Pep Boys Auto Service & Tire
1375 Marketplace Dr, Rochester, NY 14623, United States

Review №1

I had the hose fixed and it stopped antifreeze from spraying and steaming from under the hood. Thank you so much the other work was done somewhere else.. Thanks for telling me where to go and I saved some money to.. Thanks

Review №2

They intentionally broke one of my headlights and attempted to sell me a plate light I did not need. I have no respect for these scammers. Do not come here.

Review №3

Can I just rave about the quality of our Marketplace Pep Boys? Kenny, Bob and their crew consistently take exquisite care of my vehicle over the years. From regular oil changes to state inspections to tires, blades and brakes replacements or even checking my tire pressure, their products and caring, competent customer service are top notch!

Review №4

Does Pep Boys still own this store or what? When I was there 3 weeks ago, they told me they sold the parts store and wouldnt honor my gift card to buy any parts. They said I can only use it for service and repairs. I didnt want service, I only wanted to buy oil for my lawn tractor. In other words, the gift card is useless unless I want to use it on a service appointment????EDIT: I sent the details to them three weeks ago as they requested in their response below and have received no response. I guess theyre still investigating.EDIT #2: The review and my answer to their response were posted in April. Its now July 1 and still no response from them. This must be some investigation.

Review №5

Chaise and Kenny took excellent care of me from the moment I walked in. They were cordial and explained the process and the time frame it would take. I would recommend the Pep Boys in Henrietta to anyone!

Review №6

First time in Pep Boys. Note: Do not advertise complementary wiper install if thats not really on offer. Ill go to AutoZone next time.

Review №7

Appointments dont matter.....waste of time....garbage customer service

Review №8

Fast and efficient as far as Im concerned, polite employees

Review №9

Always a great experience when I go to pep boys. They usually always have my tire in stock and work quickly to get my vehicle serviced. Theyre always willing to work with me and have great customer service. Would recommend to anyone needing service or tires!

Review №10

Had a good experience thank you all

Review №11

Decent job. I am happy

Review №12

Very good place but I was there yesterday with my family. I had an emergency on the highway, a tire blew out and I was going to my house in Massachusetts, 6 hours away. Wait another 20 minutes And then the man who attended me explained that I was not from the area and told me that he could not help me that it was full and in two days he could fix my tire. I understand that it is for appointments but They must have someone for cases like that

Review №13

I took my vehicle in to get winter tires mounted. It took them more than 2 hours and 2 techs. After the service was complete it was dark and they parked my car far out in the parking lot, I assume so I couldnt see the damage they had done. 3 of the 4 tires mounted have the paint scratched off of them, and in one case there is a gouge in the wheel. I just got this car in August and it was in flawless condition. After I noticed the damage I called the store and tried to setup a time to come in. I work until 5 and the manager scoffed at me when I asked if I could come in right after, saying he wouldnt be there. I have since not been able to meet with the store manager due to him not being there. I am attaching pictures of the damage. This is absolutely unacceptable; both the damage done without anyone taking responsibility and not being able to get the manager to work with me to make something right.

Review №14

Had to get some parts for my vehicle and was pretty cheap

Review №15

Great inventory... and helpful caring staff..thanks very much!

Review №16

I scheduled an appointment online to install new tires that I purchased online. When I arrived, check-in was friendly and they were able to move some other things around so that I could wait there rather than coming back later in the day. Waiting time was reasonable for the installation, and all the team members I interacted with were nice and professional.

Review №17

I don’t often write reviews, but the manager was really helpful. Great help after another vendor screwed me over

Review №18

2.5 hours for an oil change and a inspection. This is with a appointment.

