Monro Auto Service And Tire Centers
1194 University Ave, Rochester, NY 14607, United States

Review №1

First time visit was handled with aplomb from the call back to insure my appointment was right to explaining what needed to be done (which matched exactly the amateur analysis I had already received) to a speedy repair to courteous and friendly staff.Recommended!

Review №2

Earlier this year I got a written quote from Mavis on Mt Hope Ave for a complete exhaust replacement. Their quote was $900 parts and labor. I thought that was a bit high, so I dropped into the Monroe store at University near Culver Rd. The counter person was polite and no doubt competent, but his quote was $1800 for the exact same work. As I was leaving he said that he might be able to find another source for parts that would make the total $1400 instead. As I reached for the door he said that he might be able to find some used parts that would bring it down to only $900. The Mavis store on Mt Hope became my go-to repair shop that day, and BTW their final price for the work was exactly what they quoted me.

Review №3

It was easy to set up an appointment. I was in and out quickly. I needed a headlight lamp replaced. Comfortable waiting area and very clean. Happy with the service I received.

Review №4

I was given a Sunday appointment for my last oil change. Even though the young man in charge was by himself, he got me in and out in well under an hour - the fastest Monro (near Culver and University) has ever changed my oil and done all the free inspections. I was pleased.

Review №5

We started going to the Monro Muffler on University Ave 20 years ago just because it was convenient, weve stayed because the staff is gracious, honest, and professional. They do what they say theyre going to do, they adapt when something goes sideways (like a supplier sends the wrong part), and they are direct and let me know when I should do something soon, versus am completely overdue and likely to put myself in danger, lol, which I appreciate. Ill be honest, Im generally not a huge fan of chains - but in this particular case its helped us tremendously a few times, when we had a part or something repaired years back, and it eventually needs to be replaced- but is done for free because of Monros warranty.

Review №6

I get all my car needs done hear they are super nice and will answer any questions I have.

Review №7

I have been taking my car(s) here for a few years since I live nearby. I have always been satisfied with the service. I dont expect customer service skills, I just expect that my car will be taken care of and I wont be screwed over. This place delivers on that and the customer service is a bonus. Special shout out to Joel... He is always very accommodating and honest, and I trust his recommendations since he does not pressure me to pay for unnecessary work, even trying to make things as affordable as possible whenever he can. Joel is usually the one I speak to but I have never had a bad experience with anyone there.

Review №8

The guy at the desk was nice and patient. He made sure I understood what was going on with the my car. Im deaf, and it has been my second visit with no problems!

Review №9

Ran over a screw, and ended up with a flat. Open early, got me in, patched, and put in no time. Very friendly (good sense of humor too, always a plus)!

Review №10

Always very professional and helpful.

Review №11

Tim Gifford is top notch, he really went above and beyond for me. Hold on to that guy, customer service was second to none.

Review №12

Went for inspection and that was fine. Had to go back to have a sensor checked as it came on just days after I left the shop. They thoroughly checked out the problem and gave professional advice all free of charge. Wonderful!

Review №13

Very professional - respectful and customer oriented service from everyone there even under extreme conditions beyond their control - they rock - and it didnt phase them or the quality of their work or service

Review №14

I had an excellent experience. I was treated fairly and with respect. The work was done well and efficiently and I will return to this shop in the future.

Review №15

Delay of car return due to wrong parts being sent is one thing, but I got no update calls during the day and was told at close after walking in the snow to the shop that my car would be yet another day. Even if the car is fixed the communication was poor at best.Update: As I sit here on my lunch break making a third attempt to pickup my car, I am watching them put it back up on the rack from the waiting area. It was damaged by a technician during routine maintenance a few days ago. Each time I have been told to arrive and have had to wait, losing hours at work because they can not give an accurate estimate. I was told it would be done by close but 20 minutes after and Im still here. I do not forsee being given a discount on the original work, even if they cover the damage they caused it does not do anything for the time I lost walking to and from the shop in the snow. My roommate spent extra time driving me to and from work because even though they have a courtesy shuttle it does not run during my normal work hours and is not strictly speaking designed to be used when they mess up your car.

