Avis Car Rental
Corner of Fannin &, 1010 Webster St, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Review №1

Booked a car online, was dropped off at the location just for them to tell me that they didn’t have a car available. I asked them if another location had one so I wouldn’t go through that again and woman working impolitely told me that I can call. Why allow people to make reservations for cars you don’t have?

Review №2

Clean vehicle. Great customer service. Easy process to rent and return including direct notifications of itinerary

Review №3

Super helpful staff. Got me on my way quickly. Helped me with an issue during my month long rental - Swapped out for a similar vehicle. A great team!

Review №4

I feel this way because the Agent that service me is a very good staff member and she went out of her way and helped me in ways l needed her. The car was very very great. And l Appreciate the Rental car as well as l Appreciate the Staff Agent working with me. She was very kind and patient. And very sweet

Review №5

Great lady Manning this store. She is a earful of loving banter. Rather kind and amazing person.

Review №6

The customer selection is superb and cars are always available. Never a long wait and the team there i so friendly, including Mr. Mike who keeps the cars clean. Special thanks to the director, Gina, she was awesome.

Review №7

Amazing services. Gina was fantastic and solved every problem I had.

Review №8

Excellent customer service at this location and rates are fair.

Review №9

Very RUDE ladies paula & Aisha at the counter . Then a lady Gina came from the office and said that she explained how she could not verify my claim. And repeatedly said its 5pm. I told her the insurance company was open till 7pm. Then she went on to say that shes tired of insurance companies only use Avis as a last resort. Then she said she had a car if I could pay for it myself. At that point I had already called Lyft to come get me!!! I DONT RECOMMEND this location at all!!

Review №10

With reservation taken right to clean new car. Drop-off was simple at downtown location. Friendly staff quick service.

Review №11

Staff was efficient and curious, even when customers were being difficult.

Review №12

Obtained a New car and received great service.

Review №13

Helpful staff. Good service

Review №14

Clean and maintained vehicles. Best of prices

Review №15

I hope you dont have the unfortunate experience of dealing with Gina. There is absolutely no professionalism undertaken at this location.Use these guys at your own risk, and do not expect any level of customer service or to feel welcomed.

Review №16

Knowable friendly and professional staff. Great rates. No hassle pick up

Review №17

I tend to use this location as its close & I tend to get a really good rate for my rental. The lady that checked out my rental was very nice & friendly. She was professional to others that were waiting in line. The woman that checked in my rental had to be one of the most unprofessional individuals Ive ever came across. I worked in the service industry for 20+ years, and I know that when things get busy, it can be overwhelming for some who are not used to/able to handle such a rush. Im not one of those people. Ive always been calm and polite when things get busy. The woman that checked me in admonished me in front of a crowded room, saying that I needed to be better about pet hair in the car. Since I never had any animals in the car, nor did I use the backseat for ANYTHING, I apologized saying how its possible a hair or two came off of my yoga pants. She was extremely rude and said that was not the culprit as there was pet hair everywhere. That was impossible, at least from me. I turned that car in spotless as I keep my own car very clean on the inside. I always use a brush to make sure I dont leave my home with pet hair. I wish I would have gotten her name, as Id post it here to give folks fair warning. So, for those visiting this location, watch out for the short, brown haired white woman. Dont be surprised if shes extremely rude for thats all I saw from her, not just during my interaction, but with how she interacted with others. She should stay in the back and not talk with customers, or better yet, find a new job that doesnt require her to interact with customers directly.

Review №18

Recent Car rental agencies have stopped accepting debit cards as a form of payment at certain locations but I was pleased at the fact that I did not experience this inconvenience🚙

Review №19

The day of my pick up from Avis went very smoothly.. the staff very nice to all that was picking up a rental. None of us was in line for more than five minutes. Yes I would use Avis again and tell others about them.

Review №20

Best Avis location in Houston by far! Very fair and kind employees really make this location stand out. Gina and Paula deserve a praise and pat on the back for providing the true definition of southern hospitality! Not to mention their funny and have great chemistry together and with their customers. Thumbs up guys!

Review №21

They were really nice and comprehensive when I told them I didnt have a credit card and let me get the rental with them not like all the other companies I tried with. Will definitely rent with them when im back in Texas

Review №22

I requested a one day extension on a rental that was originally $88. This extension added up to $150, that was incredibly high for just one additional day however, I had no choice but to accept this charge. Once we got to the place to return the vehicle they said the fee was $170, after I complained about it they bought the fee down to $160. I did not appreciate this because the original amount was $150. I will never rent from Avis again and I will tell everyone I know about this experience.

