Firestone Complete Auto Care
101 Apache Mall, Rochester, MN 55902, United States

Review №1

I received great care and service. I was from out of town and Louis looked at my vehicle personally looked at my car to let me know if was safe to drive home which was over two hours away. They went above and behind in helping me and letting me stay in the lobby till my ride came. Marvin was also very kind and knowledgeable in taking care of my car also. Great team. I would definitely let them take care of servicing me car if I was in the area again and would definitely recommend to others as well. Very satisfied with customer service and the work done on my car.

Review №2

Came here today to get a trailer tire fixed. Understandable that the trailer couldnt fit in the shop and not having the equipment to fix a small tire. However, asked about taking off the old tire and rim, replacing it with the tire and rim that I have in the back of the trailer, apparently they dont have a jack or impact to take the rim and tire off. Will not ever go here again.

Review №3

Great value, awesome customer service and a very quick turn around on my vehicle! Thank you!

Review №4

Brought my car in for some on the road repairs while visiting Mayo. Marvin at this Firestone got us scheduled right away, did a timely and professional repair, courteous and fast. We could not be happier.

Review №5

Very personable get you right in curbside drop off and call u when ready service

Review №6

Went in for an alignment and they struggled to get my manual car up on the rack. After getting the car back my clutch felt weird and car locked me out of gears intermittently. Explained the issue to the service advisor the next day and he was nice till another service advisor came into our conversation about my issue. The second person was rude and doubted me about my issue and we started arguing.Would not recommend any cars with stiff clutches to get work done there. Aside from that my alignment is to the spec of what I wanted but the customer service in the service area isn’t there.

Review №7

They always take care of us, are professional, & Ive never felt the need to question a quote or work performed. Mike is awesome and they are great with my kid when we have to wait on site.

Review №8

Im the type of person who is extremely picky with my car. I do everything myself when able, and any time I take my car anywhere for work, I go over it with a fine toothed comb. Ive been going to this Firestone for alignments since moving here 4 years ago, and the employees have always gotten me exactly what I want, going above and beyond to get my custom alignment specs perfect. I highly recommend them.

Review №9

Had a bad tire, Mike went above and beyond to get things taken care of. First rate customer service. That’s why I continue to be a customer and would recommend to anyone who needs car care of any kind

Review №10

Good service and easy to work with. Only place nearby open on Sunday

Review №11

Stopped in for a tire balance and alignment knowledgeable, courteous and quick service. Tire prices were pretty good too.

Review №12

I took my car in last week to have them check the heat shield because it had been rattling quite a bit (only in reverse tho) I explained to them that Ive had this same issue in another vehicle so I was pretty confident in it being the heat shield. Two hours later I had an oil change (fingers crossed they actually put full synthetic in) and they assured me my heat shield was fine and they couldnt find the rattling. Clearly they missed the part that it only happened in reverse. Needless to say it was a huge waste of time and money. I should of never been charged diagnostics since they failed at their job. I took my car in the very next day to another shop and within 15 minutes they diagnosed and fixed the exhaust HEAT SHIELD! Imagine that! This place is a joke!

Review №13

The people and service was awesome! I felt like the people there were genuine and took great care in fixing my car.

Review №14

We had a flat tire while on a road trip and Mike kept the store open late for us on a Sunday afternoon. He came up with a cost effective and creative solution for us so we could get to our destination safely. He could not have been more helpful and accommodating.

Review №15

Had a nail in my tire on a Sunday and the pressure had dropped to 10. Filled my tire and made it over to their shop. The guy who greeted me was very nice and explained everything about how they would patch my tire. They were also able to get me in right away since I had to pick up my kids. I really appreciated their service.They also did a patch from the inside of the tire instead of plug.I highly recommend this place. I will be using this place for any more services that my car may need.

Review №16

The guys at this Firestone location have always been very patient, kind, and knowledgeable. I live in Fargo, ND and visit Rochester every other weekend to visit my boyfriend, so I put a lot of miles on my Jeep. Oil changes, alignments, tires, and anything my Jeep has needed (since February 2019) has been taken care of well AND on the same day, sometimes within the hour I arrived. It’s in a great location for waiting for repairs to be done too, with Scheel’s and the Apache Mall located within 25 yards of their front door. I would highly recommend their service, fair prices, excellent work, honest assessments, and very speedy service.

Review №17

Had to go to Firestone when my truck broke down on a Friday afternoon. I spoke with the service manager and he said getting it fixed over the weekend would be a challenge, but theyd give it a shot. They had it fixed just after lunch on Saturday. Great work Firestone team!

