Alamo Rent A Car
17300 Palmetto Pines, Houston, TX 77032, United States

Review №1

Wont accept your drivers license if theres a crack, of any magnitude. This is not stated anywhere on their policy, and caused me to lose two hours of drive time. I fly with this license, I rent elsewhere with it, and I registered to vote with it. Yet Alamo refused to accept it. The only reason Im offering three stars is due to the boss. After jumping hoops to speak with the overseeing managers, I finally reached the boss. He was very understanding and stated that an email was sent out by the Houston PD stating they have to accept these, even if theyre taped. Problem solved. I had my car within two minutes.

Review №2

Had a great experience with my rental and for a very reasonable price.

Review №3

Rental process of pick-up and return was smooth considering this time of Covid-19.

Review №4

Checking in was ok....not so friendly but efficient. Check out was super friendly and engaging and a pleasure to interact with the Alamo employee...sorry I didn’t get his name or would definitely send kudos to him. Unfortunately Alamo charged me a fuel charge which I did not request and had to spend time with CS getting it removed. Otherwise, a good experience.

Review №5

I rented my car on Friday evening from your location, it was dark and I didnt look much in the car, it had just been parked in the parking spot and it looked like it was driven through a wash. In the morning when I woke I saw the trash, open cans of chewing tobacco, left over baggage claims from the previous driver and socks in the car. When I returned the vehicle yesterday I asked to speak with a manager because of the issues with the car. I was told I would need to walk somewhere else and speak to some and lines were long. The agent helping me at the return place called the manager a few time and then finally spoke to someone, I was told id receive a call within the hour. I still havent received a call back, mistakes can happen when cleaning a car, things can get overlooked, but not getting a call back is even more frustrating.

Review №6

Worst car rental experience I have ever had. First we rented a mini van when I got there all they had was a Dodge Journey which they said was comparable. We find out that it it definitely not in any way comparable my daughter had bruises on her knees because there was absolutely no room to move in it there were 5 of us. It was a 24hr drive. Then we get it switched out in Harrisburg which they were able to make all the rates about the same and had typed extensive note for me not to be charged anything outside of whats on my contract. The car we get was dirty and smelled like cigarettes. Once we drive 24hrs back they charge me $300 additional dollars. I call speak with 4 people the last guy was rude and told me that because I had proof that I wasnt supposed to be charged more then my contract he guesses he will do my credit back but only because I had proof. Never an apology nothing just an I guess. Horrible service.

Review №7

The quality customer service at IAH airport was fantastic. I requested a mini van, I was given a brand new Chrysler Pacifica. The help putting the back seats down before we left the garage was a huge bonus. Truly a pleasant experience. Alamo is tops in car rental. Price for a one way trip was the most competitive too!!

Review №8

I rented a dodge caravan, which was fine. I vacuumed the van before returning it with my personal hand vaccum. I mistakenly left the vaccum in the van and returned the vehicle. I filed a claim for a lost item the same night and the following morning went to the airport to see if anyone had found it. I recieved the bare minimum in help.Either one of the Alamo employees stole my vacuum or didnt throughly clean the van and left it in the back. I would think with the world going through a pandemic they would do a good job of cleaning the vehicles. So Ill just go with an alamo employee stealing my vacuum. Im sure the company has a recording of my vacuum being taken and just didnt care enough to help me.

Review №9

We were taken care of promptly and with an upgrade. Great experience

Review №10

Thank you! I didnt make my flight and needed to get home. I wasnt sure if I could get a one way home. Yall are wonderful. The car was clean and ready.

Review №11

I had a luxury vehicle scheduled for a weeks trip to be in a wedding and work. Long story short, I had 4 different cars due to maintenance issues, ripped seats, cigarette smells, and them just not having what I paid for. The staff in DFW airport were trash and very rude. Karen and Bart were horrible. The whole trip was hell due to the forementioned events. My anxiety went through the roof. Horrible. Nick was awesome when I finally made it home. My goodness though.... I really should of had the complete bill comped. Driving through different states dropping their cars off. Like really?