Review №19

About two weeks ago I made an appointment for tire installation. I was told to drop my car off in the morning and they would take care of it. I dropped my car off at 7:30am on the day of the appointment. I was disappointed that they finally called me back at 4:30pm that my car was ready. I didnt think it would take 9 hours for an install. I figured they were just overbooked, but still wasnt expecting to wait that long.I had to get another tire installation on my other car and hoped for a faster experience. Unfortunately it was even worse. Same situation to start. Made an appointment and dropped my car off in the morning yesterday. Unfortunately I never received a call that my installation was finished. Since the location closes at 8pm, I arrived at 7:15pm to find out what was going on with my car. Nobody was at the desk, and the workers were just sitting down in the back. After five minutes someone finally got up to assist me. He apologized for the wait and said my car was ready. He said sometimes they may have wrote down the wrong phone number on the paperwork. The number was right, they just forgot to call. He gave me 10% off my bill and apologized again. I planned on coming back to this location for some other work but unfortunately I will be taking my business elsewhere. My car shouldnt be at a shop for almost twelve hours just for a tire installation.If you dont mind waiting all day for your car to have tires installed then I will recommend this place. If you are a person that makes an appointment and hopes to get your car back within a reasonable time, go somewhere else.

Review №20

They are good with fixing and they have good pricing, wish they were as good with time. Took them another hour from the time they said the car will be ready. Still worth the time and money since they did a good job.

Review №21

Slow and easy is the way .. if you can get some one to help you here then you must have special powers I asked a couple simple questions about a battery for a 4 wheeler these guys looked and acted like they just got up from a nap other wise the battery worked well so it is what it is

Review №22

Got me in and out in 1.5 hours for break diagnosis and repair. Great guy at the service desk, very polite and cordial. Didnt sell me any unnecessary extra services.

Review №23

Fantastic service! Got me right in and had my car done in an hour.

Review №24

Made an appointment online for tires andfound them to have very good pricing formy car. I really didnt have to wait too longfor the work to be finished and this was aSaturday! I would definitely recommend.

Review №25

Not great any of the times Ive worked with them. Semi ok customer service (depending on whos helping you) but their prices and actual quality of work are subpar at best. Went to them about three times for varying issues but, never again. Would definitely recommend looking around for better options before coming here.

Review №26

Excellent price and service. I needed a tire and had my old tire and rim... The service tech took time, reviewed my best option and got my tire on in no time! I highly recommend this company.

Review №27

Awful experience. I had a bad experience prior but I decided to go back and give the place another chance. I went to get new tires and they needed to special order them and get them sent to my local pep boys. So I set up an appointment a day after they said the tires would be there (to account for any unexpected delay) and when I arrived for the appointment they sold the tires to someone else. So I had to wait 5 hours for new tires to be shipped to my local pep boys and cancel my other appointments I made for that day. After I left with the new tires my alignment was completely out of whack and the tires were not even close to balanced. As soon as I started driving 50mph the car was shaking profoundly. I took the car back to get it fixed and the manager assured me it was fine and he would balance the tires again himself. So day 2 I leave and sure enough the tires were still not balanced and I had to go back a third time the day after (this is not easy for someone working full time by the way). The manager refused to look at me and had someone else take care of me when I came back to get it fixed again and when I left the 3rd time they were still not balanced correctly and I ended up going to someone else to get the job done. Will never ever ever go back.

Review №28

I wish I could give them a 0 star rating. We will NEVER do business with with Pep Boys again. Worst customer service ever! We have now tried ordering the same item through 2 different stores, online and through the warehouse eBay store and every single time we get the wrong item and when they try to get the correct item they tell us they will call us and never do! We have waited over a week each time to only have to call ourselves and get nothing but excuses. When we have called the corporate number we were told we would be called back by a manager within 24-48hrs with Yet again no call back and now it has been almost 4 days. And on top of it 2x now when they try to “fix” the issue they have lost the order. Never ever again.

Review №29

Amazing customer service!!! They even helped me out by carrying everything for me to the register, as well as to my car! :)

Review №30

Was greeted when I walked in. They looked up the part I needed. They walked over to where it was. I was given a choice of quality. Paid for it. Friendly efficient service!

Review №31

I went there today because one of the the wiper washer doesnt work. The guy help me very fast, and in 5 minutes he fix it. An also he doesnt charge me anything for that service. I definitely will come back and recommend this place.

