Payless Car Rental
17330 Palmetto Pines, Houston, TX 77032, United States

Review №1

Rented a Compact car (Kia Soul), despite I returned the car with a FULL tank 3hrs before the drop of time. During drop off I communicated to the AVIS/Payless rep to ensure everything was OK, she instructed I drop of the keys on the dashboard.Upon receiving my receipt I was charged $63.94 for gas @ [email protected], always ensure the reps signs you off before you leave and if possible snap the dashboard for reference.Ill never use this company any longer.

Review №2

The people that actually interact with customers make a big difference. Their positive attitude is why when I return to Houston I will use your company. Thank you and have a great day.

Review №3

I had to air up the tire on the front passenger twice while I had it. Returned it with a full tank and still charged me a 20 fuel charge. To many better choices out there with some customer service. Never again.

Review №4

Being that it was a holiday weekend I understand the long line when I arrived at the counter. The young lady at the counter was nice and corrected my reservation when a problem did arise. Overall it was a great experience.

Review №5

The experience renting from Payless Car Rental was awful – from beginning to end. When we first arrived, we had to wait in line for over an hour! The vehicle was not clean when we received it, and it did not even have windshield washer fluid. When returning the car, the attendant was EXCEPTIONALLY rude with no need. My wife and I will not recommend Payless to any friends and family.

Review №6

My daughter did a prepaid rental online. All of her information was correct, including the fact that she is only 21. She reserved a Jeep Cherokee to take her friends back to school. When we get there to pick up the car, they do a bait and switch, and would not rent her the vehicle that she reserved and paid for; citing a policy as the reason. I have nothing against policies, but your website needs to be aware of these same policies and not allow her to rent these vehicles in the first place. Technology is to the point where a system can be tailored to do almost anything, restrict almost anything, or add almost anything. Bait and switch is not a good look...... Not at all.

Review №7

Rented out of Houston Intercontinental Airport. Payless is part of Budget and Avis, so ended up renting from the Avis Desk. No problems though! Front desk staff was super helpful and friendly.

Review №8

We booked online but still had to wait in line for over an hour to get our car. Payless had zero employees at their booth, forcing us to use the budget booth, which only had one employee working to cover both their own customers and Payless.

Review №9

Reasonable price compared with other rental cars. New car, save gas & spacious for passengers & luggage. Will rent again.

Review №10

I was given a defective car. auto transmission was leaking and alarm was on. called many many times after reaching home. no one sent the replacement. then I had to go my self driving 10 m/ hr since sutotranmission was not working. after complaining I was given back only $63 .not good .dangerous car on houston highways.

Review №11

My car was easy to rent, the staff was very helpful and I had no problems with your company.

Review №12

This was my 1st time renting from payless, and from the start there were issues. I am not sure what was the problem, but they could not get my contract right. The agent had to get help from a couple of agents, but I was patient. It took them between 20 to 30 minutes while I waited. I even paid an upgrade from what i reserved. The issue I had was when I brought the car back, and I was charged an extra day of insurance and upgrade fee because i brought it back like 40 minutes late, but if my rental time had started when I actually got the car, I would not have been charged additional charges.

Review №13

The desk for this company at IAH was unavailable to costumers. Only Avis, Budget, etc was occupied by staff. We had no choice but to go to the next available agent to see how we could get our online reservation taken care of. We explained that we booked for this specific company as was told we could finish the process through Avis.I booked through Uber rental and was given my rental price. Saturday to Monday. By the end of the final process I was charged $504. From $163 to $504.I was given the spot number as to where the car was ready, there was no car in that spot. We had to go back inside and was given a different vehicle. We got the car and on the key it stayed the vehicle had be cleaned and sanitized, yet there are crumbs, stains, dirty paper towels and receipts from the previous person who rented the car. The car had not been cleaned nor sanitized. I made sure to take pictures of the vehicle inside and out. Absolutely ridiculous.