Review №16

They forgot to tighten my lug nuts. I almost lost my front wheel. I had to get a new wheel, but more importantly I could have been really hurt and hurt others on the road. I called to speak to a manager. He was not in, I left a message but never heard back. I will never go to this location again. Please be advised.

Review №17

Worst experience I’ve ever had with an auto shop. I had my husband bring my car in to get my front snow tires switched with two summer tires I had in my trunk and an oil change. Specifically stated on my appointment request that it was the two front tires that needed to be changed. When I got my car back after work, the snow tires weren’t in my trunk. Turns out they decided to take my back summer tires off and replace them with the summer tires I had in my trunk and just threw away the other two. Snow tires still on and now I’m short two summer tires. Tried to call and ask someone to explain what happened, they said they would call back and never did. Went to the shop in person and spoke with someone that said the manager was on vacation and that I should just keep the snow tires on until next summer or I could buy two new tires. Completely disregarded the fact that they made a mistake or I don’t know just replace my tires? So I tried to call the corporate number and they said they would look into it and call me back which, again, no one has. It’s now been almost a month trying to get this figured out and just found out after bringing it to another auto shop that my oil has been leaking because it was punctured from my last oil change. I have no idea what else to do so I’m hoping to at least stop others from going there.

Review №18

I am an elderly disabled woman who is fortunate enough to still drive. I have gone to the Culver/University Monro Auto Service for approximately 2-3 years for some major work (brakes, exhaust) on my car. On occasion, I have gone there to have air put in my tires. This has been done 6-7 times in the past 2 years. I have always been greeted cheerfully and the people have been very nice. Today. 8/9/20, I went there and waited 5-6 minutes before I was informed that I needed to make an appointment to have air put in my tires. I was told that if any of the staff put air in and I didnt have an appointment, they would be fired! The earliest appointment was Monday afternoon! To put air in 4 tires!? My tire will be flat by then. This must be a very new policy that is not customer friendly.

Review №19

Joel does a good job to make sure his customers are happy!

Review №20

Efficient and professional service

Review №21

The University and Culver Monro location has been a go-to of mine for a long time. With Joel usually at the helm, he and the team got things done and FAST!Recently I made the mistake of getting work done on my car at another service shop(Not Monro) in the Rochester area... after being taken advantage of and failing an inspection I needed to make sure I trusted the team working on my car and brought it to Tim and Tom back at Monro... They made sure that I had the proper tires, explained everything, and were able to get my car up to standard all with very short notice! Their work and timeliness will make sure I never go to another service center again and reaffirmed how knowledgeable and professional the staff at Monro are!

Review №22

Awesome place to have your car repairs. Good price and awesome service.

Review №23

I went into Monro for an oil change. When I entered the store, the first thing I noticed was how clean and modern it was. The Store Manager Tom was there with a friendly smile which made me feel very welcomed. His team had me in and out of there in no time while offering a warm cup of coffee on a snowy Rochester eve. I would highly recommend Monro and I enjoyed my experience.

Review №24

This will be my shop for now on!

Review №25

This place was very busy when I went there today. They couldn’t get me in but Tom came out and made sure my tire and car was safe to drive until the next day when he could get me in. Thank you Tom! I will definitely be at my appointment

Review №26

Amazing place and beautiful staff. Very professional!

Review №27

Ive be taking our vehicles to Monro on University since we moved here approximately 4 years ago. But, this last visit, was worth writing about. The store has completely been remodeled and looks amazing inside and out. I love the fact that I can sit and wait for my car while relaxing in their new lounge area and receiving great auto maintenance information on how to take better care of my car and avoid the unexpected. I hope to see all of there stores looking like this in the very near future.I was also very impressed with the new store manager, Dustin. He was very professional, efficient and just an all around good guy. I really felt I could trust him with my car. His service recommendations were spot on!Thanks Justin! See you next time!