Review №32

Its gone down hill over the years

Review №33

Closed early showed up a 6:40 to alocjed store .never Again!!!

Review №34

They had what I was looking for

Review №35

The price is good !! But when you I fixed my car last day 10/31 they changed and when I took it car to driving it’s was nooo break lol they broken the line of the break !! But the beautiful thing the take the responsibility and fixed for me !!

Review №36

They had exactly what I needed. A windshield sprayer kit. Was not expensive and they took me straight to it. It worked great.

Review №37

Affordable and rapid! Very pleased every time I bring my vehicle

Review №38

Took my girls car there for new transmission lines. They said the lines cost $130 each from the dealership. I took the car to another mechanic, they called the SAME dealership and said the lines were $46 each. Pepboys tripled the prices of the parts. I am not going back to pepboys for anything after this stunt.

Review №39

Always helpful. Great employees

Review №40

I went in for a check engine light. They said they got a vapor code but couldnt find a leak, they reset the codes and i should come back if the light comes back on. As i left the parking lot it went back on. So i went right back in and they told me i need to pay for another engine diagnostic - $100. No thanks. I went to my normal mechanic couple days later and they told me they disconnected something which would trigger the light to come back on. They were just going to send me in circles and never suggest that i replace the gas cap with a dealer cap- which solved everything. Don’t go here unless you want to over pay for poor unskilled labor.

Review №41

They over torqued my tires making them absolutely impossible to take off by myself, probably in spite of me because I declined service with them when they said it’d cost $900 to make my car pass inspection. New rotors and brake pads don’t cost $900 after labor and part costs. They also wanted to sell a package with a $200 wheel alignment that I didn’t need. Don’t be bullied into paying these people, read all the paper work and see what they’re selling you. More often than not, you don’t need it.

Review №42

Purchased a battery for my Jetta and had it installed at this location. Matt was extremely pleasant and professional. Excellent customer service.

Review №43

Made an appointment for a muffler replacement on my Grand Prix and Bob says they only have one mechanic so he was telling me to drop my car off. No, I need to wait with it, so I made an appointment a week later. I didn’t show up because I made an appointment with a Chevy dealership. I got in. Won’t be coming here for service anymore.

Review №44

Called for a tire Derrick told me he had the tire gave me the installation price. Got the car towed up there just for him to tell me all the techs are gone and that they booked tomorrow as well. Should have told me that on the phone and I would have went somewhere else. Never again with Pep Boys

Review №45

Not good very unsatisfied

Review №46

Extremely helpful front desk guys got my Fiat 500 in for an oil change after Valvoline turned me away.(Valvoline: we dont service these.Me: Youve been servicing this car for 3 years now!Valvoline: Well we dont anymore.Me: why not?Valvoline: because things just tend to get all screwed up.Me: What things? Its a Chrysler product for Petes sake, not an exotic foreign import of some type!Valvoline: Just things get screwed up.Me: well, thank you very much for making me wait in the hot sunshine for 25minutes before telling me.Valvoline: Youre welcome, Maam.Me: smacks head repeatedly on steering wheel.)Pep Boys have no problems with Fiats and have the added bonus of answering all my questions in an intelligent way, and researched those they didnt know off the top of their heads.

Review №47

Booked twice in the last 6 months for oil change. On the day of oil change , around 7:45 am in the morning they call and cancel the appointment. lol. Just dont understand why do they have online appointment scheduling system, if they cancel always from the store. I booked online and they confirmed twice in the last 6 months. After 2 days of confirmation , a call from store and cancellation. It did happen both times.Its wastage of time for everyone. I would not visit or book any services on this store anymore.Horrible customer service.

Review №48

I want to thank Gavin and his team. They was awesome, the best customer service I have ever had there. They were able to give me discounts on my bill. They were able to save me about 600.00+ on all the deductions that he gave me. Thank you guys so so much, especially Gavin. Theresa

Review №49

Staff were present all over to store to answer questions, bring a case of fluids to front counter, and to point me to correct location for mirrors and flashlights.Good job Pep Boys.