Review №14

No one at the rental counter over 1 hour wait despicable

Review №15

Easy shuttle, easy check in, no upsale pressure, kind staff, clean. Car was amazing. Clean, gas efficient. Everything worked as expected. Best car rental experience in 20 years of traveling.

Review №16

The people are very good and kind at the desk, but we had a problem with the car they gave us. The car that they first gave us they also assigned the same car to another lady. So when we went back, we asked for another car, and the new car they gave us stinked like cigarettes, like the smell was seriously really strong, and we didnt have any time on our tight schedule to return the car, so we ended up buying lysol and glade to help with the smell. Everytime we got on the car, we needed to spray the whole car, and even after we sprayed it multiple times, the cigarette smell was still pretty strong.

Review №17

1st vehicle was unsafe old and not clean 2nd vehicle was new but the ride was not great

Review №18

Clean well maintained cars, easy check out, easy return, competitive prices.

Review №19

Worst car rental ever. Zero stars.Defective car blows a tire going 65mph on the Interstate.Waited 2.5 hours for a tow truck, 7 hours total to get a replacement car.Charged me for an extra day after I missed my flight due to the defective car, and the 7-hour wait for the replacement.See the photo -- 11 renters in line, no attendant. Pathetic customer service.

Review №20

Price higher than initially given, no clear instructions on where to get picked up after dropping car off.

Review №21

In contract does not say they will take a $250 deposit. Then after returning vehicle they gave me a charge of $208. Very over charged when its supposed to be a affordable place to rent a vehicle.

Review №22

Great service will definitely use this again soon

Review №23

There was in the car a strong smell to cigarrete smoke. I reported ti inmediatly to an employee and the only thing she did was to write it down on the back of the sign-iin sheet. The smell persisted during the two days I rented the car and we where forced to drive with opened windows in order to reduce a little the disgusting odor.

Review №24

Rented prepaid car for 7 days I got my personal car earlier than expected and I was told that I am not getting reimbursed for the 4 day remaining on contract for cancelation of contract before its due date

Review №25

The inside of the car was dirty the tires were bald and provided a wobbly right I traveled to Austin and was afraid with my family in the car

Review №26

The Payless booth was vacant. There was no way to know that Payless is now a part of the Avis network, including no signage to direct a customer to Avis. I went to other rental counters to inquire where Payless was. One agent directed me to Budget, another to Avis. Avis would not accept my debit card even though I showed proof of a roundtrip ticket. Fortunately, I was able to contact my credit union, make an instant payment on my credit card and then return to the Avis counter. It was quite an irritating experience. No one answered phone at either Payless or Avis.

Review №27

Great customer service, really easy to get the car i was in and out in about 10 minutes.

Review №28

The customer service experience

Review №29

It took 2 hours to get our car rental!

Review №30

There were no options but the airport to return the car and the airport is an hour away. We had a death in the family so obviously not wanting to drive an hour to return the car while I would be staying longer. No help at all from your customer service. So no. Never use you again

Review №31

After a very long flight from the Middle East to Houston, my flight was delayed and my booking with your competitor was cancelled. I went to the Payless counter and one of your associates, Kinesha, was so very helpful. She made me laugh and helped me rent a car quickly and effortlessly. She made my trip back home off to a great start! Kudos to her! You have a great employee! Will for sure rent from you again!

Review №32

We received first class treatment by the sale lady that was booking us that day when we first came. She did a good job by selling the package to us. Also the price was so good that we jump to it. She made our one day trip stress free. We love it .

Review №33

The front desk assistant was very friendly and helpful she took the time needed to explain what I needed to know about the rental process. Your price was very affordable and the vehicle was very clean. The pick up and return of the vehicle was also a smooth process. My only dissatisfaction was concerning the insurance daily rates of $25 a day.

Review №34

Price was reasonable

Review №35

9.90 per galón is a rip off. I will make sure everyone is aware of this on trip advisor, Google maps, Facebook, everywhere I can.

