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17300 Palmetto Pines, Houston, TX 77032, United States

Review №1

Seamless and easy process. I reserved my rental though the app, since it was much easier. I was taken aback about the other fees added to my rental, but it was better than going back to Avis TBH. The rental car agent was VERY friendly and accommodating when returning my vehicle. The Rental was clean and ran smoothly. Overall, I had a great experience.

Review №2

I rented from enterprise two weeks ago and to be honest it wasn’t the best experience at first. They were out of cars due to Southwest cancellations. I had to wait longer than I was use to waiting. They promised me that I would be compensated. They provided me with excellent customer service! The manager called me personally to apologize and ask how they could make it up to me. They were so apologetic and admitted to dropping the ball and promised me my experience would be better the next time. They even asked me how I wanted to be compensated for my inconvenience! This has never happened before. They went above and beyond! I will forever rent exclusively from them.

Review №3

No one working on 5 am until 6.30 am at Alamo Rental Car on Friday, Oct 8th. A guy working there dont wear uniform, he just drove the car and parked there for customers to pick. He came to us like he want to help and told us to take a very old and small car that not good enough for us to drive long roads to another cities. Even though, we know we can choose which cars we want. Lucky, they cant find the key for that old car, so another guy in the office gave us another bigger car. Recommending that you should open the car door to check if the key inside, if yes, you can take that car straight away, and drive out.

Review №4

Christian Smith was amazing to work with! He was super attentive from the moment he walked up to us and extremely polite and pleasant to work with. Our reserved car was nowhere to be found and he greatly assisted us with an upgrade into the Dom Torreto (Challenger) as my daughter put it. Promote this young man NOW, you wont be disappointed! On the way out, Andrew Hicks was extremely polite as well and super patient considering it took me 5 minutes to find my misplaced license in the black hole I call a purse! Both of these young men made the whole experience absolutely easy and enjoyable and it was by far, the best experience Ive ever had with any of my previous rentals from Enterprise. Returning the car was a breeze as well and super simplified. I would highly recommend this branch to any and all! To reiterate, both of these gentlemen are an asset to the company, keep them by whatever means possible.

Review №5

These guys love their job, and it shows with their quality of service. The helped me with a rental extension at around 9pm. They went above and beyond on making the process as easy and straight forward as possible. Would rent again with them anytime.

Review №6

I travel a lot, and I always use my family Enterprise rental company. On this journey, I was taken well care of by the manager Alex Smith. He and Hannah Stewart made sure I received top notch A1 service. Alex was making sure all of the customers were being handled in timely manner and in decency. There was a question I had, and I was directed to Alex- he took care of everything and made good on his word. Very down to earth personable guy. I rarely write reviews but I had too, the exceeded my expectations. Im spoiled now:) I will ask for Alex Smith for now on. Thank you so much for making my trip exceptional.

Review №7

I had a awesome experience with Alex G he gave me great options to choose from for my vehicle. He was very efficient and courteous. He provided me with exceptional customer service and thanked me for my business. He is someone to ask for when you visit enterprise, great guy!

Review №8

We arrived on a later flight into Houston. Walked right out to pick up vehicle. Even though it was after 11:00 pm, staff were very friendly and kind. Explained everything we needed to know.

Review №9

I cannot make this up. It took about 10 minutes to be checked in, and to then drive off with my vehicle. I was able to breeze past the other companies with lines wrapping around the building, and be seen right away by Enterprise staff. While they are a bit more expensive, you do get better customer service and the process is a lot more streamlined. 10/10, will definitely rent again!

Review №10

Mr. Andrew Hicks took the best care with me getting me a upgraded rental.. 5 stars at least💯💯

Review №11

Kelse was awesome and very helpful. I appreciate him a lot after a long trip he made it easy to rent a car!!!

Review №12

I personally had one of the best professional experiences here at the enterprise in Houston. Management Trainee Andrew Hicks was a huge part of this experience. All of my questions were answered. The paper work was all handled and explained in great detail and he was very knowledgeable on Houston and various local social events! Thank you enterprise for the experience and thank you Mr. Hicks!