Review №12

Easy to check in from the app and pick up my rental after a late flight.

Review №13

My husband made reservations to rent a truck from Alamo at IAH Airport on Saturday. When we arrived the lights were off with a sign directed at National Car Rental for assistance. We tell them we reserved a truck and was there to pick it up. They informed us per their supervisor that no same day reservations would be honored. No one bothered to call us or send an email to let us know. We wasted gas and time for absolutely nothing. The WORSE customer service from BOTH rental car places. I would never recommend them with their nonchalant attitudes. PTFO

Review №14

I enjoyed some of the process. My only issue is that when booking a rental if you could please remind us that there is a $200 deposit that is required at the time of pick up. Some of us are on a budget and have to transfer funds around as needed. Other than that I have enjoyed using Alamo.

Review №15

The rental was Quick. I have arrived to the rental office late as my flight from Newark to Houston was delayed for 3 hours. Though office was closed they have arranged to pickup my car from National. They gave a very nice car. I would prefer to rent a car from Alamo from now on. Though I am a presidential circle member of Hertz. I would prefer to go with Alamo. Thank you so much.

Review №16

Service was quick, the local staff very courteous and the car was clean and new.

Review №17

Shuttle transportation, check in and out was easy. Car was available and clean. No issues so far.

Review №18

This was my first time using Alamo and I was a bit disappointed. My car preference was not available. The or similar did not happen either. I will give Alamo another try and see what happens.Thanks

Review №19

Everything with this rental went smoothly. Staff very friendly. Upgraded to next level at no additional cost or hassle. SUV was very clean and well kept. Highly recommend Alamo for next rental.

Review №20

The experience was very good! All the people I interacted with, start to finish, were pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable! I will rent from Alamo again.

Review №21

They dont give the right directions to get there. Thats the only reason I have a two star.

Review №22

Ive found Alamo to be no fuss and low price. Other places have discount plans and coupons, but the discount and coupon price has been higher than Alamo, often significantly higher, every time.Alamo does run email specials - I have consistently opted out. I have had to repeatedly opt out and that is a minor complaint. I dont use a rental car often - generally twice a year.If you use skip the counter, make sure the printout says SKIP THE COUNTER. Sometimes there is a glitch in that.So, two complaints and five stars? The cars have always been available and the prices have often been half or less than the major coupon producers coupon price. They treat you like a person when you have issues, but you can do everything online and not need a person except at the check out booth. They have ALWAYS had a car for me - even two weeks after a hurricane. I had reserved well in advance, but they kept it for me.

Review №23

Friendly and professional agents at pick up. They were sorely understaffed though. Drop off after hours was easy, but the agent there was not helpful, ignored me and other customers. Truck was clean and perfect. I would rent again.

Review №24

The young lady that was there was absolutely fantastic!!! Alamo always has our back when we use Alamo our trip seems better!! Thanks so much!

Review №25

We arrived in Houston recently for a week long business trip. When we arrived to pick up our rental, the staff were most accommodating and professional. The car was clean and ready. Staff offered suggestions for things to do while on our stay. Definitely highly recommend Alamo for anyone requiring to arrange a rental car.

Review №26

On a recent trip to TX, I rented a mid-size SUV from Alamo. Staff at the rental center were fast to pull up the reservation, and when we went to the garage, we wound up getting to choose from a variety of vehicles in Nationals area. Wound up in a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The vehicle was clean and had very few miles on it when we picked it up. Car return was equally fast and easy. Will definitely be renting from Alamo again in the future.

Review №27

Houston International AirportKindness goes a long way late at night. We arrived at the airport in the middle of the night. When we got to the Alamo counter, we were greeted with a sign that said proceed to the National counter. The lady at the counter was super friendly, very helpful, and even offered to upgrade our reservation to a small SUV. When we got to the parking lot, the gentleman directing people said we could choose from 1 or 4 SUVs available. Besides a long line (due to 3 people helping 3 different rental companies at the same time) we were in and out in a decent amount of time. I was very pleased.

