Mr. Tire Auto Service Centers
4438 Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY 14616, United States

Review №1

They were very honest and forthcoming about both service needed and what was not necessary at the present time. I really appreciated that!

Review №2

They got me in next day for a flat. I brought it in and they had it repaired in 15 minutes and it cost me under 20 dollars. Excellent service they even took my spare off and put the repaired tire back on which I was not expecting. Shout our to Chris who took care of me!

Review №3

Staff was friendly, courteous and pleasant. Job was done satisfactorily.

Review №4

Mr tire replaced my brakes and rotors approx 14 months ago. 8 months after that my brakes were bad again and they replaced under warranty. Here we are now and brakes and rotors destroyed and less than 15k miles driving since initial replacement. Took the car to a Kia dealer and now I have a $2200 Bill and documentation with pics that tells the story how Mr Tire caused the damage and tried to cover it up.Dealer said there is now way the documented damage was caused or could be caused by any type of driving that I have done since the initial replacement 14 months ago. Snapped off bolts on the calipers that need to be removed by the dealer to make the necessary repairs. Extremely dirty and frozen calipers??? 14 months of driving to work and back with absolutely no off the path trips of any kind. Mr Tire will have a large thorn in their backside now. Not a happy customer at all! Stay away as the corporate off is closed permanently!!

Review №5

I came to this place a few weeks ago regarding an oil change. Previously when I called they quoted me in the mid-30s price for a standard oil change but when I went, they told me the price is now 50. I was in a hurry and so agreed to this anyways. When I came back to pick up the car, the air in my tire has not been filled, the oil change sticker on my windshield show no mileage or information, and one week later, the A12 service reminder popped up in my car. The person working on my car clearly paid no attention to detail and may have not even worked on my car. I cannot recommend this place and suggest you look elsewhere.Edit:I am changing my review as the manager of the shop reached out to me in regards to my issue. I value a business that puts customers satisfaction as their priority. They did NOT ask me to change my review which spoke volumes. I will consider doing more business with Mr. Tire Auto.

Review №6

Had an issues with a different company and Joe is helping to correct the issue. He is very polite, and professional.

Review №7

Took a chunk of metal on my way to a home visit. Limped to this location after a Google search. The Manager, Joe, is an outstanding young gentleman and immediately starting making calls, jumping through every hoop and exhausted every option available to him to get me taken care of faster than expected. Went way out of his way and I could not say enough positive about him and this Mr Tire location.

Review №8

Joe was very polite with me from the start, had my 2011 f150 in for a odd suspension noise. Called me back later that evening saying it was due to sway bar links. I authorized the repair of $351 which it totally over priced but whatever I needed it done ASAP. Towed it back home because I’m a tow operator and had no body to bring it back for me. Now it’s Easter Sunday and I have to go to Niagara Falls tomorrow so I decided to take it for a test drive and the same noise keeps pressenting itself after I was re assured that the noise was all gone, now tomorrow morning I’m going to have to tow it back

Review №9

Great service and great rates! Steven helped explain the benefits of different tires and helped guide me towards a better tire for my needs!I highly recommend working with Mr. Tire

Review №10

We have been going to the Dewey Ave store for a while now. Always great service! Thank you to Sheldon for getting my daughter’s car inspected!

Review №11

Great people, very professional and knowledgeable. A++++

Review №12

Very professional and helpful

Review №13

They have done my tires, inspection, and minor service for years. They are always willing to explain any issues and dont seem bothered if I decide to attempt the repair myself.

Review №14

Where Should I start By switching to Mr.Tire I saved so much in my car Service and I am very thankful for that.I took my vehicle to Mavis discount tires For a inspection. Canceled my appointment. My window blades were perfectly fine when i got there and when I left there My wiper blade Was cut. Was told I needed two front tires when I just got them last month. Told I would need a alignment something else around the tire brakes all around. First she told me it was going to be $1,500 then dropped the price to $950. I dont trust the place. And on top of that one of their employees took my cigarettes out of my car. Went to Mr. Tire they told me I needed of alignment and wiper blades that Mavis Ruined. All i paid was I $170. Great service very friendly And trustworthy.