Review №28

I had previously used Monro Auto for oil changes and basic maintenance. The customer service wasnt stellar, but theyre convenient and close by so I kept returning. My most recent experience was ABYSMAL and I will never go back.I made an appointment for my Prius to have an annual inspection, oil change, and to have my snow tires put on. I also mentioned some recent damage to the bumper and asked if they could take a look at it while they were servicing the vehicle. I scheduled the appointment a week or so in advance and moved things around on my calendar in order to arrange rides for me to drop off and pick up the vehicle.The morning of the appointment, I dropped off the vehicle and confirmed the services I requested. I didnt hear anything from them until 5pm when they left me a voicemail that your car is ready, which was surprising since I had expected them to say something more about the bumper I had asked them to look at, but I headed there after work regardless. When I went to check out, the total bill was $40. I was shocked that it was that low, and confirmed the 3 services I had requested (annual inspection, oil change, snow tires) were part of that. The guy was like .. oh, Im not sure ... lets go take a look .. and we walked outside to my car together. He said the oil change and snow tires were done but the guy who does the annual inspections wasnt here today so that was not completed. I was annoyed that no one had let me know during the day that the inspector wasnt there and it would have been impossible for the inspection to have taken place. I was also annoyed that I had to ask if that service was completed rather than someone letting me know before I checked out.When I went to drive my car, it became very evident that the snow tires WERE NOT put on like the person had told me. I went back into the store and said so, and the man apologized profusely and said he would work to get it done the next day (Saturday) and give me a call when it was completed.Today is Sunday. I never received a call yesterday that the snow tires were on, so I went to the store today to convey my frustration and see what the status was. I made it clear that given the ridiculous amount of inconvenience the whole process had caused, that I did not want to pay for the snow tires to be put on (or the annual inspection to be done, although who knows when their inspector would be back). The new person I spoke with today was hardly apologetic for the ordeal and said he could do half-off but that was it. I said Id go elsewhere.There are so many options for basic maintenance that I cant understand why this place is still in business. Things happen, but proactive communication with your customers is the most rudimentary form of customer service that you can offer, and that this store does not understand. Take your money and time elsewhere!

Review №29

Service is perfect - mask wearing not so much

Review №30

Thought they were reliable. Had a starter motor replaced in July. My car wouldnt start again two days ago so I brought it back. I picked it up THIS MORNING and was told the battery only needed to be replaced. Tried to leave my job at 7:30pm only to find that its dead again. Not sure if its incompetency or scamming. Either are not acceptable. No thanks for leaving me stranded.Follow up, I walked to the shop the following morning and the manager Joel Ortiz could not have cared less that I was still having car trouble. He was not apologetic and wouldnt even look at me while I was talking to him. He is condescending and rude. I had another shop simply LOOK at my car and know that the problem had nothing to do with the battery I was told needed to be replaced. The problem had to do with the starter. I spoke with customer service and after several calls, I finally got to speak with someone who informed me that they would only be refunding the battery. I was told that at least the starter lasted since July. So it is their position that paying $441.81 for a job done (poorly) is OK to last for two months. I had to press to be connected with someone higher up and was sent to another voicemail box. DO NOT BRING YOUR VEHICLE HERE, they are untrustworthy and unwilling to properly make up for their mistakes.

Review №31

Its ok

Review №32

The Monro on University Ave has become my go-to place for all of my general car maintenance... oil changes, leaky tires, state inspection, etc. I find the staff there -- especially Pete and Saul -- are friendly, respectful, thorough, and efficient. They make me aware of likely future maintenance needs based on what they see, which allows me time to plan. They get the job done right the first time, and keep me wanting to come back again.

Review №33

I took my vehicle in for a diagnosis and the team was very very helpful. I thank them for their honesty. Didnt try to take advantage of the situation. Thanks guys appreciate it.P.S. they do great work as well.

Review №34

Secret shopper, Walked in and the garage looked very busy. Clean waiting room free coffee and WiFi. Requested my vehicles suspension and tires be inspected with in the hour as I needed to be in and out with in the hour. Manager Thomas assured me they would take a look as soon as possible but couldn’t get me in for at least 2 hours. There were 4 customers a head of me. He suggested I leave my car as they had a shuttle that would bring me home or I was welcome to wait in the lobby. Shuttle available If I could find my way back when the vehicle was completed.Pressure test; I purposely was very short with manager, Thomas, as I was not pleased I could not get “right” in. While it seemed he was handling multiple tasks and answering several phones with both ears, He apologized and stayed professional again offering a ride or a more convenient time for me when my vehicle would be inspected with in the hour. Overall fantastic first impression at this repair facility and top notch management. Although seemingly understaffed, Would highly recommend.