Review №28

When we arrived at the rental location the wait appeared to be 40-60 minutes. Fortunately I saw a sign to login and finish pickup process without waiting in line. I did and we were in our car within minutes, but then delayed with the drive out as only one kiosk was open.Returning the car likewise as easy, although elevator was out of service so forced to go down escalator, across facility and back up escalator with three large, heavy bags, but not Alamos fault.Well gladly rent from Alamo in future travels.Thank you.

Review №29

Had to pay for upgrade bc they didnt what I reserved

Review №30

I definitely will rent again from here. Teresa gave a very warm welcome and was very thorough explaining everything. I received a very clean nice 2019 vehicle with only 152 miles on it. I was supposed to stay until Monday but due to hurricane hitting my flight got cancelled. They’re were very nice at changing my rental agreement with no questions asked when I had to move my flight up to get home. They even gave me some of my money back. Drop off was a breeze as well. Great experience!

Review №31

I was checking from desk to desk in the rental car center of Houston International, and I was getting prices like 280US for an economy class. When I asked the Alamo desk (about my fourth desk if I recall) they came up with a price less than half of that for a full size! My car was very nice and spacious. I also ended up being an hour late on my return due to an accident on I45, and the return clerk waived the late fee! I would definitely recommend these folks when going to IAH again. BTW, the company I have been renting from for 20 years gave me a quote that was more that 280US! Shame. Ill be switching.

Review №32

This place would not let us pay with multiple credit cards to cover a $9 difference between the remaining balance on one and the amount they wanted to charge. Also, they wanted to argue that the 77356 zip code was Houston, not Montgomery, TX, and they wanted a airplane ticket because they were accusing us of being local renters. Needless to say we went to Thrifty and everything worked out fine with them. They gave us a really good deal and we drove off on our way.

Review №33

I will never rent from Alamo, National, nor Enterprise again. They have alleged that I damaged a vehicle I had rented. However, when I returned the car, the associate did a walk around and did not note a single bit of damage; it wasnt until several weeks later I got a letter alleging the damage.Ive challenged this over several months and constantly asked for evidence. Just recently their own recovery specialist, Lorresha Sier stated the following:There is no evidence to provide, if you still feel as though you are not responsible for the damage, your insurance company will continue to investigate on your behalf.Alamo Rent A Car, how can you have a claim with no evidence?Yet you have now threatened to turn my claim over to a collection agency; so i am now forced to spin up my insurance company to investigate. You are part of the problem of ever increasing insurance prices.****Note: I posted the above review on their FB page and they did reach out to me to help; the response was as follows and is laughable:Thanks for the update. We have verified your details. The social team do not have any authority in relation to the management of damage claims. In this instance we recommend contacting [email protected] or to continue to liaise with the current contact for your case Lorresha Sier. Both will be best placed to advise further. We appreciate your understanding. Kind regards, SP

Review №34

Ive pretty much used Alamo exclusively since my 1st car rental many years ago. I have strayed once or twice out of curiosity but always came back to Alamo. Their agents are friendly and helpful. Their cars are clean, and the price is usually lower than the competition.

Review №35

We had a very good experience with ALAMOWe were very satisfied with the Dodge CaravanWe will rent from them againIf they have a membership I will join

Review №36

Short staffed at night waited 45 min in line to get the vehicle.

Review №37

Wonderful experience as always! Checked in online so was able to go right to the car--no standing in line at the counter. Arrived at car area and was warmly greeted by Alamo representative with big smile and cold bottles of water. Return was fast and simple.

Review №38

The time at the counter was short, the time getting to the car and out of the rental center was short, but the time waiting for the bus to depart was too long. There should be more buses making more frequent trips with fewer passengers. Also, only a rental car company or a vertically challenged person could call what you gave me a midsize car. What you call midsize in any normal persons view is a compact or even a subcompact. Be honest.