Review №15

Made an appt for inspection a week ahead, drove to appt just to be told they ran out of inspection stickers and cant do it. Maybe in the future theyll take peoples phone #s down so if they run out of a damn sticker they can call to cancel instead of wasting peoples time and gas.

Review №16

Awesome - 5 Stars. I made an apoointment at Monroe Muffler accross the street for tires and NYS inspection. When I got there, I found out they were not certified to do NYS inspections and do not carry the tires instock I signed up for at all. I went to Mr Tire, and they got me in right then without an appointment and gave me a discount on better tires knowing I was frusterated with Monroe Muffler. These guys took good care of me, and I would definitely recommend them. They are very courteous and friendly, and will do their best to accommadate your needs. Thank you guys.

Review №17

Awesome. punctual, great customer service. After all these long years...this is my go-to place for everything. Shout out to John for some of the best customer service Ive ever experienced. Im willing to pay extra for the warm welcome and outstanding service. Prices are fair and Im in it with them for the long haul. John should train all employees on great customer service. They make you feel like family! ps: Do Not use the 800 number!!! They do not communicate with the small stores...It embarrasses the small business man behind the counter...STOP Corporate Mr. Tire...stay in your lane. Thanks guys at Dewey and Latta

Review №18

Reasonable honest

Review №19

Steve was absolutely great! He was very pleasant and extremely professional. Good customer service can be difficult to come by these days and this location of Mr. Tire continues to exceed my expectations!

Review №20

Guarantee you will have to return to this location because of another issue that your car mysteriously developed after it was worked on at this location.

Review №21

I just called the Deweys ave latta rd location. I called 2 weeks ago to set up oil change app I bring 3 cars to this location as well the service advisor Steve answers the phone says no appointment is booked for you. Ok so guess what the 3 cars I bring them will no longer be going there anymore. Besides the appointment on a oil change shouldnt take all day anyway. Not returning and wouldnt recommend anyone too either.

Review №22

Theyre honest with fair prices. Always a pleasure dealing with the stores manager John

Review №23

People don’t wake up in the morning thinking about getting flat tires. They definitely don’t expect it to happen when they’re already thinking about being late for work, slipping in the skating rink that is their driveway, or not crashing into the first pedestrian who runs across the street with their phone in their face.This morning that was exactly what happened. I left my house, drove down the street, and immediately knew it was going to be a terrible day. My tired was flat. REALLY flat, not just the “oops, there’s a nail in it” flat. So, I put on the ole donut and headed to Mr. Tire.I’ve visited Mr. Tire before, and I’ve always had a great experience with them. This time was no different. John greeted me the minute I walked in, despite the phone’s constant ringing (which he found a way to answer, every time, with the same upbeat greeting). He had a pleasant attitude, and he had this way of making my day less awful.His interactions with all of his customers were 100% professional and courteous. It actually made me consider applying part time to answer the phones, because he seemed to not be able to walk away from them. He didn’t show even one ounce of annoyance, and that’s impressive.I definitely will recommend this location to my friends and relatives, and I’m sure I’ll be back, because I have the world’s worst luck with cars!

Review №24

John and Mike are very accommodating. I go there for all our repairs. I like the shuttle feature that was recently added.When I dropped off my wifes car it was fast and easy. Work was completed faster than estimated.

Review №25

Being a college student with no money they gave me an amazing price for two tires and was finished with my car in about 25 minutes. There is a very friendly and open atmosphere, not at all intimidating. They are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Review №26

Andy at Mr. Tire Henrietta is AWESOME! Everytime we are in, he takes excellent care of us and I trust him 100%. This last appointment for new tires and an oil change was the best ever. Thanks Andy!

Review №27

I am so happy Mr. Tire was recommended to me. John and staff were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The prices were affordable on a retirees income. And the work was finished when promised. Thank you all!

