King Square Launderette
147 Central St, London, EC1V 8AP, United Kingdom
King Square Launderette

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Was in a bind when my washer broke, and couldnt have been more pleased with this place. Staff were super friendly, on site at all times to ensure safety, provide instructions, provide change, etc. Hoping Ill get my washer fixed soon, but if not, will definitely be coming back. Plus, theres a great deli/bakery next door while you wait!

Review №2

Tom is super nice and helpful about using the machines. Everything is clean and tidy. Just a great place run by great people.

Review №3

Amazing service, great value and the facilities are absolutely spotless. You cant ask for much more than that

Review №4

Tom was so helpful! He even offered me free detergent and gave me a new bag for clean clothes. What a pleasant surprise. Highly highly recommended!

Review №5

Im not in the habit of writing reviews on google but i felt i had to write one for this place. if youre in islington and in need of a place to do your washing, this is the place to go. the owner is very sweet and helpful. he gave me fresh bags to put my clean clothes in and detergent for free. if im in the area the next time, ill be sure to come here to do my washing!

Review №6

A lovely community spot. The owner is welcoming, friendly and helpful and the laundrette is clean and tidy. Every visit is a comforting experience.

Review №7

Had to come here when my washer broke. Staff was extremely helpful & kind, especially when I was highly stressed out. Would definitely recommend this place to someone who is looking for fast, good laundry services.

Review №8

Efficient service, and the guys were very helpful!

Review №9

The greatest laundry ever! Tom and his ladies were so helpful and sorted all my holiday washing for me. Spotlessly clean all the baskets and machines were cleaned after use. Even got offered a coffee and water! Service with a smile. Thank you!

Review №10

Used King Square Laundrette while in London during the week of July 21 - Tom, the owner, was fantastic! Helped give us change, showed us how to use the washers/dryers and helped us to use the spinner to squeeze more water out of clothing to speed up drying process. Very fun and pleasant to talk with, too! Really cares about his clients. Theres a small shop next door to enjoy a snack and/or beverage while washing clothes. Easy to find, and easy to reach via the bus. Thanks again!

Review №11

The owner (I think) was superbly helpful and kind. Gave me spot on wash/dry times and even shared a cup of detergent on the house, which was completely unexpected. He was kind and helpful.I walked all the way from Old Street station area to the Barbcan Laundrette to find both soap machines to be either empty or out of order, and no attendant to ask for assistance.In the future, I will come all the way here simply for the amazing service and quick turnaround times. Highly recommended.

Review №12

The very kind owner is on site at this lively, clean, local launderette. He offers advice, change, and good humour to all who come in to do their laundry, or are simply passing by. Worth going out of your way for.

Review №13

I’ve just arrived to London after two weeks of travel and needed to wash all of my clothes before continuing my travels. I found this laundrette on google and read the reviews, which made me feel confident with my selection. All the positive reviews are accurate. The owner is a lovely gentleman who is extremely helpful and kind. As a foreigner, I felt very welcomed at what definitely was a neighborhood laundrette. The machines work great, the place is very clean and the owner is there to walk you through every step (if needed). There are a lot of great little restaurants and bars next to it as well, so it’s easy to pass the time.

Review №14

Amazing service!! The owner (I think) was helpful and kind, he gave me change for the machine and let me pay him back later as I had no change and he had no change. He also gave me a clean bag for my clean clothes!

Review №15

Very helpful employees! This place is small but even when it is busy things move quickly. I was able to use one really large washing machine (dryer equally large) and quickly get my familys clothes clean on vacation at a reasonable price, thank you!

Review №16

I didn’t know that a trip to a laundrette could be so good. This place is sparkling clean and the woman working there when we arrived was very helpful. When I went back to get the clothes out of the dryer, the owner was there and he was so interesting to talk to, I wish I had gone there when we first arrived, rather than just before we leave. He had lots of tips about transport etc and it was great to get to speak to a local.We couldn’t have asked for an easier, more friendly, reasonably priced washing experience.Thank you.

Review №17

Checked out of one of our hotels on our way down to the city center to check into another hotel. (Moving everyday). We needed to do laundry and checked around our hotel. We were staying at the Hotel Montcalm. Stopped in and the crew was super helpful. They even watched our suitcases while we got a pint next door. Highly recommended!!! We went here based on the reviews alone and I’m glad we did. A good business model is treating the customers right and they go above and beyond.