Review №18

I took my car to get it alligned and they didnt do it right. I drove to Duluth from Rochester the next day to noticed a grinding noise on the rear left side tire. I took my car to tire plus and they said it wasnt alligned properly. Tires Plus fix everything right. Firestone just lost me as a customer. I also want my money back.

Review №19

Thanks for letting me use the bathroom. Being out if town and I did not know where i could stop. You saved me from having an accident THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Review №20

100% would recommend Firestone for all your automotive needs! The guys at Firestone provide exceptional customer service, fair prices and quick service! I won’t trust anyone else with my car.

Review №21

Great service always work fast and are very good about finding a time that works for you.

Review №22

I have always been very happy with the service here.They work hard to get you a fast and accurate estimate. And then they work hard to keep the final cost within that estimate. They work swiftly and I have always felt respected. I would absolutely recommend this business. My mother has used them for about a decade and I support them too.

Review №23

Great place, fast and competitive pricing!

Review №24

Awesome service. Extremely accommodating. Customer care at its finest. They treat their out of town customers like they were family.

Review №25

They have never let me down. They have always done a great job in taking care of me by helping to keep my vehicle in good working shape without over charging me. They are always upfront and honest. I have been using their service for over 10 years now. It is nice to have a place that services my vehicle that I can trust.

Review №26

Very nice and helpful! My wife had a flat tire on her way out of town. She made it to Firestone and they fixed her tire right away! Highly recommend!

Review №27

I have been using Firestone since I moved to MN 4 years ago. The management and workers have always been great to work with. Although the information isnt always what I wanted to hear about what was needed in my car, that have always been honest with what u needed to have done. Theyre always friendly and willing to go out of their way. Shout out to the management! I will always use Firestone no matter where in the US I end up because of the example the Rochester, MN shop has set!

Review №28

Customer service challenged. Did not have appointment or compassion for situation. So I had to drive to another shop with a flat tire and had work done elsewhere. Try to make sure you get an appointment before your tire goes flat.

Review №29

Brought my van in because the front passenger tire had a slow leak. Requested a tire repair. Shortly after dropping it off I got a call. He told me I needed two need front tires and a tire repair would just be a “band aid”. Two tires: $258, which honestly is a fair price for van tires.I am hesitant to give them my money because they have tried get me to bite on unnecessary repairs in the past.After finding out He felt I needed new tires I went to the shop pick up my van. When I dropped off the van the tire was at 27 psi. When I picked it up the tire was 27 psi. The same! They determined I needed new tires and didn’t even put air in the tire! When I picked up the van the didn’t even have the COMMON COURTESY to get my tire to the proper pressure. Went home and filled it up myself.AVOID IF YOU CAN!One positive: they are one of the only shops open in SE Rochester on Sunday. Which is why they can get away with things like the scenario I detailed above.

Review №30

Absolutely wonderful. My engine wouldnt run at full power, and I was stranded, needing a tow. They fixed it on a Saturday on Memorial Day weekend and got me going and to date it has worked great. The price seemed reasonable, though to be honest, I didnt have much chance to price-shop in such a situation. Theyre right next to the mall, so there is something to do when shopping.....

Review №31

Workers were helpful in explaining everything that was wrong but it is extremely overpriced here. They were going to charge me $3000 (my car is barely worth that much) for parts and labor so I decided to do what I could by myself and got all the parts for about $400. What a joke.

Review №32

Terrible service! Wont ever be going back!! Will always take my vehicles to S & S Automotive Repair in Rochester!!! Karls amazing!!

Review №33

These guys are terrible, I had tires put on and they didnt inflate them to the correct pressure? All 4 tire monitors went off the next day in about 20 minutes. I had to endure the cold temperatures with a SLOW pump getting ALL 4 tires to the correct pressure. I asked if the decal inside the drivers door was what the pressure should be and was told yes, but was told they didnt check it???

Review №34

Was a Saturday night and we had to leave the car there and spend the night at a friends house. They got back to me very fast and were very polite and thourgh with an explanation of what was going on. They had a scheduled repair and said as soon as they could they would get to me about what was wrong with my car. They called me later and explained what was wrong with the vehicle and i gave them the go ahead to repair it. My car car was done by about 130 pm or so, went to get it and the service counter person was very nice and polite. Would definitely recommend your services to others. Thank you.

Review №35

Its Christmas Eve morning and we are 5 hours from home. They got us in right away. I am so grateful.