Review №35

I came here while on vacation after picking up a nail in my tire. They fit me in quickly, I was in and out in less than an hour! I overheard the office receptionist greeting many customers in the store and on the phone and was very impressed with his customer service.

Review №36

Absolutely loved the service I received every single time I go in for services on my car. I would recommend this shop for anyone who is looking to get work done on their car. This shop has excellent customer service, great advice, and always at a great price. Go to them if you need work done you will not regret it!!

Review №37

Best mechanic experience yet. Extremely helpful and have you and your cars best interest in mind. Would recommend especially if you are a first time car owner. They explain everything and if they cant fix it they are open about it and will help you find a place that can.

Review №38

Great service, great guys

Review №39

I’ve been going to this location for years and it has been a great experience. The mechanics are very knowledgeable and honest!!! Joe the manager has a great personality and will go beyond to help you. I highly recommended this place to anyone. I just want to say thank you for all your help and service!!! Great job guys!!!

Review №40

Prompt sevice at a good price. I felt like I could trust the people I interacted with.

Review №41

It was really nice. Thank you

Review №42

Had a great experience with Dustin and the Monro team at University Avenue was great, from my initial call with questions about Tire availability and pricing, to my appointment and check out. They were responsive, helpful and treated my time with much consideration. This has always been a great location, and this most recent visit only solidified my feelings.

Review №43

Tom and Alex did a great job. Great place I’ll be back.

Review №44

This place is why people have issues trusting mechanics, they give all mechanics a bad name.Update- Monro called the day I made my complaint and was eager to rectify their mistake. Thank you I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Review №45

Definitely somewhere will Ill be coming back to very trustworthy people at the counter very knowledgeable show room clean and presentable very professional establishment definitely will tell friends and family to come down. a special thank you to Joel for helping me out today

Review №46

Joel Ortiz and the gentlemen in the shop have excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended to anyone

Review №47

Joel was a great help today. He worked out a great deal with me to replace my air filter and oil change! Service was quick and smooth! I will definitely be returning for my car maintenance!

Review №48

My family and I were placed in a potentially fatal situation when after a brake job at this establishment my left rear caliper was hand tightened and subsequently fell off in traffic! The result: NO BRAKES!! The best part is after about a week to ten days after this initial brake job, I noticed a scraping sound coming from the rear. I took my vehicle back for inspection. They told me that the new pads were wearing into a thin line of rust near the rotors center....that the noise would eventually go away...that my vehicle is safe to drive. Well, it wasnt.

Review №49

Very friendly and great work. Will always use them as my mechanic. 🙂

Review №50

Came in for an oil change today with my husband and his vehicle also.... Place looks great clean the store manager was very professional and friendly really liked the service that was given.... Definitely will recommend to family and friends and look forward to doing more business with them...

Review №51

The manager, Ken, was very personable and made all customers feel like a top priority. The service was done in a timely manner and everything was clearly explained as to why certain things needed to be done. Will definitely be back!

Review №52

12/2018 - I went back here to have my minivan diagnosed, and they determined the problem to be a bad battery. Their quote to replace it was over $500! The local auto store quoted me the same battery for $189, and to replace it requires 3 bolts to be loosened. Im sorry but that kind of margin is nothing short of robbery! When I questioned the amount of the quote he spoke to his manager and then offered to take $150 off! When you can take 30% off at the blink of an eye then theres something wrong. Needles to say I did not have them change my battery. I have had good experiences here, but this last one was not so great! Be aware of what you are being charged and question it!7/2018 - Great service! Worked with Ken Lagores at the front desk and he was excellent. Great customer service and very friendly . Felt like he had the customers best interests in mind. Just moved our company into the neighborhood and will definitely be taking my cars to them for service. Thanks Ken!

Review №53

Phenomenal customer service (thanks Joel), coupled with honest work done fast makes this my go-to shop in Rochester! Couldnt have asked for a better experience as a new customer. Highly recommended.