Review №18

!! Note the last wash times !!• Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 08:00–18:30 (LAST WASH 17:00)• Late Closing Thursday: 08.00–20.30 (LAST WASH 19.00)• Saturday: 08:00–16:00 (LAST WASH 14.30)• Sunday: CLOSED!! Note the last wash times !!Call to ask about opening hours on Bank Holidays.Friendly local self-service laundromat that also provides a popular service washing & drying laundry service. You leave your wash & its done for you (ask about the charges & timings for this). They can also arrange dry cleaning for you.Ive been going there for years and its clean, no hassle, reliable. Its on a square with shops & a café next door, so you can have a drink, sandwich, cake etc to kill time if doing the laundry yourself.

Review №19

The owner of the shop and his mom were very friendly and kind. She was really helpful to me who didnt know how to use the machines. The laundry machine, spinner and dryer worked perfectly(He said he is scheduled to replace the current machines with new machines soon) and price was very reasonable. If you travel around Old street in London and need to do the laundry, dont forget this laundrette!Stay healthy. Maam. Thank you.

Review №20

This is the best laundrette I have ever been to! My washing machine packed up at the weekend and I was dreading having to visit a laundrette as I have always found the results to be really poor but I will happily pay to return to this one whenever necessary. The premises are immaculate, my washing smells lovely and what a lovely, helpful owner! Thank you 😊

Review №21

After moving to London from NYC I needed a reliable place to get my laundry done since I didn’t have a dryer, just a washer. Tom was great and would even wait for me at the end of the day if I forgot to collect my laundry. I have a washer/dryer now so, unfortunately, have to do my own laundry. Thanks Tom!

Review №22

I used another laundrette in the area, does not even compare.The man recommended I do a spinner to save money - really appreciated how he was so genuine and it was a lot better value than other laundrettes.Exceptionally clean and amazing service, definitely recommend.

Review №23

Great spot - really helpful. It’s the perfect place to do some quick laundry if you’re passing through London. The staff will help out with advice and change and anything else you need.

Review №24

Owner is sound and made us feel welcome. He made change for us and showed us how to use all the machines in the most economical way for us. I recommend bringing big loads since the machines are huge, get your money’s worth

Review №25

Tom was very helpful - from helping me get change to showing how everything worked and tips to make the most out of the wash. Awesome service.

Review №26

Been to this laundrette today. Extremely helpful staff, and the premises were spotless. Even got help to carry my heavy load home. Restored my faith in human nature. Brilliant and a huge,huge thank you. Will definitely visit again.

Review №27

Best in London. Clean, friendly, helpful, always someone there. I do a service wash each week and Tom (owner) is considerate of what is in the laundry and ensures i get back what I take. Highly recommended

Review №28

Love this guy, hes so helpful and a really nice guy.I live on a canal boat and move about every couple of weeks so have tried most launderettes across London for a service wash. King Square are by far one of my favorites.Really good service, quick turn around if you need it and really reasonably priced. Will most definitely be visiting again when back in the area.

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Review №30

The excellent reviews werent exaggerating. The owner was very helpful in giving advice on spinning before drying so to save some drying costs . Best launderette ever! Highly recommended 👌👍

Review №31

Great service. The Italian/Russian lady was super helpful!! Self-service: £6 for large machine, £5.50 for small machine. 50p for 3min spin and £1 for 10min in the dryer.

Review №32

The person in charge was very kind and helpful. I am a traveler visiting London and with his help this was easy and stress free. I also liked the detergent and their washers, my clothes were nice and clean with one pass. Very satistified! Thanks!

Review №33

Staying locally. Great launderette: clean, good value with friendly and helpful staff. A real find.

Review №34

The owner is super friendly and they have reasonable prices. This is my new go to place for laundry on future business trips.

Review №35

Ive tried all the service wash places in the area and can say with confidence that King Square Laundrette is the best service wash (aka wash and fold for Americans) in the area.Tom, the proprietor, does an exceedingly good job. Nothing is ever shrunk or damaged, its always perfectly folded, it comes back soft and clean and lovely. Ive been using him for nearly 6 months and would never go any place else - hes also the cheapest service wash around! On both quality and price, he really cant be beaten.From our experience, some of the other places around (Harlequin, City Dry Cleaners, etc.) did a lousy folding job (we had to refold everything), didnt use the same quality fabric softener so the clothes come out harder and scratchier, and charged more!Ive been extremely happy with King Square Laundrette; I highly, highly recommend it.

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Great place, very clean and thats very important. Highly recommended! Thank you.

Review №37

Launderette, machines do the job they were built to do. Staff really friendly and helpful.