Review №13

I’d love to meet the person doing the hiring here. Every single representative I encountered was professional, pleasant and moving in a very expedient but non-rushed fashion. Way to go on the selection and training process as whatever you are doing is working in a big way. The car was the car…it was clean and it worked just as expected, it was the people that made this transaction worth commenting on.

Review №14

The best of the best, Im not going to change this company never. Since I started rent in 2015, theres no more rental companies for me. Excellent in everything. This time was Jecory who gave me the best customer service ever. Thank you guys! Dont change.

Review №15

Car is fine but Houston IAH location 45 min wait to pick up with reservation on Friday at 8P

Review №16

Had a great experience. They didn’t have the vehicle style I had reserved. The agent helping was able to find a truck for me, and made sure everything was good to before left. Kelse L. Was grant to work with. .

Review №17

Kelse was very professional, friendly, and courteous. Helped my situation very quickly.

Review №18

What I thought was a great experience, turned into a nightmare. My husband rented a car for a week. We were using the rental car locally in Houston as we await for our cars to be moved out of state. Everything went smoothly, from pick up to drop off up until the bill came. Apparently, we drove up to 10,000 miles locally in a week! Not possible. Since we get billed 25 cents a mile, our bill for a rental that week was 4 grand. My husband and I have tried to reason with Enterprise, even asking for this location to call us. Every day in between moving and transitioning our family out of state and NO ONE has called us to get this situated. It is going on week 3 and still no support or response on this issue. I now have to go through my credit card company to fight it, which I did not want to do since I though Enterprise would be more responsive. Lesson learned-dont do business with Enterprise, at least this location.

Review №19

The team at the Bush International Airport in Houston provided a great rental experience on my recent trip to Houston. Getting position of the vehicle and then returning the vehicle was the smoothest I have experienced in a long time especially during the pandemic. It was obvious to me that the Enterprise team at this location is customer centered. The team was knowledge and friendly and even provided directions to exit the airport and get to my appointment on time.

Review №20

We rented a car from enterprise a week ago. This morning we tried to start the car ,its not starting and my husband called the neighbor to give us a jump start and it started .we went to a store came back its not starting. A good samaritan helped us to give a jump start .drove the car back home and contacted enterprise, they towed the car they said they cannot replace the battery only the service center can do that .we got stranded they gave us a uber to closest airport location to pick another car.when we reached the air port location their system is down.none of the employees dont know when their system is going to be back to swap a car.we waited a couple of hours .As I am putting this horrible experience I still didnt get the car and only 30 more minutes to close down this store, me and my husband are still stranded and we dont know what to do .Enterprise has to take customer service a high priority .I havnt seen that with my experience.

Review №21

Enterprise has always provided me excellent service through the years. This week was no different.Pick up at airport was quick and easy. Courteous staff made it even better.Drop off was simple.And the car did what it was supposed to do.Thanks

Review №22

Rick was amazing!! Made my rental experience less stressful and comfortable during an uncomfortable time for me!! I truly appreciate Rick for his commitment to customer service and my total customer experience….. Five star ⭐️ for sure!!!

Review №23

Latifah was fantastic! Everyone was great, Latifah in particular.

Review №24

Kelse was extremely professional. When I say awesome. Capital A. Buddy has a sense of humor out this world but still got us upgraded at a reasonable price. For my birthday weekend to start off in Houston, this is the greatest version of southern hospitality. All love and great hire Enterprise.

Review №25

Great experience at the Enterprise location at the George Bush IAH airport. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and able to get me on the road as soon as possible. Returning the vehicle was even easier.

Review №26

Kelse/Dom was absolutely amazing. From beginning to end, he took care of us. We were delighted by his presence and his professionalism. We would love to book with Enterprise again.

Review №27

Andrew from George Bush Airport is the BEST! He took his time to explain everything. If youre looking for great customer service go there!

Review №28

Kelse was awesome. I appreciated his assistance with my rental. Made my rental process super easy and made me smile. Promote him!

Review №29

We rented a car today and Kelse was every bit respectful and personable! He helped us out by getting us in a car that would fit my 6 ft step-dad and all our luggage. 10/10 recommend!

