence when its out of my hands the dvla have it they should know their turnaround time, threatening to cancel my insurance is unfair I explained kept them updated and provided them with everything else I could AGAIN.

Review №22

Worse company ever!!, dont answer there phone and when they do answer keep you paying on hold, totally racist and discriminate against foreigners, as stated by one of there sales team why drive in the UK if you cant talk English but they are quick to take your deposit and then not return it, when they cancel your insurance because they cant understand your pigeon English, reported to the financial ombudsman who are now investigating the company and the behaviour towards customers/victims. Do not trust this company even if there quote is cheaper, they will take your money and cancel your policy for any reason they can find. Read other victims comments as well.

Review №23

Avoid avoid avoid!Been with this company 2 years! Got my 2 years no claims and they only ever reduce your premium slightly! The staff are ignorant and rude! And somehow if you want to use your car for work they call that business use so they can add to your premium! They boast cheap insurance for young drivers but anything but! After 2 years no claims they are stating £255 for an additional 1000 miles! You do the maths! If you dont avoid now one day you wish you would!...

Review №24

This company doesnt even deserve 1 star... they make you wait in an hour long queue even if you need to ask them a small question then they will tell you youve called the wrong line even though i was only given one number to phone. When people say there are no hidden costs they are lying i havent been with them a year yet and ive paid nearly as much as my insurance cost at the beginning of the year because of mileage limits and if you dont pay them they threaten to cancel you policy with them so you HAVE to pay. Yes its cheap insurance but there service is poor and they will always make you pay for something! It really is a bad service

Review №25

Excellent and cheap for black box insurance - would be 5 stars if they had a mobile app

Review №26

Be careful with this company - they are an expensive agency and you think you would receive good customer service for that. I have spoken to them on two occasions - both times are unsatisfactory as the service was rude, unhelpful and extortionate. Said I have to speak to management however when I have asked to speak to someone senior apparently every single manager was unavailable for the entirety of the day. I put down a very large sum for a 19 year old, £337, Im cancelling the insurance and theyre saying I owe them a further £202. Thats £539 for a months insurance. My advice would to definitely stay away from this company for any young driver. If youre looking for a really good black-box insurer I would recommend inGenie, theyre relaxed on their ratings (no curfew, can stay where you want, dont measure usage) and have an awesome customer service team.

Review №27

Good policy been with them about 18 months with no issue.

Review №28

Absolutely awful insurance company, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!! When I first got insured, I had my black box fitted only to find that about a week later, I got a dramatic email saying my black box wasnt working properly. They said if I dont get it fixed theyll cancell my policy. But the main thing that angers me about this company is that they charged me £169 for cancelling my policy 2 months early (When it clearly said on their website that they dont charge for cancelling), and now ive had a letter saying I owe them another outstanding amount of £144! This is a greedy company who make stupid rules with the black box, take your money, and threaten to cancell so they can get even more money out of you!! My second car is a 1973 VW Beetle, and I pay £1300 a year with a different company, which isnt bad considering that I am 18 years old. But I had to pay £1500 with MyPolicy for a much newer 2006 Renault Clio. It was also £50 to get the black box removed. Dont recogmend this dreadful, embarrassing and greedy insurance company who claim they provide Cheap young peoples insurance...when they really just screw you over any chance they get!!!!

Review №29

Never been with such an appauling insurance company. 30+ minutes on the phone because theyre not a 24 hour company. They scam you as the clock the miles but dont update it on the dashboard for AT LEAST 24 hours, which means they can cancel your policy.No customer service skills what so ever and when it comes to actually getting through to the company, dont expect to have your problem resolved.I would NEVER recommend this company. No wonder the insurance is so cheap! its just one big scam.

Review №30

The worst insurance company to ever be with. They do know reward good behaviour and only discipline you. The mileage process is also a huge con.

Review №31

From what I have heard about the customer service, I am glad I have not yet had to call this company, apart from the initial setting up, which I now dreadfully regret. After paying for the initial insurance cost, which was the cheapest I quoted, I was told to put in an estimated mileage for the year. Being a first time driver, as most of their customers are, I had no idea, and optimistically estimated 4000, thinking it wouldnt matter too much. Since, I have exceeded this, having to pay £80 for each extra 1000 miles over this limit, or they threaten to cancel the policy. I will have had to have paid an extra £320 on top op the initial quote by the end for naïvely estimating mileage. Absolute rip-off system. In saying this, the black box is good, and records well, and Im hoping it will reduce the cost of next years policy, which will certainly not be with MyPolicy!