Review №38

Managed by the nicest and most genuine people (Tom & Viv) this little place washed, dried and folded several days of travel laundry for a reasonable price

Review №39

Needed a place to wash our clothes but wanted to find a place with good reviews. Turned out that this place was a little bit of a haul from where we were staying in Blackfriers, but in my opinion it was worth it. When we arrived no one was there and we didn’t have the correct change, so after begging for change from local shops we were able to at least get started. Tom had been out picking up his laundry when we arrived, but he was so nice and apologetic about not being there when we arrived. He has really made this time worth it. First off he had change for us. Also, he offered laundry soap(not sure if that is a normal thing). He gave suggestions about how to get ur clothes dried the fastest. He has a cool spinner thing that spins ALL the water from heavy things like jeans and sweatshirts. And he has laundry baskets to tote ur stuff from the washer to dryer and dryer to folding table. Big win for me-nothings worse than dropping freshly cleaned clothes on the floor!!! Next time we are around we’ll use him but we’ll take advantage of his wash and dry service. I think there is a 24hr turn around but he’ll do a large load for 14 pounds!! Probably cost around 12 per load for self service. Thanks Tom!!!!

Review №40

Nice clean facility. Owner was very nice and very helpful. Would recommend to anyone

Review №41

Busy laundromat but really helpful and welcoming.

Review №42

Very friendly owner. Had a good chat with him. Very clean facilities. Will be back :-)

Review №43

Very reasonably priced, very helpful and friendly staff.

Review №44

The Kings Square Launderette was a great find! Coin operated, cost 8 pounds for 1 large load, from wash to complete dry. A life saver for my wife and I while on 4 week vacation/holiday. The owner Tom was kind and helpful. Would highly recommend. This is a short review for those that want a quick read. For those wanting more, see the long review below.The King Square Luanderette (laundromat/launderette/coin laundry) was a life saver for my wife and I while on vacation/holiday from California. We purposefullly booked the Premier Inn in Blackfriars, London on Dorset Street because we read on the internet that it had a place for us to do laundry. When you are on a 4 week vacation and packing lightly, washing clothes is very needed. However, 5 days into our stay, we learned that there was no onsite laundry for us to use. So I goggled self service, coin laundry and found King Square Launderette. It had great reviews, and we were desperate to do wash. We took the tube (subway) system most of the way and walked the rest. I suggest learning to use the bus system for this and have an Oyster Card (good for subways and busses, and easier way to pay). When arrived, the owner, Tom, was doing loads of laundry. This is his place of busseiness and he provides laundry service for contracted businesses and people who want to drop off and pick up later. We did not have to wait and he let us jump right into our wash. He had coins available if needed, and there is a great coffee place right next to it. The cost for a large load of laundry was 8.20 pounds. You will need a 2 pound coin and six 1 pound coins. If Tom is not there, you can get change next door at the coffee shop. It took 45 minutes for the wash and 20 minutes for the dry, and we were off to our next adventure with clean clothes.Thank you to Tom and his busseinss, King Square Launderette.

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Staff is amazing and so nice!

Review №46

It is really good place and men are very kind.

Review №47

Great service run by a great guy

Review №48

The owner was super nice!!

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Fantastic service

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Near my hostel, Moorgate station, there was no laundrette, so I googled it and found this place. Nice owner and his family. I went there around 2pm, and there were owner and his family, so they let me know how to use it. If you do by yourself, it costs about £7-8 (my laundry was small), but if you want them to clean yours, it costs £10-15. FYI, £5.5 for washing, 30mins, and £1 for drying, 10mins, and £1 for detergent. Friendly. After a weeks laundry of underwear and clothes, I had to move to another country. There werent many clothes such as underwear and short sleeves, and it was enough to be filled with a plastic bag of cigarettes at Incheon Airport. If you leave it to them, you tell them when youll come to pick it up and charge 10-15 pounds depending on the amount of laundry. The price is roughly on the wall. In general, when you go 2-5 oclock, there is an owner and a family of owners, so it is good to change coins.

Review №53

I was very well attended in this laundry. The gentleman who attended me was extremely attentive. He taught us how to wash and even though he didnt speak Portuguese, he was very patient. Super Indic. And the quality of the wash is excellent.

Review №54

I came here because the washing machine in the inn was dirty. It was a little far from the inn, but Im glad I came even if I had some time. The staff are friendly and will suggest a customized washing method for your clothes. I also clean it on a regular basis, so it feels clean.It seems that many travelers are coming, and I am accustomed to dealing with them. We recommend going to the next bakery while you wait. The staff here are also friendly and the bread is delicious.

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  • Address:147 Central St, London, EC1V 8AP, United Kingdom
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