Review №30

This Has Far this has been the worst experience EVER!It’s normally not like that. My husband and I were traveling to Houston, Texas from Michigan City, Indiana for Labor Day weekend.We get there and it’s about maybe 100 degrees very humid.We get there and it is absolutely the thinnest option or availability for cars. We waited for almost an hour to get a decent

Review №31

My experience at the IAH airport was amazing!!! Devon was my representative and he was attentive, efficient and got me going in a fun weekend rental. This location is my favorite to rent from whenever I’m in Houston, and I will continue to be a repeat customer.

Review №32

I had the Pleasure of working with Mr. Andrew Hicks at enterprise upon my arrival in Houston. And he was absolutely amazing in assisting me with a car while I stayed in Houston for the weekend. Very knowledgeable and even though it was late in the evening he was very attentive and making sure everything was well taken care of fr me and my friends.

Review №33

Kelse Lee was very helpful and gave us exactly what we were looking for! His hospitality was welcoming and made us feel very comfortable. He explained every detail pertaining the vehicle. Thank you!

Review №34

Kelse was simply amazing. Made my birthday weekend start off with a bang. Give that man a raise. Simply professional and a great smile.

Review №35

Kelse was quick to say hello, welcome me to the counter and immediately make me comfortable with the whole process. And considering the shortage of cars currently affecting the rental industry, the wait time was still enjoyable. I was unfamiliar with the Houston area but he gave me clear directions. I greatly appreciate all of the fun conversation and assistance. If you have a reason to be in Houston, come find Kelse.

Review №36

Our experience was awesome! Andrew Hicks was awesome he made our rental and upgrade seamless. We will definitely be renting from this location again.

Review №37

I always appreciate Enterprise. They are quick, prepared, and sensitive to an individuals time. I also appreciate their communication. You only must ask.One thing I am noticing an inclination in price and a lack of availability of their automotive stock. Ofcourse the buyer is always sensitive to this issue. As one of those customers, I just want to say that I will not bear the weight of a corporations bad decisions to sell their overhead during lagging times, and I will continue to monitor this issue.

Review №38

Jeremey at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport was amazing. He had very high energy and you could tell he has his customers best interest in mind. He saves the entire experience. He made sure my party was comfortable. Unfortunately the rental we had was not the cleanest. We had to wipe everything down. There were crumbs and stains in the upholstery. There also was red staining on the visors. The rental we looked at before the one we accepted had very noticeable stains on the driver and passenger seats. Enterprise should take more pride in cleaning their vehicles. Also before making it outside to the vehicles the individuals at the front desk lacked professionalism and were not the friendliest. I normally rent through Hertz and if I’m needing a rental at this location I’ll look for Jeremy if not I’ll go through Hertz.

Review №39

Enterprise employees went out of their way to accommodate our reservations. The vehicle we selected was being cleaned and it was clear that we had an impatient family waiting. The Enterprise associate quickly adjusted and was able to find a comparable lender vehicle from another area in the lot. We appreciated the effort in providing reputable, quality service.

Review №40

Picking up the car was effortless. Was the fastest and easiest pick up Ive ever had. As was the drop off. Staff was friendly and professional. Made me feel like I was appreciated. Thank you guys!

Review №41

Kelse was extremely positive and friendly. His customer service and personable attention to our family was greatly appreciated. We are so excited to go to the Texas Tech game!

Review №42

Kelse was amazing. He has a great personality and excellent smile. Thank you for all your hard work. Give him raise!!!

Review №43

Kelse was a great help and made my morning. Definitely has a great, customer service driven attitude. We need more people like him in this world. Thanks Enterprise for an awesome experience!!

Review №44

Kelse was super amazing!! He helped me out so much and was super nice. Definitely recommend him to help you out.

Review №45

Kelsey greeted us with a warm, welcoming smile and was professional and helpful through the entire process!! We enjoyed our interaction so much we invited him to dinner! We really appreciated the great service! Its hard to come by!!

Review №46

Kelse was very helpful from the moment I got to the rental station. He was courteous and personable. And he was even there to assist with under at tending my bill on my departure. Don’t lose him.

Review №47

Service was good and was a lot quicker than I thought. I originally booked through Hertz, but after calling multiple times with no answer so I could confirm my reservation. I just canceled and booked through Enterprise. Was easy to pick up and even easier to drop off, literally took like 2 minutes. As far as price, Hertz was trying to charge me the same price for a 2 day rental as Enterprise was for the same vehicle but for 4 days. It was a no brainer.