Review №32

Great insurance for young drivers

Review №33

For box insurance its alright, decent price no problems

Review №34

Total CON. If you exceed your millage they will cancel and you still have to your full remaining insurance qoute to Close Brothers Preminum Finance, you DO NOT get any discount on insurance for good driving (which I thought it the point of having the black box) Extra miles for me is £110 per 1000 miles they think I will exceed this by 9000! Wish I just paid a few hundred more and gone with another company where Im not stricted to mileage. I wish I read all these reviews before taking out this sham of a policy.

Review №35

Worst insurance company on planet earth over 40 minute wait times to call and very unclear terms and service. The entire company is one big inconsistent mess and thank god i have not had to make a claim through them i cant imagine its any better.Note: note they also advertise that black boxes help with stolen car tracking yet i have to call them to find a location for my vehicle -_-

Review №36

Want to charge you for everything and anything, poor opening times and massive waiting ques. Would not use again or recommend.They charged me £55 to change my address into a lower risk area, they charged me to change my number plate.There phoneline is only open 9-6 weekdays, so you will struggle to get time to speak to them during work as it takes at least 30 minutes to get to speak to anyone. I phoned them today (wednesday at 11am) and there were 21 people in front of me! It took 45 minutes to speak to anyone and all of 30 seconds to tell them what I wanted to say!The do not allow ANY modifications, I wanted to remove the back seats but they said that the car would not be covered, so be warned if you want to add alloys, tints or body trim as these are all definite no gos.The black box I found not to be too sensitive to speeding up to about 20-30% above the limit, you can do 85 comfortably on the motorway for example. It does however penalise you if you drive in rush hour or at night, this lowers your overall score but not horrendously and they cannot charge you more for a low score.Overall if you dont need to amend anything on your policy then its fine for normal use, but god forbid what they would be like to deal with if you needed to make a claim.I am not renewing, I would not use them in the future and I would not recommend it to friend unless they fully understood that you will have to pay for any amendments or alterations.

Review №37

Excellent customer service, would definitely recommend to others.

Review №38

Maybe its cheap insurance but its a total scam. I bought insurance with them becasue i was stupid and i wanted to get on the roads quickly. They dont have night curfews but they give you minus points for riding at night which is really stupid. I took 8000 miles for a year and i am using them quickly so i looked at top up and i have to pay 300 pound for 2000 miles which is a total rip off. I looked the next day and the price has gone up by 20 pound. The box installation was a total disaster. I had 4 appoitmens and the last one was 13 days after i bought the insurance, i had emails and phone call saying they started cancellation but i couldnt really do anything. I was explaining mysef to them but they said its not your problem. So tbh pay a bit more buy have good comapy.

Review №39

Ive been with them a year in 15 days.Never had to make a claim and when I was setting up I chased to get my blackbox installed because I didnt want any problems.After that no problems, accurate black box, fair with speed, doesnt peanilise you too bad for speeding - cheapest I could find.Fine for your first insurance, as for renual Im not sure, if they quote me cheaper for a new car then so be it. Cheap and chearful.

Review №40

Excellent service provided cannot fault them every question answered never too much trouble would reccomened to others.

Review №41

Good service! Very helpfull

Review №42

Absolutely appalled at the service given, impossible to get through to speak to anyone, unless you have an hour to spare to wait for them to answer the phone, even then, they dont give you any answers, they tell you to speak to the insurance company. Strongly recommend you find another broker, as this company is useless

Review №43

100% without a doubt the worst decision I ever made was going with My Policy car insurance. As a student, initially I was looking for a cheap and cheerful insurance and knowing that I do not drive excessively throughout the year, I put low mileage. However, out of my hands I have exceeded my limit and rather than them contacting me to help arrange an agreement, they sent me letter after email telling me that if I do not cough up £125 for an extra 1000 miles, then my policy will be cancelled to then pay a fee of £500 to cancel it and removed my black box... obviously I do NOT have this amount of money lay around to be forking out on my insurance when I have stuck to my conditions of speed limits, smooth driving and safer times to drive... GOD FORBIT I HAVE TO MAKE A CLAIM WITH THESE PEOPLE. I would advise anyone to stay away, unless you have thousands of pounds to throw away. So many hidden costs you would not believe, I personally can not wait until my policy year is over. if there was an option for 0 stars out of 5, I would happily choose that.

