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4650 S Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, TX 77048, United States

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This store is run by people who are clueless about good customer service. I rented a trailer a little over a month ago and quickly discovered 2 bad tires. I reached out to the branch to ask for instructions and they told me to get them replaced and bring in the old tires. When I returned to the store with the old tires they told me that tires are not covered during the rental. I told them about the employee who instructed me to bring the old tires but they still refused to reimburse me or discount the tires from the rental. They basically blamed me for not inspecting the trailer before using it. I will never rent from these people again! They are purely driven by profit and they could care less about taking care of the customer. UPDATE...I rented a similar trailer from Sunbelt Rentals and had a tire blow out. I called them to report the issue and they sent a local tire company to my location to replace the tire and I did not have to spend a dime on the repair. What a difference!!!

Review №2

We needed a boom lift and I explained what kind of dock we have for drop off and the wrong kind of trailer was sent to drop off the unit. It took a while to get it off and was not 100% safe in how it made it off the truck. Also, once the unit was inside our building and the driver left, we found that the main boom arm could not be raised using the basket controls, it could be driven to where it was needed by the man in the basket, but I had to take control and raise the arm to get the basket to working height and the tech was able to move it around and get it back down on his own, but had us a little worried about safety there as well. Also, it cost $300 to drop off and $300 to pick up the unit and we are about 1 mile from the UR location where we rented the unit. Seems quite excessive esp. since the wrong trailer was sent to drop off the unit.

Review №3

I was charged over $4,000 to rent out equipment that I was originally quote for about $2,000. Overall experience was good, but being charge almost double was totally inappropriate and unprofessional. Therefore, I would not recommend this branch to anyone.

Review №4

If I had not had good experiences with United Rental in the past, the rating would have been much lower. The Lift was in bad driving condition. The hand drive control was over sensitive (dangerous) causing the drive to be like a jumping rabit.

Review №5

Person loading skid steer breaker could not operate skid steer and wanted to learn how to operate skid steer while i waited. i had to tell him to learn on his on time not mine.

Review №6

When I arrived at the 4650 S Sam Houston Parkway United Rentals location, the 2 representatives at the desk were busy assisting other customers. There were several other people in front of the service desk and I wasn’t quite sure if they had been waited on, and didn’t want to get into anyone’s social distancing space. The Operations Supervisor, Trisha must have seen that I was somewhat confused and she came from her office and greeted me and assured me that I was next in line. I told her that I was interested in renting a scissor lift. In just a few moments, Trisha told Cory why I was there and he started gathering my information such as credit card and driver’s license. We went outside to look at my trailer, and although it is a nice, heavy duty trailer more than adequate for the weight of the scissor lift, it just wasn’t low enough. About then, a mechanic named Greg drove up on a forklift and the three of us discussed my options. We decided that Cory would try to locate a drop or tilt trailer so I could rent a trailer to transport the scissor lift. When we got back to the service desk, James heard our dilemma as did Trisha. It turns out that a brand new tilt-bed trailer had just arrived at the store. Trisha suggested that they would have Carlos from the mechanic shop put the necessary signage and license tags on the trailer. Trisha worked with Cory to provide a satisfactory rental fee for the trailer. I rented the trailer and scissor lift, transported the scissor lift 20 minutes to my house. Unloaded it and parked it in the garage and then returned the trailer. Even with the nominal ( in my opinion) trailer rental fee, the weekly rental price was still half of what it would have cost at an unnamed local big box store. Having managed people for much of my career, I can see that Trisha puts the “Super” in Operations Supervisor.Trisha and her team were a pleasure to work with and I will recommend this location to my friends.

Review №7

Call was taken by rep after normal working hours and order entered that pm for Our needs the next day!

Review №8

Everything went well.

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