Review №48

Pickup was pretty simple and easy to do. We were given a great selection of cars to choose from. Process was simple.

Review №49

Andrew Hicks customer service was outsatanding and unmatched. From point of connection to leaving in the car, Andrew assured everything was up to speed and I was made comfortable for my trip. I’d give 10 stars if I could. Thank you Andrew!

Review №50

Been in this line for about forever and it has not moved at all but the line behind me still gets longer. The employees here move about like watching a slow motion replay. I should have brought some snacks to not die of hunger in this line

Review №51

Customer is PHENOMENAL!!! Alex Smith is an awesome manager! He took care of me with a smile which is much appreciated. 5 stars all the way..

Review №52

Fast I was in and out with a car in mins. Minus trying to sell me unnecessary car insurance

Review №53

I love Kelsey he was very attentive and so nice! He is very professional, definitely needs a raise!

Review №54

To pick up a rental car at Houston - Bush is an arduous process. I came in mid-June to the area. I had to wait 15 minutes outdoors in 90 degree heat for a bus to take me to the rental car area which is a 5 minute bus ride. Then to pick up the car I had to wait in a line in the parking garage for another 15 minutes. I am dripping in sweat. Can’t we at least wait in air conditioning for the bus/car? Once I was seen by an attendant the process to pick a car went quickly and I was on my way. The return went seamlessly.

Review №55

If it weren’t with the staffing shortage on a holiday weekend I would have given this 5 stars.However the process was, as always quick and easy. Staff was friendly and the vehicle was clean and ready to go.Thumbs up and I’ll be a repeat costumer for sure.

Review №56

Whenever I rent a car from Enterprise, they always go up and above service to provide me with a nice spacious vehicle. I live in CA. But even renting a car in TX. They still were professional, friendly, and supportive in my rental car selection. I will definitely come to Enterprise first for all my rental car needs. Thank you

Review №57

Kelse was amazing. Car that was reserved smelled like smoke and he was able to find us a different vehicle quickly. He was also courteous and very professional. Thanks for the great service!

Review №58

The car was clean an The employees where informative. Enjoy the experience. Thanks

Review №59

Kelse Lee was our enterprise agent… he was attentive quick and helped wyd with exactly what our family needs! Couldn’t have had a better experience made this trip easier!

Review №60

Service given was great employees was very knowledgeable of company policies. Andrew Hicks was very friendly and provided great customer service.

Review №61

Kelse was extremely professional and made getting into our rental car nice and smooth. It was very nice to deal with such grace especially after a delayed flight. Kelse needs a promotion ASAP!!!

Review №62

Great experience from Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Houston :)The agents are friendly and knowledgeable. There were no hassle. We got our car in less than 10 minutes from arriving. The agent gave me a card to email if there were any problems. I did email wondering about the tolls, and they replied back to me right away.Returning the car was also good. In and out in 5 minutes.Definitely renting from them again when we return in Houston!

Review №63

Kelse was AMAZING! Very friendly, kept it entertaining with a fast check out process. Best customer service ever!

Review №64

We arrived to the rental car center at 9pm and there was no staff and no directions about how to get a car. Another customer said they had to go up to the garage to find an employee. After going up to garage there was a line of 6 people waiting for their cars and three employees working. There was absolutely no sense of urgency or customer service. It took and HOUR and 45 minutes just to get my car. I had already made a reservation. It was a horrible experience. I would not recommend using enterprise. They were the most expensive option.

Review №65

Kelse he was so nice, customer service skills was awesome. Very professional and very informative. Great employee!!

Review №66

Fantastic experience! I was in a bind after dollar car rental had such a long wait, we’re talking hours, and I had already paid for their rental. I couldn’t wait anymore after flying all day. I went up to enterprise and Jacob, Latifah, and Regina, got me into an SUV immediately pretty much for the same price. I will always use enterprise rental car from now on! What a great experience!

Review №67

This was the second of three rental centers that I was sent to after calling roadside service due to an engine problem with the suburban that I had rented. All employees could truly have cared less about any issues because they were out of cars. Enterprise overbooks vehicles, squeezes every possible cent out of every vehicle they rent out, and then sell them for more than they originally paid for them! The customer service from every employee encountered, expect for the gentleman who opened the exit gate of the parking garage, was an absolute joke.