Review №50

Never had good experiences with this chain, but many recommended them for trailer hitch installation. Person in repair quotes me one price, person in scheduling quoted higher price. Then made me wait 5 business days for the simple, 90 minute process (had to buy package myself). Left car night before for 8 am appt, never heard from them. Called at 4:30 never taken into shop and said theyd need it another full day. Asked why didnt call just got an apology. Unprofessional, mismanaged, high prices for shoddy work.

Review №51

Horrible experience. I asked for assistance in replacing my light bulb and the guy asked another guy to do it who said no. I will gladly take my business to Auto Zone who has no issue assisting their customers.

Review №52

Staff is very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy. The store and waiting area are very clean

Review №53

The place is pretty disorganized but the staff helps you find what you need. One time out of the handful of times Ive visited I was guided by the staff to get these headlights for my car. I went to put them on they were the wrong ones. The next day I went to return them and the staff was very understanding and helpful.

Review №54

Nice speed shop section! The only one Ive found in Monroe County! Its priced like Summit or Jegs racing catalog prices. Very helpful Gentleman who was very knowledgeable. Ill be back in the near future to browse the Speed shop for more performance hard to find parts. Very positive experience at the Henrietta Pep Boys!

Review №55

This Pep Boys put the P in pep, Proper Customer Service, Professionalism, and lastly Proper handling of a situation that was my fault as a car newbie. As oprah says, PPPPPP FOR EVERYONE! You get a P, You get a P, and YOU GET PPPPP on and on.Seriously they took care of me, gave me a golden reason to shower then with praise & come back repeatedly to give them my Hard earned money and thrust profits into their store front.

Review №56

I want to thank the guys at Pep Boys for helping out my brother on Sunday. He came to Rochester for a visit on Saturday night and his truck broke down. Pep Boys was able to get him a tow and do a major brake job and repair on Sunday without an appointment. They got him back on the road and home so he could make it to work on Monday morning. Excellent service at a fair price. Thank you Pep Boys! You were awesome.

Review №57

If I could give zero stars I would! Brought my car in July for an inspection and ended up needing brakes and tires. I paid for them, and I spent a lot of money just to be dealing with it still today. My brakes still squeal when I drive (It is the end of October), and all they can say is it will stop, really? when? and now my brand new tires that I spent extra to upgrade are going flat. Called today and the guy had attitude because I expect them to fix it. He said that because of the weather they lose air, really? Completely flat in 12 hours? 3 of them? Said they are full until next week, really so If I get into an accident because my tires blow you will pay? If I could take my car elsewhere to fix this issue under the warranty I would but I am stuck with them until they actual fix my car! Never again will I go back to them! NEVER!

Review №58

I made an appointment for headlight replacement online. The website said $20 and up for each light (I needed two). When I arrived at my appointment, the estimate I was given was $76. I questioned that, double checking to make sure that they knew all I wanted was the bulbs replaced. I was told that this total was with the labor added in. I was hesitant, but figured Id do it (but never come back) because I needed headlights to get home.After sitting in the waiting area for nearly a half hour, I was presented with a new estimate for over $160. At first I thought perhaps they had found an electrical problem and/or that the entire light needed replacing (in addition to the bulbs). Nope. This was supposedly because my car was extra work (funny how the website had me specify make and model when I made the appointment). In addition to this high price, they said itd take at least an hour.Well, I left at that point. From the parking lot I called Valvoline, and they said theyd do it for $21.99 a light. I drove right there and (with wait time included) I was back on the road in under thirty minutes with two working lights. The grand total was $47.50.Clearly, Im willing to pay extra for the convenience of having someone perform this service for me, but not over triple what an easily accessible competitor charges.

Review №59

Go to a dealership for service instead...They quoted me for about $1,300 worth of service. Took my car to Bob Johnson, and got the same services for $850.00

Review №60

Its an alright store. You can find almost anything you need for car maintenance and repairs. But beware that the in-store prices are usually higher than their constant on-sale prices online. You always have to remember to ask them to match their online price or they will charge full price. They also do price-matching with other auto stores, but not with Walmart or Amazon.