Review №36

Payless booth was vacant, so we had to wait over an hour in the AVIS line.

Review №37

I called to extend my rental days but your customer service could not find my record and charged me a $40 late fee when I returned my car.Update: customer service reached out to me and refunded the late fees. Changing my review from 1 to 4 stars for the action. These online reviews impact much on where to rent. Just to be fair with the review.

Review №38

Cars were available!

Review №39

The shuttle bus service was very efficient and took less than 15 minutes to reach the car rental location. The customer service associate at the Payless desk at Houston airport who welcomed us was exceptionally professional. She asked for my choice of vehicle from the category that I booked, she even asked what color would we prefer. The car was clean and perfect. It was easy to find the car at the parking spot.

Review №40

The return was somewhat inconvenient. I was told to return the vehicle to Budget and upon return, I was then told to take my paperwork back inside in order for my transaction be closed out or completed. The gentleman outside said because it was a Budget station and I had rented it out of Payless. I will add though that the price and the ease of pickup were very reasonable and overall, I would rent from Payless again.

Review №41

Ease of making reservation. Agency promptly located it, assigned me a car, asked me how much (if any) insurance I wanted. Car was easily located on the vast floors of the Houston IAH facility. I got the keys quickly and was on my way.

Review №42

I get to the counter and no one is here. Now have to make another reservation with another company.

Review №43

I recieved a car with a faulty tire and I almost die coming from a funeral. Thank God Im alive. But they didnt send assistant to help with the tire in a timely matter. The company should check maintenance regularly. However in the past I have to say they have been very kind and polite and overall it was a overwhelming experience. I learn its best to have roadside assistance to get more information from your local agent.

Review №44

Renting a car? Take a video before and after.I rented three cars while in Houston a while back. The woman working at Payless refused to explain why they would not honor their extension price on the contract, changed my reservation without my consent, then said “thanks, goodbye” as I was telling her I didn’t want to extend at that rate, and hung up on me 6 times over the next hour, refusing to take my call.The corporate office was no help and told me they couldn’t fix the problem since she changed the reservation. I decided to drive the hour back to the airport to talk to the lady at the counter as suggested by the Payless Corp office.When I arrived I told her, “your office asked me to call, but since you keep hanging up on me I came in person.” She yelled profanities at me and said, “oh hell no, I’m not dealing with you.” I told her I’d return the car then and started booking a car with Budget while I was standing there.I returned the car and walked to the next counter, Budget, to get the new one. As soon as I got to the counter the woman started yelling at the Budget employees not to rent me a car. The Budget lady asked me what was going on and I said, “I really don’t know, I just need a new car.” She smiled and helped me.I went to leave the lot and wanted them to mark the damage on the contract that was on the new car and was significant. The exit booth lady refused. She had just gotten a call from the Payless lady upstairs. I told her I wasn’t leaving and I’d record her refusing to mark it, so she begrudgingly did it.I left...30 min later the car slowed to 5mph and the onstar equivalent system was activated. 🙂I pulled into my parent’s house and called Budget. They sent someone to pick up the car and arranged for another car ten minutes away. I asked the tow truck driver to send me a video of the car when he put it down at its destination. He did.I picked up the third car, and each of the three times recorded a video ALL AROUND and inside the cars, as well as an overview of where the car was.Recording the videos became a lifesaver when after returning to California I received three damage reports to the cars by the original woman I dealt with at Payless. (She managed to complain about the Budget cars as well. Budget is Payless’s sister company.)Each damage request was between $800 and $1,800. Claiming I totaled one of them. (They sent photos and it didn’t even have a dent. I asked the guy, “does that look totaled to you? He admitted it didn’t.)I had to fight with Payless and budge’s claim companies to prove that the videos were honestly taken on the days/times I returned them and that could not change the metadata. It took countless conversations, emails over two weeks, and almost had to get an attorney...all because this crazy woman was so vindictive and unstable.Thank GOD I had those videos.She was a joker too. She used very derogatory names as my first and last names on the damage reports. For instance, my first name on one report was “[email protected]@a” 😂 I got a kick out of that...At least it helped Payless and budget believe me.FYI Payless and budget did nothing about her and didn’t apologize at all. I missed one call from their customer service team and they never tried to contact me again.Lesson learned and thought I’d pass the lesson along.There’s a BBB consumer warning against this company.