Review №39

SANDRA is the best!!! She made a rough day turn sweet. She exemplified great work ethics, tenacity and customer service. I admire how she is so thoughtful and places customers FIRST. Hands down, I will definitely use Alamo again since they have such great staff.

Review №40

Its always a pleasure to rent with Alamo. The kiosks make self-service check-in efficient and the employees are always friendly and efficient when directing you to your vehicle choices. Thanks so much!!!

Review №41

I dont often use car rentals but had recent occasion to use one. I made a reservation at one of your competitors several weeks in advance. The night before I was to leave on my trip the car rental company called late in the evening and left a message saying they would not have a car for me the next day. Needless to say I was in sort of a panic since I could not get hold of the person who called. So I called Alamo since I had used them in the past. I got my reservation, the car I wanted and when I went to pick up the next day I was in and out in 5 minutes! Although I had to drive a little farther to pick it up the whole process more than made up for it. Thank you Alamo!

Review №42

Upon arriving Sandra greeted us with two bottles of cold water. Asked for the paperwork and gave us options on our vehicle.She had a vehicle that we have driven before. Brought the vehicle to us and answered my question about adding another driver. On our way in less than five minutes. What a pleasant experience after our flight. Kudos Sandra.

Review №43

I found they didnt fill up window fluide liquide. It was perfectly empty. Other thing are good.

Review №44

The young man, Davin, who helped us was the only competent person we encountered in the whole airport. He went above and beyond to accommodate us when all other rental companies simply said sorry theres nothing we can do. If it werent for his willingness to help, we wouldve been stuck at the airport for a 3rd day waiting on our final destination home. A 10 hour drive home was well worth it, especially since the car was extra clean and well taken care of. Thank you for the great customer service!

Review №45

This location is has fantastic service to welcome you to Houston. Thank you Joel for helping me get started! Will definitely use again!

Review №46

Alamo has shown its operations to be champions!

Review №47

Awesome experience at Alamo today! Ricah and Lauren helped us out and they were both super helpful and friendly. Got me exactly what I needed at a great price with zero delay. I would without question come here again and would recommend it to anyone looking to rent a car in Houston.

Review №48

I have been using the services of this company for a long time and am very pleased with the experience of working with them! the car was new, mileage 1000 miles. and as always a good price and good service! from the airport to the offices of all rental cars goes by bus. which stops near baggage claim.

Review №49

I had a really good experience in Houston IAHThe car was ready and I was 2 hours early .Quick check in

Review №50

We had requested an SUV with a (built-in) navigation system, such as the Toyota RAV4. We were provided with a Nissan SUV which worked out fine.However, as newcomers to the Houston area, the agent did not mention that we might want to consider a transponder as the toll highway departing the airport did not take cash!

Review №51

Lauren was excellent she went over and BEYONDExcellent customer service.

Review №52

Rent a car in Alamo always is a very pleasant experience, the man in the counter,,Kyle, was very polite and kindly replying our questionsThe car was great! The rate was ok and cheaper tahn othersI had recently rent in Europe and now at HoustonIt will be our rent a car company for ever.Thanks alamo!

Review №53

If I could rate zero stars I would. Extremely bad experience trying to pick up a reservation there. Hostile and aggressive staff made it that much worse I decided to take up a different booking on the spot with Avis (same price and yet I got a much better car) But of course with friendly and courteous service. Save yourself some time & money, just go with a different company.

Review №54

Had a wonderful experience with Alamo IAH.Was having a terrible day up to that point... traffic to the airport a mess, horrendous lines through security, our seats given up (due to tardiness), and although 3 seats available, gate agent unable to re-list us on the flight. So we waited 3 hours for another flight. Then, once we finally made it to Houston, another rental car agency surprised us by running a huge deposit on our charge card, in addition to the contract fees, and then put us in a car that the check engine light was on. Add to that a funky attitude from their agents, when we notified them of the problem. In frustration, we said forget it - cancel the whole thing! Well rent elsewhere. Thats how we ended up at the Alamo counter. Their agent Joel, patiently listened to my vent (as described above), then with exceptional kindness, helped me navigate cars and savings options. We ended up with a great car at a great price and no surprise charges. Our thanks to Joel and Alamo, for handling me, an obviously distressed traveler with excellent care, service and compassion.