Review №36

Superb customer service. When my car battery died on a Sunday for the second day in a row, I went to Firestone, and talked to Justin. Justin found out the shop did not have the kind of battery I needed for my car, he searched local auto part stores to see if anyone had one in stock. He did this even though he could not install the battery if I found one. He also found out whether the store that had the battery (Battery Plus Bulbs) could install it. They could! There was nothing in it at all for Justin or Firestone, but he helped me get my car operational again. Above and beyond!And a shout-out, too, to Batteries and Bulbs. They were also terrific; Lee got the battery and installed it expertly and with care, spraying anti-corrosion solution on the battery posts before hooking them up.Professor

Review №37

Amazing, fast and courteous service! I called to have my tire looked at after a large bolt was lodged in one of my rear tires and Justin helped keep me calm and took care of the issue asap! On a Sunday on top of that, he was truly a Godsend.. Thanks again for all your help 🤗

Review №38

Definitely push parts. They said I needed to replace my power steering system and a tranny line. Got it checked by a GM certified tech and its perfectly fine. My quote for repairs was over $3000.Finally I spent just under $1000 on tires and alignment. Its been three months and all of my tires had to be rebalanced!

Review №39

Very fast and efficient. Very good services

Review №40

Brought in a car for inspection before buying. They were kind enough to accept me as a walk-in. They did a thorough inspection and answered all my questions & concerns.Got what I was looking for.Yes, still went there after all the negative reviews and I think I was not disappointed.

Review №41

First time at this place and it will be the last for sure. I went there to check on car parts shipment Im expecting , but I was received with nasty attitude for simply asking a question. One of the idiots even condescendingly tried to convince me that Tire Rack doesnt sell brake pads etc. Ive got a confirmation email and receipt from them, I almost laughed at him but decided is not worth my time and left. Advice there are plenty of good repair shops in this town this is not one of them. The gross bearded dude and his mate arent meant to manage any kind of business let alone performing repair on your vehicle. Stay away at all cost!

Review №42

I wish I could give them zero stars. I cant believe the mistakes they make. I went in for an oil change, something very simple. They neglected to put my oil cap back on. Seriously should in no way ever happen. I drove home and my car started smoking and I got home and there was no oil left in my car and there was oil sprayed all over the engine compartment. I had to call them to have my car towed back to them so they could fix it and now my car doesnt idle the same or well at all. They changed the oil and cleaned it up but didnt even offer to refund what I paid for initially. They are absolutely the worst place to get anything done by far. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE! unless you dont mind someone doing it wrong and wrecking your car in the process.

Review №43

Great service needed my brakes worked on PDQ they did it very fast.I am very impressed with them. Will recommend them to my friends.

Review №44

Quick service

Review №45

Really great experience. I was traveling cross country and had a tire issue. They had me back on the road in 40 minutes for less than half what they originally quoted me. Great experience.

Review №46

Best tires around. Great service. 5 stars every time!

Review №47

Excellent service always

Review №48

Super service, friendly people and all done right!

Review №49

Ive been here for oil changes, alignments and tire rotations. The mechanics/technicians do give you their observations and suggest things you should consider, but they never once pushed or bullied me into any purchases or services.For instance, I took my car in to get the tires rotated and they let me know that my battery charge was a little less than optimal, and that I should get it replaced *IF* I notice it struggling to start in the months to come. They also said that the spark plugs are schedule to be changed but thats all dependent on whether or not I changed them recently.Good service and not pushy.

Review №50

Efficient and professional. They were able to quickly replace my tires during a road trip

Review №51

We were on our way to visit my husbands brother that was fighting for his life at the mayo clinic when we ran over a 4 inch metal rod on the road. With a barely useable spare we stopped in 15 minutes before closing time. After explaining our trip, the two men that were working dropped everything to get a new tire on our car. They finished and had us back on the road in no time at all.Needless to say, we are extremely happy with the service and the good (well priced) tire we purchased. I only wish we lived closer so these men could be our regular mechanics.Thank you guys for helping us out of a jam when we really needed it. Your the best!

Review №52

Incredible service. I called at 2:45pm on Saturday with fuel pouring out under the SUV. There were going to close at 6pm. They suggested that I have the car towed since it was possibly dangerous. Tow service (not Firestones) finally showed up at 4:45pm and towed the SUV directly to Firestone. I got a call saying that theyd received the car and would try their best to fit it in and get it done right away. At 6:05pm (5 minutes after they officially closed), the service manager called to say they had someone who could stay late and would work on it. I got an estimate (that I grimaced at but the leak was above the fuel tank and theyd have to remove everything to get to the problem) and got a called at 7:42pm saying the problem was resolved.All in all, possibly the best service I have gotten. Honda suggested that I bring the car in on Monday but no promises anyone would work on it until Thursday. When I explained that fuel was pouring out, they said, well were closing in 30 minutes, theres nothing we could do. Thats what Id expected and Firestone went way above and beyond.Id use Firestone Complete Auto Care again. Thank you Justin.