Review №68

Devon was absolutely amazing! Phenomenal customer service! During Hurricane Ida where there was no way………he made a way!!!

Review №69

Staff was very friendly and helpful. I reserved the vehicle online and for the price I paid and the convenience of the location it was perfect. I definitely will use this airport location again

Review №70

Kelse customer service was awesome and made me feel right at home every time I’m in Houston I will rent from exotic rentals through enterprise!!!

Review №71

Lately, every rental car company has been gouging prices and offering reduced quality of service and Enterprise is no different. I feel like corporate has left their field staff out to dry, over-booking their vehicles and renting the cars out on a first come first serve basis so customers arriving in the evening are frustrated and dont have a vehicle despite having a reservation.If anyone at corporate is reading this, paying for an uber to the hotel and back to the airport is absolutely not acceptable. I dont have that kind of time when Im travelling for work.Enterprise sent me multiple e-mails requesting a review, I hope theyre happy with what they got.

Review №72

Such great customer service from everyone at Enterprise. My only complaints would be the self-serve kiosk at Houston airport wasnt working, so I had to wait in line. Would have been nice if the screen displayed an out of service message or something.Also, the passenger-side mirror was bent way in and I didnt realize until I was speeding along the highway. Wish I had made sure that was in place before I took off. I guess that can be described as user-error?Overall, it was a good experience renting from Enterprise.

Review №73

Kelse was AMAZING!!!!!! The best ever. He made my day and customer service was outstanding.

Review №74

The staff at the Houston Airport were so nice and pleasant staff I have worked with in a long time. They upgraded me without me asking. They were fast and very helpful in everything I needed. I cant remember the associates name but it was a young lady I think in Management training. Great job.

Review №75

Ask for Kelse. He was amazing and he extremely welcoming. Whoever hired him made a great pick. Outstanding. Keep up the great work.

Review №76

My family and I arrived at Houston International air port at 11am on Saturday June 19th. We arrived at the car rental at about 1120am and then had to wait out in the parking garage in 90° heat for almost 2 hours to get our reserved car. Not in the air conditioning, the parking garage with small children. They had dozens of cars sitting there but only 2 people helping customers. Each person or group they would help it would take them about 20min to get them on there way. I had about 30-40 people in front of me when I arrived. I did not leave the car rental until about 1:30pm. Not enough workers for sure was the problem, they had plenty of cars.

Review №77

Its a pleasure to be able to get into a rental very quickly and the vehicle be exactly what you reserved. Enterprise is definitely my go to for rentals..

Review №78

I will not rent from enterprise again. I had issues with them in the past. I only booked this last time because my points granted me a free rental day. I reserved the car for 3 days. Selected the option in the app to apply my free day to the reservation. When I made it to the airport, they claimed it wasn’t on the reservation. They told me there was nothing they could do, I had to call customer service. So I did, 3 times. Each time the customer service rep said they couldn’t add the free day either. I feel ripped off. I’m done with them!

Review №79

Got to pick out the car I wanted in a line-up of cars - That was a nice Bonus! They were efficient and courteous!

Review №80

Kelse, Connor, and Teresa have amazing teamwork together and took care of me to make my wildest dream finally come true.

Review №81

Kelse was a very nice guy very helpful greeted us well I really appreciate his wonderful service

Review №82

Everyone was nice and very helpful. The process didnt take too long. My vehicle was in great condition and served its purpose.

Review №83

Kelse was amazing!! So nice and so funny. Thanks so much for helping us!

Review №84

Great customer service in and out service very professional will most definitely go through them again

Review №85

Nice people and service but the car was dirty and smelled of weed. Contacted Enterprise but I was told to bring the car back to the airport, an two hour round trip which I didn’t have time in my schedule. Then I was asked to go to a local shop but was too busy to do so while they were open. Not sure I will use a Enterprise again. They didn’t “pick me up.”

Review №86

I forget the gentlemans name that showed us the car and got our signature but I do know he was new to the job. SOLID guy with a fantastic personality. I would hire him in a heartbeat.

Review №87

Kelse was great. Service was really fast I was in and out in minutes great personality.