Review №61

Super helpful counter staff.Well stocked store, found everything I needed (specialty connectors) without problem.

Review №62

Pep Boys has been a pretty reliable shop for general automotive work and the storefront has a decent selection of automotive parts and accessories. After my favorite independent mechanic retired, pep boys has been a decent, fairly predictable alternative.

Review №63

I had a nice experience. The salesmen put a new battery in my car key. He was very nice.

Review №64

Wonderful experience. The woman there came out to my vehicle multiple times to address my taillight issue. Even though I couldnt resolve she gave me great advice on how to solve. She deserves a raise!

Review №65

Went for a snow brush and all they had were little flimsy ones for $28. Ended up going to Walmart across the street and found a huge snow brush that was way more beefy for only $12. I immediately went back to Pep Boys and returned the extremely expensive snow brush.

Review №66

I was quoted over 1400 dollars at another location to replace my rear struts so I started calling around. The gentleman that answered the phone was so nice and helped me thoroughly. He searched for coupons I could use, rebates, and had me booked on a busy weekend with no problem! When my filler neck and fuel lines were leaking and my check engine light was on, they fixed the problem the same day. When my check engine light came back on the manage brought me right back in and will be personally inspecting the vehicle to see whats going on. I appreciate the quick service and felt very welcomed. I did not feel at all taken advantage of.

Review №67

Waited ~5 hours for a NYS inspection after scheduling an appointment through their online service. Appointment was at 12pm and left the store at ~5. When I asked about the wait the individuals at the desk said something about checking a box on the online schedule program in reference to whether or not I would stay at their location for the appointment and that was somehow relevant to the wait time, but I havent been able to recreate the conditions they were vaguely describing. How does the customers decision to leave or stay at the store during the appointment effect their ability to adhere to the scheduled time of the appointment? Also didnt provide any meaningful justification for the fact that the inspection was in all likelihood started 3-4 hours after the appointment was originally scheduled, beyond the fact that they were, supposedly, busy. (Do NYS inspections typically take 5 hours?)

Review №68

I have been a loyal customer of pep boys in Henrietta for over 10 years. As a matter of fact I have never purchased a tire from any one else but them and have recommend them to everyone. The costumer service used to be great but today I realized that it has sunk to a new low. I purchased 4 brand new tires (65000 mile tires with roadside assistance and 1 year alignment) from them 9 months ago and the tires are already bald eventhough Ive driven less than 15000 miles on them. So I took the car in today. First they tried to tell me that I havent put new tires on since no the tires are less than a year old. Than they were like well its because we have no record of tire rotations. I told them that I do them with the oil changes with my mechanic and they said thats not true and tried to tell me that he is shady and to show them proof. First off he is definitely not shady but you are because you are trying to avoid replacing these tires which are clearly of subpar quality. I may not know a lot about tires but I definitely know when Im trying to get swindled. They gave me an estimate to replace two of the tires for a similar price that it cost me to get 4 new tires 9 months ago (after coupon). No thanks Pep Boys! You have lost at least one loyal customer today!

Review №69

Service department mechanics need better training double check there work !! Also check for damages to the vehicle before leaving. As I discovered. I Was reimbursed if I did not spot the damages I would have been out of luck

Review №70

Brought a car in for struts that I received a quote for 1400 at another shop. They quoted me 1200 and went the next step and found a coupon that brought the bill to 950. I was very happy to see the gentleman go the extra mile to find more discounts for us.

Review №71

Nice guys and excellent service! offer quite a few free services. Michael was especially helpful and courteous during service!

Review №72

I worked with the speed shop specialist John P. He has great product knowledge and was even willing to hold off taking his lunch break just to help me. Great service!!

Review №73

Really turned store around in last year or so..much better help..aito repair side still lacks but retail guys on point

Review №74

JP in the Henrietta Speed Shop is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I was very impressed with the selection of parts and accessories in the Speed Shop and the prices are competitive!