Review №44

The absoloute worst insurance broker, the service staff are not helpfull and un attentive, you will never get through to them and they charge have charged me £700 to cancel an insurance policy 700!!!!! Thats insanity

Review №45

Long waits on their lines, however I havent had any other problems with the company. They are defiantly the best company for young drivers!

Review №46

Awful insurance company... SO MANY hidden costs, highly inconvenient customer service methods, charges for just about everything!!! Would never go with ever again! Theres a reason this company is cheap. Its not worth it one bit!

Review №47

So I have nearly spent a year with this company and I can truthfully say I would not go to these if they were the last company on this planet I took out 4 thousand miles and within 9 months I had used these up but let me say I havent left my town where I leave with these I have literally commuted to work and just used my car to pop to the shop etc but I had to purchase some more miles which costed me 215 on top of the 220 pounds that I pay a month , these have hidden cost such as when I first took out my insurance because I didnt have my hairdressing qualified certificate they wanted an extra 400 pounds for the deposit on top of the 400 that I had paid ! And now Ive got my certificate theyre still not putting the price down , Id also like to say , theyre open hours are a joke making it impossible to get in contact as when you ring in work time it will say 24 people waiting to connect at least and last of all when I topped my miles up a month and two days ago to the point which Im still paying for I purchased 1,000 and then theyve told me Ive used all my miles up when in fact Ive used 400 of them all I can say is thank god Ive only got a month or so left , as I will not be using this shambles of a company again !!!

Review №48

Uterley apauling service, terrible customer service and that wacked me with a massive bill at the end of it

Review №49

LOTS of hidden costs associated with this insurance company. Do not expect to just pay what you have been quoted! Rude customer service staff. Wont be staying with this company for my second year.

Review №50

Had a slight misunderstanding regarding the installation of the box but this was dealt with quickly and efficiently by Tom and Lee

Review №51

Friendly and helpful staff, happy with service

Review №52

I really wish I had looked at these reviews before going with my policy I insured my son and after just one week they cancelled policy and charged him £75 because he never phoned them with details ?? What details Im still unsure of as the idiot he spoke to on the phone was most arrogant and didnt have a clue really, he spoke to a young lady only 4 days ago about his black box being fitted who mentioned no details that were needed, they said them cancelling it was like my son cancelling it thats why they have charged him I will be taking a trip to the cab this dodgy company prays on the young drivers totally Shocked that this company can get away with this behaviour

Review №53

Price altered £400 overnight for same cover

Review №54

Dont bother.. Joke...

Review №55

Worst company I have ever been with... would never ever recommend to anyone... con you in anyway they can

Review №56

Horrendous company. Hidden costs everywhere, you will end up paying £100 per thousand miles on top of your premium.

Review №57

Absolute rip off. Would never use again for car insurance. The only excuse I get is the box doesnt lie. Wouldnt recommend.

Review №58

Dont even deserve one star, the company needs shutting down stay far from these guys !!!!!!!!

Review №59

Great support

Review №60

SCAMMERS avoid at all cost they need to be looked into

Review №61

Thieves , increase my policy during verification 641 £And when I tried to cancel the policy , they charge me 420 £ for less than 2 weeks , run away don’t think about trying them

Review №62

Cheapest quote !!! Far from the truth had to pay in excess of £600 on top of the annual price limit your miles and threaten to cancel your insurance if you dont buy more miles £113 for just 100 miles dont know how I managed to stay with this company would not recommend never again !!!

Review №63

Excellent service!

Review №64

Very poor service for starters. Very harsh negative scores, if you making a short journey at night then chances are you will receive a warning although it states no curfew. Anyone reading this go with the next company.

Review №65

Terrible insurance company wait in excess of 45 minuets to be told the phone lines are closing no help emailing them either they hire a terrible company to fit the black box called track global the engineer came with his girlfriend and the sat in my car burning over ten pound worth of fuel then broke all my dash had to wait over a month to get it fixed

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Review №67

Worst car insurance

Review №68

Impossible to get hold of

Review №69

The worst company ever

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