Review №28

Beyond impressed with my entire experience at Mr. Tire. Awoke this morning to a flat tire and after putting on the spare called Mr. Tire in what could at best be described as exasperated desperation. Despite that, Alex was very friendly and courteous on the phone and incredibly helpful and answered all of my questions. They were able to get me in within 2 hours of my call. When I showed up Alex and Christian were ready to go and had my new tire on, ready to go in 30 minutes. Really appreciate the fast and friendly quality service!

Review №29

Went in today for a scheduled oil change and was a little late. Alex was super nice and courteous and still let me come in for the oil change (which was done exactly 30 min to the minute) and even called me to let me know my car was done. I will for sure be visiting this place whenever needed!PS. Not only that but they gave me a report on how well my car was doing. 10/10 would definitely recommend!

Review №30

John and his crew provide quality service in a timely manor at an excellent price. Finding a honest and knowledgeable mechanic isn’t always easy. I am so excited to have found a shop crew that I can put my trust in! Would definitely recommend this shop location!

Review №31

Service and staff were amazing! They even have excellent coupons on their website. Rashard, my service advisor, was both very professional and personable. Jeff, my mechanic, was very thorough and very fast at the same time. I am so happy I chose them!!! I feel so blessed! I cannot say enough good things to express about my awesome experience with Mr. Tire Auto Service located 4438 Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY 14616 (Dewey/Latta). AAAAAA++++++

Review №32

The Mgr John is outstanding. He goes out of his way to help you any which way he can. His staff is knowledgeable & arent out to get you. I know its sometimes scary walking into an auto shop. Thinking its probably gonna cost a lot of $$. They also try to get you the best deals they can possibly offer.

Review №33

I was having issues with my brakes so I brought my car to Mr tire on Dewey and Latta. Even though they were fully booked Alex made time to inspect the brakes the same day. He is very knowledgeable and carries himself in a very professional manner. If I have any issues with my car in the future I will definitely ask Alex to take a look.

Review №34

Awesome customer service. Booked my appointment online for an oil change. I was greeted by friendly staff upon arrival. $10 off coupon was a deal breaker. Will definitely go back.

Review №35

Always a great experience.

Review №36

My experience here was excellent. I dealt with John Kent, who fit my car in for an emergency light replacement last minute and got everything handled smoothly. Will definitely be bringing my business here again.

Review №37

I used to only take my baby to the dealer to get serviced but I was recommended to Mr. Tire on Dewey not long ago. Ive had nothing but great service at this shop. I can trust them with my car and being a woman dont have to feel nervous that they may be jerking my chain when it comes to repairs. The guys are down to earth, great to work with and address any concerns I have promptly and efficiently. John has a great crew!

Review №38

Alex was great. Mavis tire wouldn’t work on my car because “it was too close to the end of the day”. Alex took care of me and now my car is back in great shape. Definitely coming back

Review №39

I will never go here again they install a starter in my car and messed it up instead of taking ownership for it i will never go here again and will make sure none of my friends and family do

Review №40

The manager ( I think his name is John - worked there for 5 years now ) is always very kind, great customer service, kind to his team, and respectful. I’ve had some whoppers of car issues and he has always given me the upfront info, worked with me on what truly was needed, and never made me feel intimidated.

Review №41

Always helpful! Everyone is knowledgeable and have wonderful customer service! John is always positive and willing to do what it takes to get the job done and make my vehicle safe and reliable. Id recommend them to any and everyone. Thanks to John and everyone at Mr. Tire on Dewey!

Review №42

Passing thru needed some help John was able to fix my tire in a timely fashion... Hats off to team 1133

Review №43

I stopped by Mr. Tire to see if they could find out why one of my tires kept going flat...without hesitation they took a look at my vehicle and fixed the no cost! The store manager, John Kent, is a great guy...friendly, upbeat and most importantly no time did he try to sell me unnecessary repairs and actually talked me out of an auto transmission flush recommended by another mechanics shop...I will definitely take my car back to this Mr. Tire for any future service and repairs! Thank you John for taking such good care of me!