Review №54

I had my car serviced here for almost ten years, always received great service at a fair price. Service technicians explained options well and didn’t push for more expensive services. Iwouldn’t think of taking my car anywhere else. Have since moved out of the city so hadn’t been to this shop in a while but recently was in the area and having a car issue that needed immediate attention. Even though it was a busy afternoon Joe squeezed me in to take a look and got the issue straightened out. Nice to see that even though some techs have come and gone over the years the commitment to customer service has remained. Thanks Joe and thanks Monroe Muffler!

Review №55

My wipers stopped working while I was driving home from work - it started snowing on the drive too. The gentlemen at Monro we’re quick to help and friendly! Ed fixed them issue quickly, explained the problem and I was on my way.

Review №56

Joel Ortiz, the Store Manager at the Monroe Auto Service on University Avenue at Culver in Rochester New York is a wonderful person! He’s thoughtful and smart and does a great job. I highly recommend this branch on University Avenue at Culver!!

Review №57

Great set of Guys .Fast work would go back

Review №58

Had a similar situation this past weekend I had a shake in my front end, I stopped in for an oil change and had it checked out before I had to head to work. I was told I need 4 tires , struts and shocks, it was roughly about 1000 in repairs. So I took it into my local mechanic to verify , did need the repairs and planning to go back to Monroe to get my work done . Honest place and truly honest people. Will refer friends and all my family .

Review №59

Ive been going to these guys for years. They consistently offer the best pricing on oil changes, tires and brakes especially when you take advantage of the coupons on the Monroe Muffler website. Everyone Ive dealt with at this location are friendly and honest and they always take care of me in a timely fashion.

Review №60

Great customer service and very knowledgeable mechanics!!! Dustin is the man and he is very great with people. Guys keep up the hard work. I highly recommended this place to anyone!!!

Review №61

Amazing service!! Ken the manager was so kind and helpful, he got me in and out quickly for my oil change. Will definitely be back as long as Ken is there!

Review №62

Would give less than 1 star if possible. My son brought in his car and they totally took advantage of him. yes they are entitled to make a profit but marking up the part 50% by their own admission probably was even more, plus charging labor to boot, would recommend going anywhere else to get your work done.

Review №63

I scheduled a NYS Inspection on my 2014 Kia Soul.I arrived a few minutes late, but they still took me in on a busy Saturday and completed my inspection within 45 minutes. Everything was good and they were prompt and courteous. I usually go to Monro for my car inspections each year at the University Ave location.

Review №64

Used their website to request an appointment for a NYS inspection. Afterwards received an email saying that I would get a follow up email to confirm the appointment. After 2hrs, nothing. So I called and asked if my appt was confirmed. The first guy took my name and put me on hold for about 13-14min. I hung up and called back. I gave the next guy my name and he took a few seconds then came back to let me know they they dont even have a NYS inspector at that location so, even if I wanted to, I wouldnt be able to schedule a different day. Great service!(Not really) Thanks for wasting my time that I could have put into finding a different place.

Review №65

Cheap and fast oil changes, BUT do not believe anything they tell you to get done.They will try to get you to replace anything they can charge you for, especially if you are a woman or dont know about cars. When my wife brings in her car they give her a laundry list of things to replace. When i bring in the same car they change the oil and say nothing is wrong with it. Its worth it to take your car to a real mechanic if you think anything might be wrong with your car.

Review №66

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Im appalled at the treatment of my fiancée at this location. Last month, we had the car towed and they replaced the starter ($500). Now, same issue. We had it towed there again and they threw in a new battery ($200). Later that same day, she was stranded at work because the car still wouldnt start. She went back to plead for help and the man behind the counter, Joel Ortiz, was incredibly rude and simply gave her the number to corporate. Corporate was also not helpful and said they would pass on the feedback. How about the time & money on ubers etc we spent to STILL not have a resolution??? We are planning a wedding and cannot be dealing with this now. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. I will be sure to tell everyone to avoid this place for as long as I live. Thanks for nothing. Disgusted.