Review №75

Sitting waiting for my tires to be is almost noon and Ive been waiting 3 hours. The time estimate for this job was 1 hour max.When we arrive at 845 The tires were all set waiting for us and our name was on them. The tech installing them had arrived and we seemed to be off to a good start. That was the absolute end of our positive experience and I have a feeling it is going to get worse.They called us an hour ago and said we needed 1 wheel bearing replaced. They offered to do it for $500. I will buy the bearings at auto zone for less than $100 and do it myself. We told them just to do the tires. When we arrived, thinking they would be done we found they had it even taken the from tires off. This is just ridiculous.The from desk person said that the computers keep going down.he cant tell me how computers are used to replace tires, but he did say something about needing them to check prices. He gave us a price quote when we called and made the appointment.hope the price doesnt change. I dont have a good feeling about this.Poor customer service. I will absolutely never return here and will advise friends against it, too.New information. They didnt even start the job until I started this review. An appointment here clearly means nothing. Good grief.

Review №76

They failed me on inspection for my rear springs and one of my wiper blades. I replaced both and went back in a few days later where they failed me for the same wiper blade that i just replaced and one out of the three bulbs on the third brake light was out (that they didnt mention the first time). THEY NICKEL AND DIME YOU ON EVERYTHING! Im tired of taking time out of my day for them to fail my car because I am not going to get charged $20 to put in a bulb I can get for $3 at the part store, same with the windsheild wiper (that doesnt even need to be replaced)

Review №77

One of the larger auto parts and accessories stores in the area ( along with a multiple bay repair garage which I would NOT recommend).They have a large inventory of standard parts along with a decent array of specialty, accessory, cleaning, and maintenance supplies and tools.

Review №78

Somebody needs to turn the AC on, because I came in a few times over the course of a month during summer and every time the store was hot and stuffy. Staff is generally friendly. Staffing could be better, youll have to know what you need going into the store because there really are no employees around to help with questions.

Review №79

Staff in the service area ate incredible. Super friendly and helpful. They explained everything the best they could to someone who didnt understand.

Review №80

The staff was very helpful with recycling my used motor oil and helping me find the correct parts I needed for my vehicle.

Review №81

I had called in advance to check if they had the ability to exchange a part that was purchased on a commercial account incorrectly(they provided a cv axle for an automatic when one for a manual transaxle was required). This was due to living in Savona and the store being in Rochester.Not one agent, but two(one on August 17th and one on August 23rd) service agents advised that they had the proper part in stock and could perform the exchange at no cost.After driving over an hour one way, sitting until the store opened and then driving home( a total of four wasted hours) I still have no part as they advised me in store that commercial accounts can only be swapped at the same store they are purchased from. Which might not be a big deal except that the purchase was made in Maine.I could have had another shaft ordered and delivered instead of dealing with this and been able to have my car back on the road for work this week had the staff been better trained. This is a severe disappointment to say the least. Unless it is a last resort, I will never be shopping with this company again.

Review №82

Better than some of the other places.

Review №83

Bad experience. Usually this Pep Boys does right by my wife and I, but they tried slipping a $750 repair past us that we didnt need. Now we dont go here anymore. Too bad for their business because at the very least we were going to be in the market for new tires for both of our vehicles in the next year or so.Long story short, my wife brought her car in for an oil change and they told her she needed to replace a front wheel gasket, parts, labor, etc. And it would cost $750. They said oil was leaking from the gasket. So the next morning I bring it to my trusted mechanic who handles all repairs for us and he said there was no leakage whatsoever. He walked out to the car, ran his finger around the seal and showed me. No oil whatsoever.I thought about complaining to Pep Boys, but figure they probably tell the mechanics to try and sucker people into repairs they dont need so Im done with them. Go there at your own risk.Oh and this happened over three months ago and still no issue with the gasket. I didnt post at first, but thought others should be aware.

Review №84

Went in for an oil change and they were very quick and did a good job

Review №85

I have been bringing various cars here for years and have had great service. I would highly recommend them.