Review №55

My sister has used Alamo and told me how good they are so I used them for my vacation to Galveston. We flew into Huston and had to get on a shuttle to the rent a car building. I never had to go to the front desk, just walked to the parking and showed the man my reservation on my phone he went and got the car and off we went. Turning it in was just as easy. I will only use Alamo from now on. The car was very clean and in good shape

Review №56

Alamo was fast, professional, and my vehicle was clean and without any damage. It was better than I expected and I had no surprises on my invoice.

Review №57

I definitely recommend this Alamo location! I had an awesome experience! Great customer service whether on the phone or in person. Great rates and open 24 hours! I will definitely rent from this location again.

Review №58

Sandra! She’s the best rental car customer service person in the world. We were in from out of town and had too many people for a mid size and helped us pick the perfect upgrade. Thank you so much for all of your help Sandra. You deserve all the raises!

Review №59

Nick the manager needs to work on his customer service completely dissatisfied

Review №60

Always provided with the best service at this location. Staff is great and provides quality service for your needs. They make sure you get a comfortable vehicle for your travels.

Review №61

Generally pretty good for rental at Alamo IAH, but lately vehicles have been dirty. Like they werent even washed.Another thing make sure you check tire pressures on rental vehicles before driving on a trip. Never fails that Alamo IAH rentals are so over inflated its simply DANGEROUS. 45-47 psi is the norm, for every vehicle Ive rented. I always have to lower the psi back down. So minus 2 stars for lack of attention to safety.

Review №62

I was in and out in minutes. I was able to chose the perfect sized vehicle for my need. The staff was helpful and polite. Overall a great experience.

Review №63

The car we had reserved at another company wasn’t available and they had no inventory meaning over a one hour wait. We had no time for that on the first day of our vacation! So we headed to Alamo, got a vehicle right away. When we went to choose a vehicle Sandra P was so helpful and got us an AMAZING upgrade! She was so kind and helpful. She made what could have been an awful start to our vacation awesome. Thank you Sandra!!

Review №64

Had a great experience at Alamo. I was able to go to a Kiosk machine and check out quickly without standing in line. I had reservations made it real easy. The only problem I had why 3 stars is I am handicapped I have bone on bone knee very painful. You have to walk so far to get there seemed like a mile. Other than the long walk great experience. Was able to just drop off the car and walk away.

Review №65

Very helpful ladies. We appreciated both Courtney & Sandra assisting us in making sure we had a convenient spaced car for our visit. We had a party of 9 and we needed a convenient vehicle for our visit in Houston

Review №66

Ive been renting cars on Alamo for several years and I have always received very good attention and service, until this time. You can get better prices if you reserve from one or more months the type of car you required. I recommend making your reservation online and make the check up online too, to avoid the front desk. There are special kiosks where you can enter your reservation number and credit card to proceed directly to your car. The cars you can get at this location are in very good condition. Unfortunately the last time I came here (08/19/2017), I noticed that most of the people that tried to rent a car or proceed with their reservation had a lot of problems with the front desk personnel. There was only one employee and he was rejecting all the requests. I even had trouble because I tried to pay my reservation with a non-us credit card and he was arguing that my payment couldnt be processed just because of the origin of the card, that the nip was needed and he hasnt a terminal where to introduce it. I had never been through something like this before in any other Alamo Installations. I call my bank and told them about the problem, and they enabled my card to be charged when it was slid through the front desk computer. I came back to the front desk, tried once again and this time the payment was completed and I was able to get my car. I think I was the only one that finally could rent a car in a period of about two hours. But finally I did it. You know, you really need a car to transport you and your family when youre in Houston.