Review №45

I was greeted with friendly smiles and the agent was professional and quick. The car I receive was awesome! This was my first time renting with Payless. No long lines and I found my car right away 😍 I’m definitely using them again and recommending them to others.

Review №46

Horrible car rental experience at IAH! I travel frequently and have had good experiences with other companies. Not with Payless! Had a flat tire. Not my fault b/c the company had a worn, unsafe tire on car. Had to pay for a new tire then received poor customer service and NO call or email from the manager, Josh, after repeatedly reporting the incident. Upon me calling the toll free customer service number, the Payless customer service representative didn’t even record the incident on my account. I am one who rarely complains, but I felt that my horrendous experience needed to be shared. Still waiting for the issue to be resolved! Thoroughly upset and disgusted!!!

Review №47

I liked the experience with Payless. I liked the car they gave me - it had a good mileage and had Android Auto capability. Overall I recommend them.

Review №48

Recently rented a car from this company. I travel often so I use all different car rental companies. I will be sure never to be a Payless customer again. I had the car rental for 4 days.. only driving it 2 of those. Upon returning it everything was fine I I receive the final charge on my credit card. Only to receive a 2nd charge days later for tolls. Which I was 100% positive I never went though any tolls. Tried call to dispute the charge but they just gave me the run around and each person I talked to said they couldn’t do anything about it. I got to the point where I was so frustrated I just went ahead and canceled my card. I definitely would not recommend this company. Go with another one and save yourself a headache!

Review №49

Reserving was easy and painless. When I arrived on time to pick up the car; they had given it away. They immediately upgraded me, free of charge. The customer service was wonderful and fast!

Review №50

Great Service! Vehicle ran smoothly and was spacious enough for my family of 7 as we took it down the road to CA for a wedding and even travelled to Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, four corners, and the great state of Colorado.! Will definitely be renting from here again.

Review №51

The whole process is very smooth and quick. The final price is the same as originally stated online, and it is much more reasonable than their competitors.

Review №52

I picked up a car with no problems, fast service and an agreed reasonable price. Drop off was simple and fast as I just checked in the car at the lot and dropped off the contract at the box. The only improvements that I will suggest is get rid of the cigarette smell and clean the windows, other than that, the price was right and I will use this service again. Thanks!

Review №53

They aren’t even open when their hours of operation are posted everywhere indicating that they should be open right now. Had to wait over an hour in the Avis line.

Review №54

Such an easy pick up and return process. Also the people were very nice as well! I definitely would come back here!

Review №55

My experience was great. The price was as quoted. The staff was nice. The process was fast. The car was great. The return was fast. For all of you negative people it was also $100 less than the others for the week. Cheers

Review №56

I rented a car from yall starting on Friday, January 31st, 2020 at about 430 PM. The woman Ashley that was working the counter was extremely rude! It was my first flight and car rental, which I ended up telling her that as she was not being very helpful, and asked her to give me a break. I dont mean a break in price I mean because it was my first time. It was my mother and I. My mother was not going to be driving the rental car, I was, but my mother wanted to use her credit card to put on file. Ashley rudely proceeded to tell me that that wasnt possible. I ended up giving her my ID & my credit card. She then asked me what my itinerary was..I pulled it up on my phone and turned my phone around for her to look at it, and she said, Its not my job to look at your phone. There was another woman, maybe an employee or an employee of another car rental place near by, not really sure, but she was trying to calm the situation down, by taking my phone and showing Ashley my phone. I am not one to take rudeness, and I am sure I gave it back. Ashley decided she was not going to wait on me and told me to go sit down and wait for her male coworker to come back. I asked her how long that would be, and she stated 5-10 min. So I went and waited with my mother for 5 minutes. When the young man, Ashleys coworker came, I went to the counter again. I apologize for not knowing his name, but he checked me out, even held my phone to see my Itinerary. I thanked him for having such wonderful customer service unlike his coworker(Ashley was still standing there), and Ashley proceeded to smirk, and huff under her breathe. When returning the car Feb 3 I was dreading having to go to the counter in case Ashley was there having another bad day. Thankfully it was the same young man that helped me on Jan 31. My mother and I were in Texas to go to a funeral, the experience Ashley put my mother and I through will stay with me forever. She does not belong in customer service. I will not rent from you again.