Review №86

One star is way too much credit for this place. I purchased a part that recommended the installation fee was from 250-500. After I brought the part in I was told that no one there was qualified to put the part in and they would have to reassemble the area that the part was being put in. As a result I was charged 650$ in labor because they could not do the work. I find this absolutely ridiculous the people here can’t take accountability for anything and it feels like the manager there is trying to rip you off any opportunity he gets.I highly recommend not taking ur vehicle to this incredibly disfunctional place. I may aswell should have thrown 650 in the trash .So in conclusion if your need your car repaired, you would be better off taking it to the zoo and letting the monkeys work on it than going to this terrible place!

Review №87

Made an appointment for 9:30am & sat in the customer lounge until 4pm. I had to actually ask for my car because I had to get to work. They didnt even attempt to let me know if they were finished. No one came to give me an update. No one explained to me what the issue was. Very slow work. Poor customer service. Employees at the service desk are quite apathetic, they soak with complete agitation in their tones.

Review №88

Took my care there for inspection - HORRIBLE MISTAKE!!!! I had a brake line replaced a year before they inspected - they said it needed replacing along with over a thousand dollars of other parts. i took my car to another mechanic, (not the one that replaced the brake line), and they not only determined that the brake line was in fact new, but literally every part Pep Boys said I needed replacing was made up!Just to be safe I took it to another mechanic - turns out yeah, Pep Boys made up literally everything to try to screw me out of over a thousand dollars! Please do NOT take you car to these dishonest douchebags!!!

Review №89

I got out of work and noticed I had a flat tire. Was planning on heading to Buffalo so had to get my wheel replaced due to punctures from nails. Long story about the spare on my car... Anywho, stopping by as I got out, I asked for one wheel to be replaced. They said they couldnt get me in the garage so I asked if they could just put the wheel on the tire and I can change it from there. I was out in less than 30 minutes and changed the tire in the parking lot and was off and on my way. They are hiring so just imagine if it was done in less than 30 minutes due to enough staff! I thought the wait was well worth it and think the workers there were courteous and friendly people.

Review №90

Quick in and out. I only used the auto parts section of the store; the staff was friendly, prices were fair and good location.

Review №91

Unacceptable customer service... They dont take responsibility for their mistakes. Worst place Ive ever gone.

Review №92

Weve been coming here for a long time, and Bob and the guys always fix our cars for us. Theyre responsive and helpful, even more considering we have a Suzuki, which is a massive pain to fix!

Review №93

You just have to know what youre getting when you walk in. They will tell you anything to make a sale.

Review №94

Placed a internet order. Got email ready to pick up and when I get there order not there. That system is not working. Plus there was no one at the registers or help desk

Review №95

They ALWAYS have what I need, or are willing to help get it. They have a points system too that helps you, and them to find things that you might want/need for your vehicles. I always shop here, especially for oil, AC refrigerant, and miscellaneous small items.

Review №96

I believe in second chances and these guys really blew it. A few months back, they botched an alternator install leaving me with a completely drained battery...and after taking it back for them to fix their mistake it died on me a second time (this was all within a one week time frame).More recently, I had a fan go out, so I called them to set up an appointment. I provided them with my phone number so they could call me back if anything came up and we scheduled a time. I arrived to my scheduled appointment only to find out that they were booked and wouldnt look at the car. I wished they would have advised me that they would not be able to keep their appointment.

Review №97

I just called and I got the absolute rudest customer service rep. He hung up on me, had an attitude, and basically called me poor. Ill be looking elsewhere to get work done on my vehicle.

Review №98

Went in to buy a electrical connesctor and was first told that it was down the ENGINE performance so i was like what am i supposed to see? then was told the correct location of them then because i had my little sister with me i was followed by 3 employees that treated me like we were both the same age then when i was wrong out the heavy set bald guy that was in his mid 30s was not nice at all and treated me like i should not be there

Review №99

They always give me a straight answer and mention anything I might actually need to work on for free. They never force me to get anything I dont. The free tire rotation is nice too.

Review №100

Can-do service staff, knowledgeable, courteous. Good price.

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