Review №44

Fantastic service and price

Review №45

Went in needing an oil change and the technicians found a tie rod in horrible shape. They might have just saved my life! Pete was great very helpful even helped drop the price of the work done! Defiantly would recommend going here!

Review №46

Finally, a garage that I can walk into and not feel intimidated! I did not need four new tires as the “Corporate Garage” claimed that I did. They do more than tires and are open SEVEN days a week….SEVEN!Can’t say enough about the Manager, John Kent. Friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly, an honest staff. I will not be going anywhere else from now on.

Review №47

First time coming to this location - Mr Tire have always been good to me, this location was exceptional. Very quick and great service. One waiting room guest said he’s been following John (manager) for 10 years and he wouldn’t go anywhere else. I think I found my go to shop!

Review №48

General Manager John is friendly and found the tires I wanted in less than 24 hours. Very happy with the level of service I received.

Review №49

Actually enjoyable and prices are great! Ive been coming to this location for over 2 years with 2 vehicles. The guy at the front desk, John is always super friendly and if I ever have any questions he always explains things very thoroughly but in a very easy way to understand. Ive even spoke to a few of the mechanics and they are the same way. I reccomend this place to anyone in the area!

Review №50

I will always go to this location! John is very accommodating and always make sure I am in and out! I also like the shop is kid friendly, my daughter actually plays and enjoys going to the oil changed with me😂

Review №51

I had a screw in my tire and they fixed it in no time at all was in and out in about 10 minutes. Alex at the front desk was very polite and helpful. Will definitely go back and recommend to friends.

Review №52

What can I say, Mr.Tire is a hit or miss chain. Absolutely no accountability, no respect for the customers car (dirt, wreckless driving, damaging of car both body and mechanical) and no recourse.Mr.Tire does not like when a customer understands the repair process or is a mechanic themselves. Do some research and fact check everything they say, 90 percent of the time they push brakes/fluid changes and parts that you do not need.Disgusting how businesses like this continue to exist. TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO A LOCALLY OWNED MECHANIC.

Review №53

John and the staff deliver excellent service. They care about you and your vehicle. I am appreciative of their courtesy, honesty and efficiency.

Review №54

Store 1133. John Kent was very responsive when I told him about the noise my new brakes were making that were installed by another Mr tire location. They found out that when they were installed at the other location they never used any lubricant. He told me to take them back to the previous location. I explained I wasnt comfortable going back to them that I would prefer to pay and have them do the work. He agreed and only charged me for parts and no labor. He also advised me that my ball joints were shot which they repaired John and his crew are professional thorough and perform their jobs in an efficient time frame. I strongly recommend them for all your automotive needs. Kudos to John and his team.

Review №55

Place is great and everyone there is friendly. Alex was great and provided A+ customer service. Thanks again guys!

Review №56

John and his team are fantastic- trust worthy, friendly, they take the time to explain what is going on so that anyone can understand it. Glad to have found this place.

Review №57

Couldn’t ask for more. Fantastic customer service, didn’t look for things to fix and try to sell and up charge. Special shoutout to John, good customer service is rare these days. Will be coming here for my auto repairs in the future.

Review №58

Mr Tire on Dewey Avenue has never let us down. John Kent, the manager, is a true professional. He knows his cars, cares about his staff and always greets us with a smile. We will forever take our cars here, because we trust these hardworking mechanics.

Review №59

Will always come back, very honest, go out of there way to help you

Review №60

Mr. Tire on Dewey is my go to shop! John is very helpful, honest, and always willing to take the time to answer questions. Everytime I have gone in, they offer to physically show me what is wrong with my vehicle, so I can see that there is indeed a problem. No other shop I have gone to has done that. I do not ever feel taken advantage of when I go to get car repairs or an oil change! They only do what is necessary. Very reputable shop!

Review №61

I’ve gone here for several years and the staff is knowledgeable and professional, they’re great about getting you in relatively quickly (even once on a holiday), and the work is well done and reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend them.