Review №57

Counter service was a little slow, due there being only on rep on duty. She made everything better by upgrading me a couple of classes up. She definitely went above and beyond. Very nice, professional staff, service was exceptional. Vehicle was a model year old, but ran fine and was clean. Drop off was extremely easy.

Review №58

If I could give less I would, don’t talk to me like I’m looking for an argument when I’m calmly asking questions, and I’m not one to cry racism but that was definitely about the color of my skin; and customer service on the phone isn’t any better regardless your race/ethnicity!Word of Advice: giving out information, listening to questions and concerns is part of your job, learn how to do them without cutting people off! Or hire someone who knows customer service, I’m available 😉

Review №59


Review №60

Never heard of them before, first time and I didn’t have any issues. Trip was to Houston 5/19/19-5/22/19, a bit of a wait getting in on the 19th but not forever, good car, clean and good service. Dropped car off, service lady was nice and helpful. Only negative is her pc kept freezing and I couldn’t switch to a different card for payment but it was cool still. No extra charges and got my deposit back same or next day. Will use again especially for the good price.

Review №61

It was a very pleasant experience. The customer service agent at the airport was particularly cordial.

Review №62

The have hidden fees they dont tell you about. They have horrible customer service. I was rated a sedan for $76 when I reserved the car. Total transaction from them was $338. How did they went from 76-338. That is flying ticket there. I didnt damage the car, got there on time, and didnt cancel. Their extra charge fees are bulls... They charged $100+ deposit of which they were suppose to refund to me. After a week they never did, I call back and they told me it was because of the insure of the car. They charge you taxes and Fees like 3 times and their receipt they dont show you all the charges just to confuse you. I am still dealing with them but definitely not taking my business here anymore. If you dont care about

Review №63

Only one employee working and super slow- my plane arrived early, and I lined up here, but still waiting and the time loss pretty much undid the entire savings from early landing. It’s very tough. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this. Saving just 5-6 bucks compared to other rental companies, is it worth it? Probably not.

Review №64

I made a reservation to pick up at 7AM, it is 7:20AM and the employee desk is empty. There are three other customers waiting here with me. I have to be at work at 8AM, now thanks to you guys I am going to be late. This needs to be fix. I have rent cars so many times and this has never ever happen to me before. First and last time with payless.Update: no body showed up. I had to make a reservation with Alamo and I was ready in 5 minutes.

Review №65

I had a perfect experience with Payless Car Rental. I was in and out and the car I rented was very roomy. I will certainly be looking to rent from them again.

Review №66

I’ve used them multiple times around the country. They are a bargain rental agency (and rates as such)but other than it being basic cars and no fluff it’s been great. Cars always ready and I’ve always booked through Expedia.

Review №67

Helpful & friendly employees made my 1st car rental at the IAH airport car rental hub a pleasant experience. The car was clean & drove great. Returning vehicle on Sunday was easy as well. Received my return receipt shortly afterwards. I would recommend using Payless on customer service alone.

Review №68

Staff members were kind and helpful, patiently explained all details about rental car policies to make sure I understood customer’s right and liabilities!