Review №53

Excellent front desk service! & Kept me updated ! & Fresh coffee!

Review №54

We were from out of town and had a flat tire that needed repair. Even though they were booked solid, Justin got us in and had our tire repaired within a couple hours, and at a great price. We were worried after being turned away from a competitor up the street, but received fast and friendly service when we were in dire need. Highly recommended.

Review №55

Excellent service! They up front about costs. They get things in a timely manner.

Review №56

All the staff at Firestone has treated me so well! Great customer service going above and beyond!

Review №57

Staff very friendly and go the extra mile

Review №58

The techs there seem to know what theyre doing. Came in with a 08 Accord that wouldnt stay running at idle. Not twenty minutes after I handed them the keys, they knew what was wrong and what I needed to fix it. No problems after the repair.

Review №59

**WHOEVER BIDS/SELLS JOBS HERE SHOULD BE WEARING A SKI MASK.**im having a very difficult time trying to find a way to not let my emotons dictate how I would rate my experience at this Firestone Auto. A family member of mine whos in their 70s has been a loyal customer for a decade, and recently took his/her car in for nothing more than a oil change. the salesman clearly saw this family member as a easy mark and ended up with a 6 page invoice TOTALING $1600!! he even charged her $325 for Recommended Services that clearly state/imply that said services were not completed. on top of that...HE HAD ZERO APPROVAL TO DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN A OIL CHANGE! Pathetic and unprofessional.

Review №60

Great tire service! Quick and helpful!

Review №61

They do what they say and check your car thouoghly.

Review №62

Went in with trouble with the A/C, they diagnosed the problem right and had it fixed within a couple days even after finding additional issues with other things. They are always quick, thorough and get it done right the first time. Both of my vehicles have and will continue to be brought here for repairs!

Review №63

Absolutely disgusted. The most rude, condescending, and unprofessional people I’ve ever dealt with at an auto shop.Took my car in for an alignment after getting new tires at my mechanic (he doesn’t have an alignment rack). I get a call and immediately the conversation started very off-putting. The “tech” asks if I have noticed anything wrong with steering, acceleration and/or deceleration. I answered no because the new tires felt great. He then, in a very condescending tone said “well your rear left brake caliper is locked and you are dragging your wheel”. The guy acted like I was a total moron.Then questioned my mechanic and implied directly that he was being negligent. He went as far as saying my wheel would catch fire if I drove home and that I should cancel my family trips for the weekend. Well one thing I know: wheels can lock in neutral when the car is off and you tap the brakes. The wheel was not even hot. So the guy that yelled at me on the phone, avoided contact with me. When I got home that night I touched everything in and around that wheel and it wasn’t even warm. I took my car into a different shop and they inspected it: the wheel, brake pads, and calipers were in good shape. Not too mention these guys at Firestone claimed that it would be roughly $800 to repair/replace. That price severely inflated and beyond any reason.So I hear a customer in the shop saying “yeah they say I have a bad caliper” as well. This reminds me that they did this about 10 years ago to me and had a mechanic review my car and tell me that my car was good to go with no problem. So all these years, and still terrible service.

Review №64

One of our customers took their vehicle to Firestone as a tire was going low. They couldnt find a leak. The vehicle then came to us. Not only was there a leak, there was a large gash on the inner sidewall! If this tire blew out, it could have resulted in a crash! Firestones ignorance put this customer at great risk!

Review №65

Had a couple emergencies to take care of...Steve Sorenson the Best

Review №66

Went in for new tires and an alignment job on my car. I was there promptly at the designated time and they promptly took my car in and got the job done correctly. They were also honest and told me that my car didnt need an alignment job as it was just the old tires that was making my car pull to the side and the whole job cost me less than expected. I dont understand all of the negative reviews on this site unless its the competitors doing a hatchet job on Firestones reputation? However, it could also just be the only time that anyone bothers to review a place is when they have something negative to say. Also, in the time that I was there, one customer was told they needed new front and rear brakes,......and this person drove off in the car,.....without getting them fixed. A disaster waiting to happen that no doubt will be blamed on Firestone.

Review №67

Good guys really go out of their way for you!