Review №88

Kelse was very helpful and professional. Couldn’t have asked for a better professionalism during a long day of traveling.

Review №89

Isaiah and Andrew made it happen for me Fast and easy service. Definitely booking again!

Review №90

Kelse was so amazing, great customer service !!!! Made sure we had the car we wanted and went above and beyond !!

Review №91

The Good the Bad and the UglyRegina and Carlos were the best part of my experience with Enterprise. The Bad was our Initial rental had no air in and we spent a better part of 30 minutes in Houston heat trying to figure it out. It was determined that yes the air wasn’t working on our way out of the garage. Carlos and Regina swiftly found us another vehicle that met our luggage and comfort needs. The Ugly we were the victims of robbery at the Galleria Mall in Houston. Someone broke our back window of the rental and stole our packages. We called 911 and Enterprise roadside service and was connected with a tow truck that never showed after waiting 1 1/2 hours which caused us to have to drive to the airport with the glass and broken window in the vehicle. Upon arrival one of thr Enterprise representatives said that our unfortunate situation was the “circle of life” which was not received well at all. Needless to say we removed ourselves from the city of Houston and went to Dallas and returned the vehicle at Dallas Love Field airport. All I can say is I’m thankful for rental insurance and the helpful customer service Regina provided. The end of the story is I’ve rented from Enterprise in the past and will continue to rent from them but I’m never going back to Houston.

Review №92

Im absolutely furious with Enterprise Rent a Car. I book my flight 3 months ago to Houston from Idaho. I also booked a rental car through Enterprise at the same time as my flight. On the day of my flight, I arrived, took the flight to Houston, and was denied my pre-arranged rental car. Why? Because apparently they dont take Debit Cards. At the time I booked my rental car, nobody ever said anything about them not taking Debit cards. I was furious, since I had just traveled 1700 miles! My whole trip was completely wasted and cost me a lot of money as a result of them failing to inform me of their Debit card policy. What a worthless company they are. Ive rented cars from other companies before using my Debit card. Never will I use their company again and highly encourage nobody else to either. Nobody should have to go through that headache. They also need to inform everyone booking a rental car of their Debit card policy in advance. Again, they never informed me about it. And the agent in Houston didnt care that I was 1,700 miles from home with NO rental car! Total unprofessional and no good customer service at all!!

Review №93

Kelse was amazing. He customer service is exceptional! Thanks for your prompt assistance and expertise!

Review №94

Ok come on Dont Mess With Texas when it comes to for real, for real the best customer service to date that I have received. Devon (the dude) and Anthony at Enterprise Car Rental. Service at the George Bush Airport on 09/02/21 gets my full endorsement for everything right about great customer service, the thing about customer service is that it can be taught but when it innately comes thru your whole being and then received in the most appreciative way ..xoxo

Review №95

Dont bother renting from this location unless you like being overcharged and lied to. I booked using our corporate code which allows additional drivers at no charge. My rental agreement that I was emailed when I picked up the car showed that all my additional drivers would be $0. When I returned the car I was told nothing other than everything is okay. I was not emailed my receipt until the next day when I found charges for 3 additional drivers and 3 gallons of gas. The gas was filled at the station 1 mile from the rental location and completely full and the additional drivers were supposed to be free per my original rental agreement. I tried to contact the location via phone, customer service, and email with no response at all. This is shady business practices and completely unacceptable.

Review №96

The car was great but due to shortage of cars not a good deal. Hopefully it will be better soon.

Review №97

Super fast.!!! Great customer service from Kelse and super affordable.

Review №98

Had a very good experience with the Enterprise and George Bush Airport in Houston, TX (IAH). First off, the Enterprise line was much shorter than most of the other car rental companies at the airport. Had reserved a Malibu-sized sedan online, but drove away in a much more fun sports vehicle with a small upgrade charge, thanks to our representative Hannah Stewart. She asked us what kind of car wed like to roll up to the destination wedding in, and then she turned our fantasy into a reality!

Review №99

Kelse were a great salesman and I will give him ten stars even thou he has five ! So when I come back to rent my vehicle I want Kelsie to be my salesman!

Review №100

Their staff, especially Kelse Lee, were very professional and made sure we got the car we needed/liked. Thank you for your help and suggestions.

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