Review №69


Review №70

Other places sold out so not much selection of places to rent. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! No line when i got my car, a great little red beetle and a lovely person who helped me find my phone charger when i checked out. Loved everything other than the fact that it was pricier than i had hoped since it was last minute. Will try Payless again!!!

Review №71

I made my reservation on Priceline for $41/day. I arrived to pick up the car early and was charged $89.99 instead. A car was available and there was no reason to more than double the rate. When I dropped the car off later that night to try and save some money, the woman who was checking in cars for Payless became noticeably irritated when I didnt pull the vehicle quite as far as she liked. I parked the car within the lines but apparently, she wanted it pulled forward another 3 or 4 inches. Based on the rate change, I wont be using Payless again nor would I recommend this company.

Review №72

Everything was easy especially returning the car which is sometimes a hassel. I would rent again from Payless next time I need a car.

Review №73

It was chaos at the IAH rental facility on Thursday, September 19 because of tropical storm Imelda. The customer service agents were friendly and professional in spite of the anxious crowd of customers. And then the price was low!

Review №74

When you arrive there is a horriable long walk to the counters. 200 yards at least. No practical handicaped parking or access. Then I found out That they did not take debit cards to rent a car. Online through my AARP travel site that linked me directly to Payless never specified that detail. Very unhappy and exhausted from walking all that way and back for nothing!

Review №75

The staff at the Houston, TX location could not have been more personable and caring. They were very efficient and attentive to those in line making the rental and return process smooth and easy. I would highly recommend using Payless Car Rental in Houston. They have really nice cars too. When you exit with your rental you go through the Budget check point. That was the only confusing situation I ran into but it only took a minute to figure it out.

Review №76

The customer service rep went above and beyond, due to a slight delay in picking up my reserved vehicle and ended up with a free upgrade. Very nice, professional staff, service was exceptional. Vehicle was clean and returning vehicle process was a breeze! We were very pleased with our experience and would higly recommend this agency to all!Joe HNorwich, CT

Review №77

The experience was the best I have ever had. 6 hidden fees, very good customer service, just wondetful all around . I will be telling all my family, I will be renting again from this company.

Review №78

Returned car, couldnt do the return outside with all the others so had to go inside. There was a line and they told me to leave the return ticket and contract which I stupidly did. Then they charged me DOUBLE what the price was with no explanation. When I tried to complain, they claim they cant find me in the system. AVOID THEM! The low advertised rate is worthless when they scam you later.UPDATE: They claim I did not fill the gas tank up so they charged me $10 a gallon - even though I filled it up completely a few miles away from the drop off. It was also checked by the outside attendant who wrote FULL on the ticket I gave to them. COMPLETELY DISHONEST COMPANY - AVOID THEM!!!! I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and disputing the charge with the credit card.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS!!!!

Review №79

Lot attendant told me he couldnt produce a receipt and that I needed to go inside, which i didnt have time for. Later that week I noticed he charged me $81 for gas . I contacted the office to dispute the charge and was told i need to email the manager and attache a copy of my receipt. It has been a week and still no refund or response form the manager. When I call the office the tell me she is at another office. When I call that office no one answers. I have filed a complaint with payless customer care and hope to receive better service and a reason to consider them in the future.

Review №80

Had a reservation and paid in advance on line, got to the location at 945pm,found out it was close(sign on counter said closes at 10pm). Try call number on counter and no answer. Payless Car Rental employee left early and left us stranded at the airport. Not even a courtesy call from Payless. Got a vehicle from Budget,cost more but better service....time to get a full refund and more.