Review №62

Fast and excellent service, very low prices. I love this place.

Review №63

Friendly, honest staff. Always willing to help on pricing and help any way they can!

Review №64

Excellent experience!! John Kent is a pleasure to work with.

Review №65

Always friendly and quick to get my vehicle in. They are able to get the parts in a reasonable amount of time and price things fairly. Never try and sell unnecessary services.

Review №66

John always takes care of me even if its last minute. Excellent customer service and kid friendly!

Review №67

I dont usually write reviews but I went here because I had noticed my one tire had gone balled John the manager was absolutely amazing. I got there a couple hours before my appointment and dropped off the car he said he would get it in as soon as he could and when I came back a couple hours later he explained what had happened and let me know what we needed to do. I ended up needing 4 new tires and an alignment as well as a TPMS sensor that had gone bad. It has been a week since I had my appt. And with this recent snow storm my vehicle rides amazing and I just cant thank the guys at Mr. Tire enough for the great work the did on my vehicle. I will be back when I need work done in the future thank you so much.

Review №68

Ignore the old reviews, the management has changed and made this shop really exceptional. John and his team are friendly, efficient and experienced. As an experienced DIY mechanic myself, its one of the few places Im willing to have carry out major repairs on my car. Finally, as a Subaru owner, Im especially pleased that they have a mechanic on staff who owns and lives working on Subarus.

Review №69

John and the staff and very friendly and they always do a great job and they are very honest.

Review №70

Very helpful and great customer service! Alex was nice and helped me with getting the right tires for my car.

Review №71

Went to Mr. Tire on Latta for a brake job, and inspection. Was quoted a price of $5000!!!!! Took it to the place where the car was bought. Theyll be doing the work for $1600. Exactly why Mr. Tire will NEVER get my business. Not to mention the fact that the staff was quite rude, not to mention one worker almost hitting my 6 year old son and I with a car because I asked why my car was left unlocked! Ive seen better customer service at McDonalds!

Review №72

John, Chirstan And Alex at Mr.Tire on 4438 Dewey ave these guy are the best . They are very personal they treat you with respect they know want they are doing the place of business is very clean I live near Culver rd thats how much I love Mr.Tire on Dewey in Greece. Keep up the good work guy

Review №73

Friendly staff, good service

Review №74

My appointment for an inspection was missing when I arrived, but they were able to take me in anyway and gave me a discount to make up for the confusion. The staff, specifically Alex, was very nice, accommodating, and even without the appointment, I was in and out in no time at all.

Review №75


Review №76

Called for Appointment in AM, same day service. Excellent Customer Service. Amazing knowledge of vehicles. This team Rocs!

Review №77

Fair price very nice people

Review №78

Went in for an inspection. After an hour of waiting they come out saying are you aware your car is up for inspection? So I got a free oil change, since I didnt even want to get that from the start. Sounds reasonable, given the circumstances. Immediately after Im smelling burning oil or gas coming into my car. I figure someone spilled a little oil on the engine block or something, itll burn off, no big deal.After around 100 miles and still smelling it, I inspect under the hood. They left the cap off the engine block, and a whole foot of the dip stick was sticking out. I got extremely lucky to find the cap hidden just below the hood release latch.I wont even get into the disputable inspection, claiming I needed two new tires. Maybe possible. But they didnt even complete the entire inspection, of which I paid for, before coming out after the first excuse they could find. I paid for a full inspection, perform the full service before trying to shove charges down my throat without the entire picture. I wouldnt trust them with my 2001 camry, maybe a $1,500 KBB value, I surely wouldnt take anything nice or new there.Update: my engine blew up because they screwed up my oil change and I didnt realize how much oil I lost. Ended up scrapping the vehicle and getting a new one. Dont trust these morons with a air filter.

Review №79

I just happened to get a flat tire right nearby, the gentlemen took care of me immediately & put my spare on without a wait....Id just ordered 4 new tires & couldnt make a tire purchase, & they accommodatd me anyway, graciously.