Review №67

If you are expecting good customer service from Don, ( I would have settled for decent customer service), don’t bet on it. I left my car overnight after hours on a Saturday evening for repairs. The hours of operation on Sundays are 9-5. I gave the store a call at 11am to see if my car had been assessed. I believed it may have been my starter. Don, who seriously lacks customer service skills, snarled there was only one person working on cars and that there were several cars from the day before that were still waiting. Which was totally understandable. My next question was could he give me an estimate of when the car could be assessed. Again, snarling, Don stated I have know idea, it depends on how long it takes to complete the other cars. I’ve had repairs completed at this location before, (Joel is very customer friendly) and haven’t experienced this type of service. During my prior experiences I was always given a timeframe as to when I could expect a follow up call or when the service would be complete. Hours passed and still no word. I called back at 4:00. Bad attitude Don trumps again. After giving my name and type of vehicle he barked it’s not the starter it’s being assessed now. I spoke out loud saying I know it’s not the battery because it’s new. I then asked had the cable and fuse been checked yet. Grumpy Don’s response was I don’t know I said it’s being looked at now. I then asked if Joel still worked there and could I have the name of the store manager. Before rudely hanging up on me, his response was yes and contact corporate. Don needs customer service training or should be placed in a more suitable position where it doesn’t involve contact with customers.Edit:I received a courtesy call first thing the morning after from Don apologizing. We all have bad days. Kudos to Don for admitting to having a bad day, having my starter replaced (it ended up being the starter after all), and being a gentleman! Integrity makes the world go around!!!

Review №68

I set up an appointment to get my snow tires put on, came in for my appointment the next day and was told it would be an hour and 45 minutes. I came back an hour and 40 min later to pick up the car and they hadnt even brought it in the garage yet. This is a job that takes about 15 minutes anywhere else. . . pretty bad management. Would not recommend.

Review №69

Excellent service! Got me in and out in a timely manner. Good pricing, great staff, top-notch business!

Review №70

Monro gave me a quote for 2300$ that included the replacement of many supposedly broken parts. I brought my vehicle to a different mechanic for a second opinion and they repaired it perfectly by only replacing one item for 375$. The mechanic even showed me the unbroken parts monro claimed were damaged. Conclusion: Either monro does not have capable mechanics or they are trying to scam people. Both possibilities seem unacceptable to me. Just thought people should be aware of this.

Review №71

I went in to this shop on a recommendation from a friend and i have to say, the service and efficiency is unmatched. A simple lug nut check became a learning experience about my vehicle and its upcoming maintenance issues. You can garuntee i will be returning with friends.

Review №72

Rolled in here, muffler blaring, after almost losing it on a snowpile and driving there at 6mph to save it! Dustin and his crew got me right in, replaced a few couplers and had me on my way in 10 mins. I was so grateful for their speed and friendliness and that I didn’t have to buy a $600 muffler. Thanks!

Review №73

I just recently stopped off at this particular Monro Muffler for an oil change and all I can tell you is that the staff are fantastic especially Mr Joel Hull. The work done was great and efficient. I would be happy to recommend this particular Monro Muffler to any people in the immediate area that need work done on their car.

Review №74

Have been in multiple times, treated fairly and respectfully. Everything from diagnosing why my car wouldnt start, to inspections, to exhaust issues over the past 6 months.

Review №75

Friendly staff always nows what they doing will recommend this shop to anyone. Thank you Joe and the staff that have been doing such a good job.

Review №76

Customer service is great. Work is done on a timely manner. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Review №77

Joelle was very informative and promt getting my car back on the road. Everyone there is friendly and I will be coming back (hopefully not too soon!)

Review №78

Almost every time the car dont get work during the appointment. Was told itll take an hour for oil change and when I came back, the car wasnt worked on until a mechanic saw me then brought car in. Wasting my time every single time. They dont keep up with their service and commitment. You better off finding some place else.Update: 3 chances and still not meet their timing of appointment. Almost an hour past the appt time and they finally brought my car in.

Review №79

Great service, reliable and friendly. Could have tried to sell me a new tire, plugged mine for under 10 dollars

Review №80

The amount of compassion at this place is amazing. You dont ever get that at a car place. Amazing team and willing to help!

Review №81

Stop in for an oil change, first visit to the store had a great experience, recommend to stop in or make an appointment. Busy place but worth the wait. Manager and staff are very Profecional.