Review №81

Ive used payless before and have been treated with respect and personal care

Review №82

We rented a car for supposedly $9 a day and for 9 days it was $226 with all the fees and extra charges. Then when we got in the car to leave, my wife told the gate attendant that the low tire pressure light was on and asked if she needed to pull back around but they walked around and said no, everything looks fine. The next day went out to check the pressure and put some air in it and the tire was flat -- had a nail in it. She called the location and told by nice first rep that they were so sorry and would take care of it; however, that was not accurate. After many phone calls, two days and then finally dealing with the extremely rude manager that basically said we were lying and got the nail in it and were trying to blame them and only resolution was for us to bring the car back to the facility which was an hour drive, we fixed it ourselves. Created a ticket with customer service but never got call back and then called to check on ticket number and told it no longer existed and nothing under my email. I am with the others that say stay away. Too many fees and hidden costs and horrible customer service. I didnt have use of the car for two days and that is why you rent a car, you need transportation. Save yourself some headache and dont use them. Someone didnt do their job and rushed the car out without proper inspection and I was the one that suffered from it.

Review №83

They took care of a challenge that had made me late. So they waived the late fee. Great service. Was on top of things

Review №84

At the IAH counter, it became evident that representative is struggling to upsell the package. I have rented through 3rd party. I have included the toll gate package $ 11 per day. It really made me uncomfortable to say no to when the representative insist on taking additional items. This was not my first visit to Houston but first time I have rented through Payless. Not doing it second time ...thats for sure.

Review №85

I had very good customer experience and was upgraded due to being a Veteran. I got a great vehicle in excellent condition. Happy, personable people from the beginning to the end. I would definitely use payless in the future.

Review №86

We couldnt find the place, kept driving around in circles. Tried calling to no avail. Got there finally & there was no one in line. But the service people should infor renters that you actually have to park somewhere & go inside the building. It would be less stressful, and I still dont know where you would park at to go pickup the rental car cause we was told to just park at the side, which was not where we were suppose to park.

Review №87

Everybody, if you do not want to be scammed, please reach my review below. It is real experience and it is really some useful tip for you.So I own a car myself and have my own insurance. But when I checked in at the counter, the lady asked to purchase their insurance and told me it is mandatory. I googled and showed her the proof that I do not need one. Finally she agreed to waive the insurance. However, she threatened me saying that if there is any accident, she will sue me. What the hell?? I have insurance, if there is any accident, my insurance would cover, why would she sue me?? She is such a ridiculous person!This is not the worse. After I returned my trip, I check the amount they charged me. They charged me 184 dollars which supposed to be 83 dollars. 101 dollar more!!!! What kind of a company does this???? First threatened me to buy insurance and then overcharge me.NEVER NEVER use this service!!!!!

Review №88

Worst service ever. They were supposed to open at 7am and no one showed up for a whole 40 minutes. They had a sign posted to proceed to Budget counter and no one at Budget could access Payless system. Caused me to show up an hour late for major business deal. They never answer phone at their desk. It took 30 mins for a manager from Avis to provide access for a budget rep to access the payless system. You get what you pay for. They got their name for a reason Payless for Less Service. No service.

Review №89

DONT LEAVE ANYTHING OF VALUE AND EXPECT TO GET IT BACK. In a rush, I left a very sentimental hand painted picture of my dog that had just passed away in the car. We realized we had left it and went back less than 2 hours later (almost missing our flight). Our car had a crack in the windshield so we knew it wouldn’t be rented back out. I went hunting for the car with the manager - found it - and trash was still in the car, but my picture (and small perfume I had also left) were GONE. They promised it would turn up bc obviously someone had touched it within those 2 hours. I called once we landed, the next two day and filed a lost item. IT WAS NEVER FOUND. I have absolutely no idea how bc in their lost and found there’s eyeglass cases, garage door openers.... so either someone took my painting home for themselves or threw it away - and it did not look like something to just be thrown away.

Review №90

Customer Service is obsolete at this location. The wait to rent was extremely long, 40 minutes and I was the 3rd in line. We paid for a car that was not available, rep changed the size without notifying us of the price increase. The car cut off while driving and several calls to the location were immediately placed on hold for extended periods of time while staff carried on personal conversations. After returning the vehicle and boarding my flight, I was notified that the vehicle was not in their inventory and essentially stolen. This location has a secure garage that requires a contract and a staff person to get out. Call and Emails to the Manager Sandra Acosta have not been returned even after being reassured by 2 different assistant managers that my contract number and personal information will be passed along to her. This is my first time having such a horrible experience with this company as I have used them in other cities. The lack of quality service and accountability should have been a clear indicator of internal theft. Please avoid this counter, Its not worth the hassle in the end.