Review №23

Received a dirty car that smelled and had a wet passenger seat. Associate did not make us aware of the wet spot from them having to scrub the seat clean. My significant other clothes were stained with brown spots as a result. An unfortunately that just something we had to deal with because we prepaid for the car. Not a good first time experience with AVIS

Review №24

Great service!

Review №25

Very courteous people. Very

Review №26

This particular Avis-Budget car rental store is great; but it needs more space .

Review №27

Excellent service, also employees was very professional and nice, quick service.

Review №28

NOW they want a deposit of $200 WITH a credit card IN ADDITION to the rental amount???? I think I will look elsewhere or just stop renting cars for leisure.

Review №29

Gina is an amazing employee and shows all the care a customer expects from any company out there. Thanks for being genuine Gina.

Review №30

Ive been renting from you all for a while and enjoying the price

Review №31

Customer service is always great. If you call they will answer all your questions and be happy to do so, unlike most rental car places. The ladies that work there are very helpful and friendly.

Review №32

Charged $150 for one way fare. I booked and made clear to the agent I needed a one-way. Never had this problem before.

Review №33

Because the location on downtown Webster street with aisha and Paula you can never go wrong they are the best agents there is!!!!

Review №34

In Houston, too less choice of location, in downtown.The pick up staff is nice and helpful.The return staff was not happy by her face....

Review №35

Never have any customer service

Review №36

The staff are just like us--when its is a busy and stressful day, they can be snappy. Be nice and the staff will be nice as well! My pick-up and drop-off experiences were both great, even though there were so many people renting. As much as possible, get an online reservation before coming here. They had a car ready for me while walk-ins were being turned away. I guess car rentals can be a lottery at times, but they gave me a presentably clean and no-issues Mazda 3 and for that I rate them 5/5. The man who cleaned and handed over the car to me was courteous and cheerful.

Review №37

Everything from checkout to returning the car was excellent. Personnel was excellent. Overall the entire experience was great. I would definitely recommend my friends and family.

Review №38

Staffs are Very nice... Thanks to maam Gina and her co-staff🙂

Review №39

Not sure why anyone would have given this place a bad review. We had the most accommodating, friendly staff people to deal with, were in and out very efficiently, car was as promised and basically clean (only the windows needed some work). Will totally rent from this place whenever we are in Houston!

Review №40

If you are new in town or even country, thats the place you would need to go.. Ladies are super friendly and will try to do their best to assist or help you out by providing a detailed information on fleet, services and insurance. Would come back again 👍

Review №41

We chose this place since it was nearby and had great reviews, they have a small selection and the car we had had great mileage, the only downside is the staff when we picked the car an older black gentleman received us, since the moment we got there to the time we left, he kept making faces and had a terrible attitude, he kept mumbling all the time and cursing. If you dont like your job change it.

Review №42

The agents were courteous and very helpful. They were mindful of my time urgency and thoughtful about selecting a car within my rental class that was most fuel efficient (as I had a 30 day lease). The location was also easy to get to as it was quickly accessible from major highways. Big fan of this branch.

Review №43

Every body is friendly and plus Im served fast.

Review №44

Unprofessional, lack of consideration or care for the customer, poor handle on logistics as far as shipments and car returns. My pick up and billing experience was terrible but the lady who checked me in at the end was nice. Based on my experience and other reviews it looks like things are hit or miss depending on the day and who is working. Visit a more dependable rental company or location if you can.

Review №45

Super friendly staff, always a pleasant experience. They don’t seem to have many small cars, but in Houston the upgrades to bigger and nicer vehicles is welcome.

Review №46

The staff here are really friendly and helpful. We had zero problems and the car provided was in perfect condition, very clean inside and we got a great deal. They happily allowed us to return the car to a different avis than the one we originally chose with no extra charge.

Review №47

There was absolutely no hassle getting the car and the staff is friendly

Review №48

Good location to downtown. Very friendly and helpful folks. Lots of homeless people about begging for handouts make for an uncomfortable environment.

Review №49

Reliable customer service, clean rentals, fast location, reps go to extreme to help

Review №50

Professional team, fast service & clean cars.

Review №51

We had to get a rental from this Avis location--for one day--while waiting for our car from Enterprise. They took our money for a reservation and then actually tried to charge us a $150 cancellation fee (more than the cost of a daily rental) when they had zero--as in not a single option--cars available at the time our reservation was scheduled for pickup. When they actually had a car available later that day, we went with them anyway.We had the car for one day. We barely drove it. It was as clean when we dropped it off as when we picked it up. They tried to charge us $65 for dog hair. There was NEVER a dog in the car. My husband was so surprised that he took photos of the car and is going to send them to their corporate office. They ended up not charging us after we complained--with NO change to the car. And they were rude to us from the moment we questioned them.