Review №82

Went to this location today best service ever. The manager was amazing to me when I brought my sons car in for the rotations .Will definitely go back, and also recommend.

Review №83

I love this place. Joel and Dustin always make me feel like I am the most important customer of the day.

Review №84

Ken was very honest and knowledgeable, when I told him I couldnt afford the repair and wanted to do it myself to save money he didnt try to pressure me and even gave me pointers and tips about doing the work.

Review №85

Joel was amazing and has great customer service and I will recommend people to come here.

Review №86

Fast service, the guys are honest and its always neat and clean in the waiting room. The misses says the location is definitely female friendly

Review №87

Came last minute and they got me in for a much needed oil change . Kenny was so friendly and nice. Definitely will be back.

Review №88

Theyre usually good communicators regarding troubleshooting, but the only reason I go here is because I can walk to it. They rarely come close to adhering to estimated time frames. I never go here for a time-sensitive job.

Review №89

I called last night to schedule an oil change. I was told there was an appointment for 10 am this morning. I asked over the phone hoe long it would take, becuase I have to be to work by 1230. The guy over the phone said oh no problem it will be done way before then. When I showed up to my appointment, the guy at the counter very rudely told me just so you know, its going to be over an hour and a half for an oil change. We have a lot of more important work to do and so the smaller stuff has to wait I asked him if there was any guarantee that it would be done by noon, because I have to be to work at 1230, and he told me I dont make guarantees. Well I do, and I guarantee I wont be coming back here.

Review №90

I have never written a google review for a product/ experience, but I am compelled to do so after my recent experience. Im tired of the sketchy sales tactics and poor customer service by companies like Monro. It seems that publicly shaming bad practice is the only way to hold companies accountable..Ill start with The positive- I was informed that they had buy 3 get 1 free sale on tires.Negatives- I had an 11:00 appt for 4 new tires to be installed. They asked when Id like the car back, I said 2:00. I called at 2:20 and they had not even pulled my car in to start. No apology. They said theyd call when it was done. Changing 4 tires isnt a lengthy procedure, so I figured that another hour should be enough. I waiting another 3 hours and finally called again at 5PM when they informed that the car had been finished for 20 minutes. No call telling me it was done, no apology.The icing on the cake- When I showed up they billed me for an alignment as well as the tires. When I asked if they had done the alignment (which I hadnt been asked/contacted about), they sent someone in the back to ask....Turned out no one had performed the service, they just added it to my bill. What if I hadnt asked about this? Would they have refunded my money? Definitely not..This would have added over $100 on to my bill. Would they have pocketed this money? This is borderline criminal behavior. Once again, I was given no apology for their horrendous performance, and mistake in billing. I voiced my complaints after I paid my bill. No apology the next day. Nothing. Avoid this place. I will not be back.

Review №91

I go to the Monro muffler on University because George there is the third place that I followed him to he always takes care of me and hes very reasonable

Review №92

Professional place trustworthy staff managers and techs are friendly busy place just need to be patient and you will get the service you deserve.

Review №93

Went in concerned with a shake in my steering wheel, thinking I needed new front tires or my tires balanced. Was told that my front strut was broken and shown a broken part from my car. Was also informed I needed new ball joints and 4 new tires. Quoted at over $1000.00 worth of repairs and that my car would need to be towed home. I drove home and had a trusted family mechanic take a look. There was no broken strut or any other concerns other than two worn front tires that needed to be replaced. This place is a scam, fraudulent and tries to take advantage of suspected naive customers.

Review №94

Clean place love the remodel and great Service thank you for have such a great place for us/family to come to

Review №95

Horrible. First time tried to get me to replace brakes when 2 other shops said they were fine. 2nd time tried get an oil change, made an appointment and was quoted an hour wait came back 2.5 hours later and car hadn’t even been moved. They are full of bs, don’t go here if you respect your time or money.

Review №96

Great service! Went in for an oil change, they were speedy and professional.

Review №97

Refused to work on my car cause i bought a part through a dealership and never showed me how rotted my exhaust was.

Review №98

Best most honest mechanics in the city. Jesse always does great work .

Review №99

These guys are good

Review №100

I use these guys every once in awhile and I love their place super friendly never really pushy or trying to get you to do things you dont need.

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