Review №67

My husband and I were visiting Houston for 4 days and needed a rental car. Bryant was very pleasant and enthusiastic while taking care of our paperwork! He also suggested great restaurants and places to visit. Excellent customer service!

Review №68

Arrived at the Houston location after a long and tiring flight at 11:35 pm and found the booth closed! Their page says they are open till midnight. Called a dozen times, no response whatsoever! Very poor service!

Review №69

I arrived and the airport and needed a good rental vehicle and I went to Alamo rental. Ricah was the service clerk that helped me. She helped me get a really nice car at a fair low price. I loved her customer service and she was very nice and helpful. Thank you Alamo rental for hiring great people like Richa.

Review №70

It was great clean truck fast chech in and fast check out very nice Clerks.

Review №71

There is no other place to get your rental from

Review №72

They allowed me pick a car of my choice and I loved it. However, the people i spoke with over the phone never told me that i will have to pay an extra cost for being under 25. He told me it was $77 only to get there and I ended up paying $146 and then the receptionist I met there told me they usually dont tell people about the extra cost. That is not nice at all. If I didnt have enough money in my card then i would have been stranded. For that, I will give 3 stars.

Review №73

Sandra delivered cold water jubilant service, and great conversation. BEST rental service Ive had. Thank you For the warm welcome to Texas.

Review №74

Sandra and Barbara are the best. They were so nice with us and helpful with all our needs. 100% recommended!

Review №75

Rental of a Ford Explorer from IAH airport for a long weekend. Check in want fairly fast. Car was nice, almost too many features to learn, and we started off late on a Friday night, in the dark. I was trying to raise my window after a toll booth on the freeway, and merge into heavy traffic, when I touched some button; well, it folds the side mirrors in! I guess for tight parking, but it almost caused an accident while merging; wife & I put windows down and forced the mirrors out, car horns blaring all around us. Return was smooth, attendant hardly said anything to us, not super friendly.Oh and, especially for Houston, maybe other places, be SURE you know the full price before booking. After flat rate had added on bus recovery fees, taxes, facility fees and even $10 for some local sports complex, our rental rate actually doubled per day from the original fee quoted.

Review №76

Clean car and quick service at both pickup n drop

Review №77

We were really helped with excellent service from Alamo cars at Houston Airport. We have rented a car from Houston to Orlando. What a great service. She , Sandra, was awesome in service!

Review №78

I rented a car on December 25 - January 3. But I had to return it early on December 31st. Unfortunately I was billed for returning it January 3rd. With one call to consumer services Michael was able to credit my cc card. The vehicle was clean and worked perfectly. Thanks Alamo I will be renting from Alamo again soon!

Review №79

Sandra P is amazing ! The customer service she provided was great! Such a great customer experience for me. She went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with the vehicle I reserved . Keep up the great work Sandy, such a great asset to Alamo !!!!! I wish I could give her 10 stars ️ ️️️️️️️️️

Review №80

Great service and great staff! The staff was very friendly and patient. Highly recommend renting here whenever youre traveling to Houston.

Review №81

So easy to use at this location. the facilities are well laid out and staff are there to help for check in and church out. one of the easiest processes I have encountered. the Sat nav provided was very easy to use and well up to date with clear instructions. admin charge for toll collection was minimal and only for days tolls used so well worth using. a good experience

Review №82

Least pleasant renting experience Ive had to-date. Counter employee was unhelpful and borderline rude. Signed up for loyalty program specifically to have extra driver free. Employee denied that was a thing and then when pushed admitted it is but that membership number is needed (how about ask for that at the start?). Once we provided that, she then insisted that we would have to remake our reservation, failing to reveal that the price would be different. Once again we had to ask the questions for short one word answers. Made zero effort to help our situation, a touch screen kiosk would have been more effective. The second star is solely for the last employee at the exit gate. He was genuinely helpful and polite, maybe move him to the front desk.