Review №52

Didnt have a good experience, Gina is very unprofessional. I chose a compact size car and her facial expression said it all. She then asked me if I would like a larger vehicle? Besides that I was left on hold for 30 minutes, customer service wasnt great. I didnt receive any emails or courtesy reminders about the reservation. Staff wasnt friendly.

Review №53

Transaction went smoothly from the time I picked up the car to the time I dropped off the car. Their prices beat all the others by at least $60. I would definately recommend checking here first

Review №54

Easy booking onlineEasy car pickEasy car drop off...… Avis makes life Three Easy and affordable price!

Review №55

Staff at this location are nice but DO NOT RENT FROM AVIS IN THE STATE OF TEXAS if you want to avoid their money grabbing scam.. Even though you decline their $19.75 Etoll system use fee on their contract, they will turn around and charge you anyway if you incur an unsolicited $1 toll charge that you cannot pay otherwise. You are basically at their mercy. Tolls in Texas are very unfriendly for tourists. Wasted a lot of time trying to just talk to someone at Avis of the abuse but they just play games with you to increase their desperate revenues.

Review №56

Small Avis car rental and return place. They are fast and very helpful. Not to much to add. If you are looking for Car Rental options this place is a good choice.

Review №57

Very helpful & friendly. I was going to Uber to my hotel, but one of the staff was going that way & gave me a ride. Also, I managed to leave one of my belongings in the car. I did have trouble getting through on the phone, but was apparently calling during off hours. They still had it waiting for me. I noticed there were a few other lost items waiting for thei owners.

Review №58

Staff here are A1 af! always nice and a pleasure to deal with.. customer services murks that of any competing car rental service

Review №59

Fast friendly service..

Review №60

Great customer service Very helpful

Review №61

Great customer service

Review №62

Collected our little Kia from the Avis office Cnr of Fannin and Webster Streets in Houston and had the car for 16 days travelling out to Galveston, to San Antonio and surrounds onto Austin and surrounds to Fort Worth and Dallas and surrounds and returned the car to the Avis depot at Houston Intercontinental airport. The car was pre booked, we were hoping for a Ford Escape, but the Kia served us very well. Service at both collection and return was quick and efficient and the sat nav unit supplied was brilliant. Overall my wife and I were very satisfied with our experience with Avis from start to finish and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other people intending to do a similar driving holiday as we did.

Review №63

** Beware **. The price they state is not what you are charged. They added $250 cleaning free and then charged me $400 additional a week later saying there was damage to the hood. Stay away.

Review №64

Very welcoming staff, always ready to help the customer and give the best available

Review №65

I will always use Avis services.

Review №66

The weekend is pretty busy. However, the agents are customer friendly.

Review №67

All the ladies are always sooo helpful bc I know my MaMe are a handful. Its to the point if and when a rental is needed, me or someone else, Im like lets go there!

Review №68

Very friendly staff. They make pick up/drop off easy!

Review №69

Great rental place, will definently rent here again.

Review №70

Wonderful Staff, Very Friendly the Best Location to Rent from in Houston.

Review №71

Good prices on economy cars but deposit is high

Review №72

Excellent start to finish experience

Review №73

Excellent service from pick up to delivery.

Review №74

Very friendly service!

Review №75

Staff bent over backwards to accomodate my last-second and somewhat unreasonable request! A+++ service!

Review №76


Review №77

It kinda sucks they hold the funds on your credit card for 15 days after you return the vehicle to them. Puts a damper on things.

Review №78

They take care of me every time!!!

Review №79

Great car and very helpful employees!

Review №80

No one answers the phone.Unable to book a car

Review №81

Dont have any thing to complain.

Review №82

Rented twice from here, spent hardly 10 mins to pick / drop the car. Got free upgrade last time.

Review №83

Good service received, very helpful

Review №84

Awesome experience every time I travel

Review №85

This is my go to rental pick-up location, mainly because of the location itself. The service is usually spotty and a bit abrasive. I generally have to allot myself an extra 15-20 minutes because no one will ever be in a hurry to help you out.

Review №86

Great location but are more expensive at this location no economy cars

Review №87

Very good service

Review №88

Helpful, courtesy, would use again

Review №89

Needs better cars.

Review №90

5 star service

Review №91

Kool people

Review №92

Cheap n reliable

Review №93

Nice place, fair prices.

Review №94

Good service

Review №95


Review №96

Good costumer skills

Review №97

Great cars

Review №98

Small branch but many cars are there

Review №99

I think this place 🎸

Review №100

Thanks for the upgrade

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