Review №80

Visited the Greece location and wasnt overly impressed with service. Went in with a tire unable to hold air. While they patched the tire easily enough I picked it up and the tire wasnt inflated properly so I had to go back in. Additionally manager called me saying pads were worn, drums damaged and calipers frozen and claimed he could fix it now for ~$600 but when I visited my mechanic he said the pads were 50% at worse and calipers needed minor adjusting and cleaning. Brakes fixed for $42 not $600.

Review №81

The staff is always friendly and helpful. Thanks guys keep up the great work!

Review №82

I needed a inspection for my wifes vehicle because it was overdue and they got me in same day. When I arrived they were very polite and my vehicle was done in no time.

Review №83

The only honest place to take your vehicle.Only place I’ll take my car ever.

Review №84

The manager John and the staff are 2nd to none. I will never go anywhere else. John knows everything about cars and helps people when they are in an urgent situation. I am so thankful to know we can rely on John and the staff at this Mr. Tire location.

Review №85

I set up an appointment because their commercial said $25 for oil change and rotation. Brought my Jeep to the Latta location and walked out paying $10 LESS, because that specific location had a deal running for less. I even stated I chose them because you cant beat $25 for both services. He could have charged me full price, but he didnt, and that is hard to find these days with auto service places.Mind you, I have free oil changes for life from my dealership, and I would still rather pay $25 to come here the next day from when I call, rather than wait on hold for 10 minutes to schedule an oil change 1-2 weeks ahead of time at Marina Dodge.

Review №86

My go to... They get the job done pretty quickly. Havent been screwed or overcharged. Dude there is very professional.

Review №87

I picked up a piece of glass in my tire. I drove right to Mr. Tire and they fixed it while I waited. They were all so helpful, John the manager was great!

Review №88

Goid service, freind ly staff, and they alwaysfind me a discount on something, is gr8!

Review №89

I brought my car here to swap my tire for winter ones (my winter tires was almost brand new used them last winter for some time). They swap the tires and I left, next morning I got a flat tire so I call them up to see if it can be fixable. When came here they look at a tire and there is a clean cut on inside of the tire next to the rim (defenetly looks like it was done when the tire was mounted). Tryd to reason with the shop, they refuse to take any responsibility.Had to buy new tire.Had issues with this shop before, but after this time not coming back.

Review №90

Went to west ridge ed Mr tire and had a great experience with Alex amore was ready to help get the tires I need and also great service I found a new place to go for car needs thanks alex

Review №91

Went to the Dewey Avenue store this morning, for tire leak. 10 AM Tuesday .Had a slow leak , every bay was open every one sitting around thought I would be in a out. He wrote me up I sat down waited( no one around there seemed to be mogivated) I forgot to ask how long he said as soon as he wrote up this next customer he would send, my work order.....really!! Shouldnt you do that first.Not one person acted as if they were concerned about what I thought, and I am a tradesman in work clothes wanting to get back to my jobVery important - there are other tire stores in the area I chose this one by mistake.Found a small nail, 19.95 fixed in and out30 minutes, ok get back to the house tpms light on so I called the store No answer, several timesHorrible customer service I will never go back to Mr TireMichael St GeorgeDewey Ave Store Rochester NY

Review №92

Great staff. Great service. Quick to help you.

Review №93

They do very good work

Review №94

Awesome customer service

Review №95

Excellent team of trustworthy guys. Theyve earned my business over and over.

Review №96

I have always felt very comfortable with all the employees and the quility of work.

Review №97

Any time i come into the shop everyone is polite and quick to help

Review №98

Great prices and they worked hard to fit me in on a Saturday. Great job guys

Review №99

They wont rip you off like other repair shops. They will take the time to explain to you what needa to be done so that you underatand. Cheapest place I found for my mazda5 tires. Went way above to get my Suzuki aero to pass inspection. Great shop with great mechanics.

Review №100

John is always very helpful and always fits me in his schedule!

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