Review №83

Best rental service. Aways super easy to make reservation, I love respecting me and allowing me to choose a general type of vehicle and price upfront. Then upon pickup I can go to my designated area and pick my own vehicle for whatever my needs are. Whether traveling alone and want extra leg room, a deluxe model w added features because phone broke or maybe just bevause. Its important for me to be able to select vs having to take the car chosen for me and being miserable during my trips.The people are always friendly and helpful.

Review №84

I recommend anybody who needs to rent a car at IAH go with Alamo, they have so many options regarding the type of cars you need. Their staffs are the best car rental employee I’ve ever encountered with around the US. Especially Sandra, she helped me find the perfect car that I need for the road trip! I will give them a 6 stars review if possible! Thank you Alamos.

Review №85

The staff were very friendly, spoke clearly, and worked quickly. The car drove great, however, the was not completely clean from the last rental. Despite that, I will rent from Alamo in the future.

Review №86

Horrible service. They want to charge you extra fees. If the original card that was used is not accepted, be prepared to be stuck in the airport. They dont allow debit card or cash. If you call, you hear the same. Dont rent a car in Alamo.

Review №87

Best car rental experience I’ve ever had. Great customer service from the desk to the check out! Beautiful rental car in great shape to top it off. Thank you Alamo!

Review №88

They put me in a car from another company in error. After a series of customer service fails, I finally have my car. Im sorry I inconvienced them with my business.

Review №89

A1++++++++ great car, great price will use often if nothing changes

Review №90

Favian O and Sandra P did an awesome job assisting us when we arrived to Houston from NYC. They were super professional, courteous, and truly helpful. I commend them for their splendid customer service.

Review №91

If you rent a car in Houston, make sure you go see Ricah and Lauren at Alamo in IAH!! Just when I thought customer service was a thing of the past in the travel industry, these two ladies changed my mind for the better! Wonderful service, extremely helpful and all the while great smiles! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Review №92

The process is always easy to rent a car and get an affordable rate.

Review №93

Relatively quick service. Ordered a large SUV but got a smaller one unfortunately. Because Im not well versed in American cars, we didnt argue... I later realized my parents had no legroom in the back. The normal thing is to upgrade when you dont have what a customer ordered, not downgrade

Review №94

Had a car booked at Alamo before and went to pick it up. When I got there the car was not available and the employee was looking for an alternative car. Found one that would, according to him, would turn out cheaper than my booked car. After asking again, he assured me there will be no additional charges for me. He was not trying to scam, but help me.Returned the car 2 days early and overpayed $200 for the car (including the difference I got back for returning the car early). And since they already took my money, no one will care to check.

Review №95

I booked by Expedia Hotel and car PAID. When arrived at G Bush Airport I relized there was an error I mean the rent was at the other Houston airport (Hobby) So, they told me that I cannnot use this reservation because despite the fact is the same company the reservation is in another airport and there is not other way. They suggest to speck with Expedia... ok but in Italy was 9:30 pm and was closed. Anyway I spoke with a two manager but no way. I had to rented another car and for 2 days I paid 180$.... I rented the cars with Alamo in Las Vegas and Los Angeles before I chosen Alamo because I thought was the best for me, instead this is treatment? Ok not a problem... I’d like to say that the staff was very available and kind. Just to follow the rules. I was disappointed! If you anwser me that the money went in another office or airport they already told me... Have a good day!

Review №96

Great service! No hidden fees, couldnt be better!

Review №97

Thanks to Arnesta and Nick for helping us with our rent a car reservation at IAH. Thanks for making sure we had a great experience with Alamo. We are truly grateful and thank you for making this a great memorable experience. Youre the best!

Review №98

Great customer service. Alec, the manager, was extremely helpful to make sure I get the car model which I was looking for. Always Alamo for me !

Review №99

Rented a truck from Alamo, between Houston and Lake Charles. The booking was fairly simple and easy. The pick up was a bit delayed because they had one person manning up both help desks. And when I went to pick up the truck, there was no one at the booth and a lady from the other booth came to help. Overall great experience, which can be improved by making sure customers do not have to wait unnecessarily.

Review №100

Excellent service. Cars are always ready and very clean.

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