Review №68

Consumer beware; While in Rochester Mn. a city about 35 miles from Austin which is the town I live in. My van suddenly died, so I called Triple A and had it towed.Having no clue where to take it, I ask the tow driver . He said hes taken lots of cars to Firestone. Feeling lost, I said ok . The mechanic said it was the alternator and that it would cost approx: $400.00 dollars. Feeling lost, I agreed all the time thinking that is outrageous. While waiting I called Advance Auto and asked the price for an alternator. He said . He said around $125.00 I told him Firestone is charging me 325 dollars. He said that is a constant complaint from people about Firestone. He also told me that Firestone and Tire Plus is one in the same and owned by Firestone. So again buyer beware, I understand places of business have a lot of overhead, but to make $200.00 on a product they have absolutely nothing invested in is highway robbery ( no pun intended ) I had a bad experience with them before, but desperation trumps your better judgment. Please note the receipt : and also notice the date . I can only imagine how much more it is now.

Review №69

I brought my wifes Escalade in for new tires after noting one of the tires was damaged. I noticed the damage while cleaning the tires so I was very aware of the condition of the tires and rims. A few days later I noticed one center cap was missing and another wasnt correctly/completely installed. I called the store and they said they would check to see if it was left off. They called back and not only said it was not there, but it was missing when I brought it in. So instead of saying it may have fallen off, they decide to lie. They sealed the lie by saying they told me it was missing when I brought it in. IF any of that was true I would have gone straight to the dealer for a new one as this is my wifes baby .IF YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH LIARS THIS IS THE PLACE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

Review №70

Needs new management. The store manager i talked to said they were closed 30mins early on thanksgiving eve. He was very rude and told me not to wait last minute next time!

Review №71

Greeat place great service, I always leave with a good experience.

Review №72

Only place I could find a tire on a Sunday

Review №73

They are dumb maybe hire mechanics with knowledge

Review №74

Awesome service! A screw in the tire on a Sunday is a stressful situation and they had friendly, quick and wonderful service. Definitely recommend!!!!!

Review №75

Ladies Beware: firestone will take advantage of you if you walk in there without a guy. They proceeded to tell me that I would need new brakes too to bottom. A new gasket on my engine because I was leaking oil all over my engine and basically I was driving an accident waiting to happen. They were quoting me over 4000 dollars to get the whole thing fixed and kept pushing their credit card option on me. I took my car somewhere else and they literally laughed when I told them what firestone had said. They told me there was no way they took my tires off and looked at my brakes because they had a hard time getting my tires off. They also greased up my pins and said my brakes looked fine, I just needed rear brake pads that cost me 25 bucks at Autozone. Also, my valve gasket was seeping oil but there was certainly not oil all over my engine. It was blatant lying by firestone and I will never take my car there again. Its sad that they not only lied but tried to bill me a ridiculous amount for fixes that I didnt even need. Sad.

Review №76

Ive had an oil changes and alignment there when I first moved to town but now whenever I try to schedule a oil change the guy laughs at me, acts like its a big inconvenience and tells me he doesnt have any openings for oil changes for several days. Ive even stopped in, seen very few cars in the lot and open bays and he tells me its gonna be a 4hr wait. I guess they dont need our business.

Review №77

Ive had alot of work done here. Theyve always been fair, and have even told me to not get certain things done because they werent necessary, rather than charge me for un-needed repairs.

Review №78

Great service, worked with my schedule

Review №79

Oil change was quick

Review №80

Had to bring my vehicle in 3 times for the same reason. After they tried to fix the problem twice.

Review №81

Awesome quick great service

Review №82

Friendly staff, answered all my questions.

Review №83

Always helpful and friendly staff

Review №84

Not cheap but, will get your car done the same day. They will work with you, treat you fair and do the job right.

Review №85

Couldnt get 4 tires mounted in the 2 hours they told me they would be done. Service managers did not treat me well

Review №86

I like to get oil change their and hang out at the mall.

Review №87

Excellent service!

Review №88

Good staff, great work

Review №89

Asked me for a 2750$ fix1750 for parts and 1000 laborThey gave me wrong diagnostics to my carI fixed my car by my self for 150$Such a rip off, was not expecting that

Review №90

They have no idea what theyre doing half the time.

Review №91

Great deals on tires

Review №92


Review №93

Refused to change oil my in Honda accord after dropping it for oil change. the reason given by them was they can not change oil due to company policy.

Review №94

Excellent experience

Review №95

Hands down worst customer service.

Review №96

Very professional

Review №97


Review №98


Review №99


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