Review №91

What car rental company requires you to take a piece of paper back into the office, wait in line and hand them a ticket after you return the car? When I asked the lady who scanned the car upon return about this, she said it was necessary so they have a record of my return. Then what was the point of scanning it? What year is it? They clearly do not value my time.

Review №92

I was charge $14.99 per gallon for fuel, which is price gouging. Gas in Dallas was about $2.15 per gallon, and at premium, say $4 per gallon would have been justifiable, not $14.99.

Review №93

I rented a car with a quoted total price of $75 (42.26 for the car and 32.74 in taxes and fees). When I picked up the car, they said the cost was $112.22! I laughed as I showed them my confirmation email showing $75 and they laughed right back and said take it or leave it. They acted like I was crazy for being mislead about a $42.26 car that came with $69.96 in fees.To add to the pain, the damage sheet they gave me at the counter showed the car as clean with no damage. BS! There were dents and scratched in many places and seriously gross stains on each seat. I told the checkout dude at the gate and he laughed saying there werent any Payless reps around and there was nothing he could do.I will never use Payless again nor allow any of my employees ever book a Payless car. Good luck to those of you who do!

Review №94

Do Not Use. You wont be able to get in touch with them. Made a reservation about 15 minutes ago and there was no contact number for them on the confirmation. Looked on here which is when I saw all the terrible reviews. Still needed a rental, so I proceeded to try and call them just to ask an additional question regarding modifying my booking since online it wouldnt work for some reason. Called twice. The phone endlessly rang until it eventually disconnects. No answer. Cancelled my reservation. It states that my collision coverage was refunded in full, but well see.

Review №95

I had to book at the last minute due to a family emergency and was told that my only option was a package deal where I had to purchase the Loss Damage Waiver. I think the rep at the counter told me that even though it was not true. The car I was given also reeked of cigarette smoke. 5 days ended up being extremely expensive and I was charged a fuel service charge when I took the time to fill up the car so I had to call about it. Im never renting from Payless again.

Review №96

Made a reservation for 9:45pm, showed up at 10:15pm to an empty desk. Google said its open till 11pm. The budget attendant helped me figure out that payless was closed because i couldnt get ahold of anyone on the phone and the travel agency that took care of my booking couldnt get ahold of anyone either. Got my booking switched over to budget, Ill just start there next time.

Review №97

The vehicle was excellent and fitted our purpose, the staff were extremely helpful

Review №98

I was overcharged for my rental due to error. I called several times to get this taken care of, 4/5 employed were rude and short ! Not helpful at all and should not be in customer service! However the lead Tony was so helpful and patient in figuring out what happen. I never write reviews however she deserved recognition and I can see why she is a lead

Review №99

I wish I could give negative 5 stars. Reserved a vehicle online, drop my husband off at airport location for pick up. Husband waits 30minutes at an unmanned counter, finally, Budget employee walks over and says that no one has showed up to work today for Payless, and possibly to wait a bit longer for an employee to show up- at this times it’s 11:15am mind you. Call customer service main line, and had the most incompetent, dismissive supervisor ever!!! Told me there was nothing he could do, no one he could call, had no clue on how to contact the employees who were supposed to show up for work, and suggested that I write a complaint and send it to a P.O. Box address !!!!!!!!!!!! As my husband is sitting in wait stranded at the airport.

Review №100

I didn’t have a problem with the proper car size that I paid for but the lady at the counter was super rude. She was the only one there last night. I would’ve wanted to come back but her attitude. Even when we turned the car back in Rude and dry. Customer service sucks. I don’t mind paying more to get better customer service.

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